Now 10 days since the release (April 1) of Ms. Grey‘s latest song Moving Mountains (which she has stated as being one of her favourite songs that she’s written thus far), many positive reviews of the track and its accompanying visual have been rolling in!

Check out several excerpts from said reviews below, and click the article title links to read each piece in full.

Grey’s Riveting New Single | Popdust ::
“….Grey mines her folk roots on her brand new song Moving Mountains. Following last year’s Cannonball (featuring X Ambassadors), the new cut is ripped from the same sonic fabric and features minimal instruments and an unfettered vocal. When given such grounded lyrics and soul-shaking emotion, Grey shines the most….”

Grey Presents the Video for “Moving Mountains” | MusicShaker ::
“….after releasing the song “Cannonball” with X Ambassadors, she returns with “Moving Mountains”, a beautiful ballad. ….The music video for “Moving Mountains” is worthy of film credits…. We see mountains and snowy landscapes. Dip one last time in the heart of winter before moving to Spring….”

“Moving Mountains” – *Tibs Fav. | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….it’s flat out a beautiful song and visual combo as Skylar first gets introspective lyrically. ….I instantly caught myself reflecting at my life which doesn’t just happen when you listen to music that’s even aimed to do just this. Not sure if that’s Skylar’s intent because above all, “Moving Mountains” just feels like a strong, authentic, and personal release.

The visuals take the song to another level too as Skylar Grey literally moves up the mountains, amidst some deep, clean white snow. They smartly grab some incredible wide, overhanging shots that showcase the true beauty of nature. These shots are (also smartly) contrasted with Skylar playing the guitar in front of a fireplace and that’s the perfect mood and setting for this song too. Watch….you’ll be in from the very first chords like I was….”

Moving Mountains | auspOp ::
“….the thing we like most about ‘Moving Mountains’ is that it peels away all of the expensive production and electronic trickery of the past, and exposes Skylar’s strengths as both a performer and songwriter….”

New Single | Magic Music Magazine ::
“….“Moving Mountains” is a very impressive, touchy ballad….”

Moving Mountains by Skylar Grey | Beebee ::
“….Grey is here to make you feel nostalgic for winter, sitting by the fire and hot steamy nights.

….It is a great guitar ballad with a haunting melody. ….It is a song that touches themes like ambition, sacrifice, love, desperation and self-esteem.

….Take a look at the stunning visuals and enjoy the beautiful ballad….”

10 Best New Songs of the Week | Celebuzz ::
“….a softer and more folky Skylar Grey is featured on her new song “Moving Mountains. The track features minimal instruments and bare vocals which showcase Grey at her very best….”

#MusicMonday | PopWrapped ::
“….taking a step back from the endless pressure to prove herself after her massive success writing for the likes of Eminem and Rihanna in recent years, “Moving Mountains” is a heartfelt effort to allow nature to drive her passions. Grey’s vocals resonate with warmth over the simple instrumentation, and you can almost feel the pressure of reality fading away as the winds drive her to new heights….”

Grey Put Things Into Perspective | Jon ALi Blog ::
“….feeling stressed? Overworked? Oversexed? Let Skylar Grey put things into perspective for you.

….the talented singer-songwriter returns to us with “Moving Mountains, a somber guitar-driven ballad about “finding your happiness” through all the craziness in your life.

….It’s one of those songs I think any of us hard-working, career-driven folks can relate to. Like Skylar, I’m sure many or your aspirations in life are to be heard and successful but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness – It’s okay to just take a break y’all….”

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