“….I guess, the biggest thing, is don’t lose yourself in the game. It can be very hard and you can feel a lot of rejection, but don’t let all of that turn you into something you’re not. Stay true to yourself creatively because that is the most interesting artist or songwriter you can be. It’s the authentic, original version of you….” – Skylar Grey

In preparation for her upcoming NATURAL CAUSES album release and tour, Ms. Grey has had a second interview published. This interview is with Nayanika Kapoor of the Daily Trojan (University of Southern California), and is a Question & Answer piece covering advice for aspiring musicians, favourite cities to tour in, NATURAL CAUSES v. DON’T LOOK DOWN, and the song on her new album that Ms. Grey is most excited for fans to hear.

Check out a couple of the Q&As below, and click the Daily Trojan logo to read the piece in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Nayanika Kapoor | Daily Trojan ::
“….DT: What’s the biggest difference between your last album that was released in 2013 and this one?

SG: I definitely think this album is a little bit more mature, a little darker. I put a lot more energy into the songs. I wrote a lot of the songs from the ground up. With the last album, I was given a lot of tracks to write to, and with this album, I was in the room, with the producers, creating the track from scratch. So there’s a lot more heart and soul, I think, in this.

DT: Which track are you most excited for fans to hear?

SG: My favorite track on the album, personally, is “Picture Perfect. It’s the first time I feel like I’ve accomplished the sound I’ve been striving for for years.

DT: What kind of artist do you hope your fans see you as after this album and this tour?

SG: That’s an interesting question. I guess I just want my fans to realize that you can’t put me in a box. I’m always going to push the boundaries creatively. And I hope that gets them excited for what I’m going to do in the future.

DT: Your collaborations have always been incredibly successful. Who’s one artist that you hope to work with in the future?

SG: My dream collaboration right now is Kendrick Lamar….”

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