“….“For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you”….”


Last year (2015), Ms.Grey provided Lemonade Magazine‘s editor-in-chief Brandon Enyeart with an interview after just coming off of her #VHSTour with X Ambassadors.

Topics included gaining inspiration from nature, growing up, “Moving Mountains”, and Scout! Read a few excerpt below, and click Lemonade‘s logo beneath to open the full interview.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Brandon Enyeart | Lemonade Magazine ::
“….B: You could hear that on “Wear Me Out, one of my favorite songs off the first album. It will be very exciting to hear a new sort of feeling on this next one. It’s funny you mentioned Utah. I was going to ask you, because you spent a lot of your life up here in the Pacific Northwest. You have a lot of themes on the first album that kind of dealt with the weather, the sunshine, the stormy weather, the clouds and whatnot.

S: Yeah.

B: Does that play a huge part into your writing as well?

S: Yes. Actually just nature in general, not just weather. However, weather is what kind of inspired my name.

B: Yeah, right?

S: Yeah, weather is definitely a part of nature and a part of what…I guess a use of a lot of nature metaphors, and, for example there’s a song called “Moving Mountains” on my album and now I wake up and see these mountains everyday, so that’s probably why.

B: Yeah.

S:  I can tell you a little bit about that song, um, that song is about…I used to be this, like, really ambitious career-oriented girl, and I kind of neglected other things that I loved in life like my friends and family because I was so focused. And, actually Radiohead said it well, “Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.” Those are lyrics in a song. And I never really understood what the lyric meant before. And then I figured it out.

It’s like, yeah, it’s cool to be driven and whatever, but if you’re neglecting the present and all the people around you that you love and stuff like that for your career, that’s not very attractive and it’s also not very conducive to happiness. I feel like happiness is all about living in the moment, like right now. Waking up to these mountains and being with my dog and that kind of thing, so I wrote this song “Moving Mountains. The lyrics in the chorus is: “For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you.”

B: That’s amazing.

S: And so that lyric, that kind of describes the place I’m coming from on this album, like the theme overall. That’s where I’m at in life right now.

B: ….So you mentioned you got a dog as well. Being a dog lover, I have to ask about it.

S: Oh, yeah. So I have a German Shorthair Pointer.

B: Aww, nice.

S: And she’s just a bundle of energy and always excited to see me. I wish people were more like dogs because they’re just always so in the moment, like, they don’t think about the future or the past. They’re just here right now, and excited to be here. I love that.

B: Yep, they’re always happy to see you, that’s what’s awesome about dogs.

S: Yeah, and I never had a dog. She’s my first dog ever. My parents didn’t get one when I was younger, and I never really understood the human­/dog relationship until now.

B: That’s awesome. And what’s her name?

S: Scout.

B: Scout? Awesome! Congratulations!

S: She was in a commercial recently because I let her go on tour with me, and we did this commercial with “Cannonball” for Dodge Ram and she got her little 15 seconds.

B: So Scout is now a celebrity.

S: Yes, she is….”

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