“….that song was about me figuring out how to be happy. After years of depression, I said to myself, “I’m gonna tackle my demons and be happy.”….”

Third in our published student/university interviews is Joseph Kisiday‘s interview with Ms. Grey for The Odyssey (Christopher Newport University, Newport New, Virginia).

In this piece Ms. Grey talks Eminem, working with Kaskade and deadmau5, and gives advice to artists entering the music industry – view a portion of the piece below, and click The Odyssey‘s logo to read the entire feature!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Joseph Kisiday | The Odyssey ::
“….I’m also a huge fan of your electronic work. In fact, I still jam out to “Room for Happiness” and “Shot Me Down. I’ve heard your new song with Kaskade and Deadmau5, and am curious, what is it like working with EDM producers? Are they in the studio with you when you record tracks?

SG: Sometimes, yeah. In my experience with EDM, people are great to work with, and they give me the freedom to do what I want. For this new song, there was already an idea for melody and lyrics. I loved what was already there, so I tweaked the melody and lyrics just a little bit. Deadmau5 can sometimes be hard to reach, so I’m glad that Kaskade sent me the track.

Do you start writing all of your songs on guitar or piano, or through another method?

SG: No. I don’t have any rules for songwriting. It could start on a guitar, or it could be a lyric or melody. I don’t limit myself creatively.

Who have you learned most from in the industry?

SG: Eminem is the most influential person for me. He’s very inspiring and very true to who he is as an artist….”

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