“….Grey is an especially compelling and exceptional artist…. There’s something outstanding about Grey’s rich, full-bodied voice and music that pulsates with an enticing edge throughout. Each song of hers rides inside this vortex of penetrating melody and ingrained passion that transcends merely being catchy….”

The June 2016 issue of Rogue Magazine hit the shelves this past month, featuring an exclusive spread of Ms. Grey shot by Tyler Shields, and an interview piece with Danielle Peccaro – they talk “Moving Mountains”, the upcoming Skylar Grey full-length album, and what Ms. Grey thinks her fans might be surprised to know about her.

The feature has now been made available online – check out two excerpts below, and be sure to click the Tyler Shields pro-shot to read the feature in full and see another exclusive photo!


Skylar Grey for Rogue Magazine | June 2016 ::
“….I ask Grey what we can expect from her upcoming album. Having collaborated with a variety of artists from Deadmau5 to Eminem to Nicki Minaj, Grey admits that it’s been fun to have had a lot of diversity in her career and to have worked in so many different genres. “But at this point,” she tells me, “I’m kind of pulling back on all that stuff and just focusing on my album and really trying to hone in on a sound for myself. This new album is hopefully going to accomplish that.” Then I ask her what it’s been to like to work with Eminem, seeing as he produced two of the songs in her upcoming album. She says “I love working with Marshall. He’s super talented and super supportive.”….

I ask her what the difference is between her upcoming album versus some of her older work. “It’s an evolution. I’ve definitely grown up a lot in the past few years since the first album,” she says, “the music’s more mature, lyrically, and a little bit darker, sonically, I would say.”….”

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