“With this album I basically just wanted to make a bunch of music that I absolutely loved, and I don’t really care what anybody thinks.” – Skylar Grey

With her NATURAL CAUSES album release now only a little over one week away (September 23), Ms. Grey has had a new interview piece released, this time with Steve Baltin for Yahoo! Music!

Including touching on her new album NATURAL CAUSES she talks redefining what success and happiness mean to her, the psychoanalytical nature of her lyrics, not easily connecting with or being interested in creating single-heavy albums, working with Eminem over the years, and wanting to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar.

Read a few excerpts below, and click the Yahoo! logo beneath to read the full piece!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Steve Baltin | Yahoo! Music ::
“….Lamar and Grey’s two other favorite artists, Bon Iver and Radiohead, have definitely influenced her own writing on Natural Causes. “My favorite albums to listen to as a music fan are not full of singles, so that’s not really my style of artistry,” she says. “So I would prefer to put out a new album every one or two years, get that thought out and move on to the next evolution.”

This evolution finds Grey concentrating lyrically on getting back to nature. “It’s definitely got a dark tone to it, I think it’s darker than the last album,” she says of the new record. “You can definitely hear my nature influences, which is why I called it Natural Causes. Right off the bat, Natural Causes sounds like a kind of morbid thing to call an album. But that covered the dark side of the album, the way it sounds. There are quite a few death references on the album as well. But the play on words there is everything is caused by nature and so a lot of my songwriting is influenced by the nature around me in Utah [where Grey currently resides].”

The lyrics are also her way of understanding her life. “My lyrics are me psychoanalyzing my own emotions so that I can basically explain to myself what I’m feeling and understand what I’m feeling,” she says. “So, pretty much all the lyrics on my album are a result of me analyzing my emotions and using nature as a sounding board. I compare myself to the wild life around me and how they’re so casual about birth and death and everything in nature just happens and the cycle keeps going. And for some reason humans tend to make everything such a big deal and we get so stressed out.”….”

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