“….the singer/songwriter’s new album is shaping up to be her richest, most organic to date….”

During a recent phone interview with Idolator editor Mike Wass, Ms. Grey gave insight into her involvement in the writing and production of her upcoming album, her current thoughts for building up to the album’s release, and how she feels about her previous album DON’T LOOK DOWN.

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Skylar Grey Interview w/ Mike Wass | Idolator ::
“….Which producers have you worked with on the album?
The majority of the album was produced by Mike Elizondo and Mark Batson. I’ve been working with them since I went to Detroit and worked with them and Eminem in studio. We really hit it off and I was like, “When you’re back in L.A. I want to get you dinner and have you do stuff on my album, too.” So, that’s how that happened and Alex Da Kid has a song or two and then Jayson DeZuzio. He did some stuff on my first album, too, my first Skylar Grey album. Oh, and I produced one of the songs.

Which one did you produce?
It’s a song called “Closer. I do a lot of production on my music, though. Like, I don’t necessarily ask for credit for it. I let the producers have that but I definitely get super-involved. I record a lot of my own vocals at home. Because I’m a little bit tech savvy, a little nerdy.

I also have really strong opinions about what I want my music to sound like so I get super involved, even with Mike and Mark, we start to talk about it and make beats together in the studio. I would go home with like twenty beats at the end of the day. I was just churning out and creating little loops and stuff. And then I would take those loops or those beats and I would write to those and then take it back to them and we’d finish it. It was a cool method. Instead of people sending me beats that were already made, I got to be there for the making.

I mean, I think Eminem is producing or co-producing with them. Actually there’s one song that’s his. So, he’s another producer on the album.

When’s the album going to arrive?
You know, putting out an album depends on a lot of things. It’s not just about having a music. I mean it’s finding the right opportunities for it to shine and have a platform to jump off of. Because it doesn’t work to have an album without any momentum behind it. It’s a sad thing. It’ll be wasted music. So, we’re going to just try to figure it out right now. What we’re going to bounce off of. The music is pretty much there to be mixed.

So “Moving Mountains” is just a buzz track to set the mood?
Yeah, “Moving Mountains” I wanted to put out before the snow melted and I started putting out all the beat stuff because it is such a transition. I put out “Cannonball” and that has a silkier feel to it. And, “Moving Mountains” kind of fit with that. But the next single’s going to be more of a good representation of the album. I like to do buzz singles to keep putting out constant content because it gives people a better taste of what to expect instead of relying on one single and putting tons of money behind it. Because that can also fail and then you don’t have any money left to promote other songs.

So, I’d rather do cheap videos… well, not cheap videos, but not spend a ton of money on videos and my feeling is just put out songs. And, so, I think my next song I put out is probably going to be another buzz single and then hopefully by the time I put out an official single there will be a lot more buzz about the album. Already there.

Have you been writing for other artists or concentrating on your own music?
I’ve been really concentrating on my own music, mostly. Except for when a project comes to me that I’m really passionate about. Otherwise, I’ve been saying no. I don’t do this for money, so even big acts, if they ask me, if I’m not passionate about it, it’s really not something I want to do. So, mostly, when it comes to writing for other projects, it’s just for movies. Which I love, because it’s still my creative freedom and I get to be inspired by a story line, which is fun….”

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