“….judgement doesn’t affect me. I think growing up has taught me to not care what other people think. If they don’t like it, F them (laughs)….” – Skylar Grey

Third in her published pre-tour+NATURAL CAUSES album release interview features sees Ms. Grey talking with Bethany Woodard for Arizona Foothills magazine’s Nightlife column!

They touch upon Ms. Grey’s new single “Lemonade”, a new art project, her upcoming WOODRAT fashion line, and songwriting working as emotional therapy.

Read a few excerpts below, and be sure to click the Arizona Foothills logo to check out the full interview!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Bethany Woodard | Arizona Foothills ::
“….BW: I know your dream collaboration would be with Kendrick Lamar. What do you envision that would look like?

SG: I think there would be a lot of chord changes and harmony on my part, it would be moody and have a darker side and be very unique. I would love for that to happen one day.

BW: You rapped for the first time on this album in Lemonade. Knowing that you sent your initial raps to Eminem for feedback, were you nervous or totally open to potential criticism?

SG: (Without hesitation) YES! I was nervous, but I also knew there was no one better to send my work to in order to receive honest feedback. I knew if he listened and told me I was off, I’d at least trust his opinion. He was very encouraging and gave me a lot of confidence in my raps, so it helped me to keep working at it. I love to write rap, I like the word play of it and how much you can say. I’m glad that even though it was scary, I discovered that side of myself because otherwise I would have never known I was capable of it.

BW: Do you feel that song writing is a sense of emotional therapy for you?

SG: Absolutely. I feel like my songs are me psychoanalyzing my emotions and putting them down on paper. It’s like my narration of fighting all of my internal demons. I think everyone’s an animal in some way; I’m a deer, so there’s this imagery in the songs. Writing has a way of releasing all my thoughts and feelings in a way that people use therapists. I have to write mine down in order to sort them out.

BW: When not on tour or writing, what can we find you doing?

SG: I love to watch movies, I’m obsessed with my dog, and I’m always doing something creative. Right now I’m working on a little book of illustrations to go along with the songs from the album, so I do a lot of drawing at night. I’m also writing a screenplay and creating a fashion line: “Woodrat”. I love to be comfortable and I live in the mountains, but want to wear something that translates for hip-hop, so it’s a unisex line that can be both on trend and comfortable. I don’t have a ton of time for it right now with this tour and new album, but I’m always adding pieces and ideas to the collection….”

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