“….first we need to let you in on a little secret: If you Track Skylar on Bandsintown and RSVP to one of her shows, you’ll get a surprise! We can’t tell you exactly what it is, but we can tell you, it’s awesome….” – Jackie Yaeger/Bandsintown

To kick off her NATURAL CAUSES album tour, Ms. Grey has given a new (September 23) interview to Jackie Yaeger of Bandsintown (the live concert app being utilized for this tour)! They talk which tour stop Ms. Grey is looking forward to specifically for the food, her favourite live show that she’s attended as a fan, and her favourite go-to truck stop snack.

Check out excerpts from the fun interview below, click the Bandsintown logo to view the full piece on their website, and also be sure to grab the Bandsintown app to Track the Skylar Grey profile+RSVP to one of her shows and get the surprise!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jackie Yaeger | Bandsintown ::
“….So, you’re visiting some of what I think are like the best cities in America on this tour. Which one are you most excited for, specifically for the food?
For the food? Um, actually I think New York. I always have such great meals in New York. Last time we were there, a few times ago I guess, I ate at Carbone. It’s so amazing—it was like the best meal of my life.

What did you get?
Just a bunch of different things that we shared, and the caprese salad is out of this world. Obviously it’s Italian, so there’s good pastas and stuff. But it’s just incredible. Great wine and everything.

Are there any artists from modern music, or maybe from the past, who you would love to share the stage with?
I mean, my dream collaboration is Kendrick Lamar, so doing a song and then performing it live would be a huge dream.

Do you have any merch from other bands or artists that you’ve just had forever and you’ll never get rid of?
I have some old vintage tee shirts. I have a The Police T-shirt. I didn’t get it from an original concert or anything; I bought it at a vintage store. But I have that, and I have a Duran Duran one.

I actually have another food question, which is what is your go-to truck stop snack?
Oh that’s a really good question because I love truck stops—and in the middle of the night, going into a Walmart and buying crayons or something and getting into a creative project on the bus.

I love that!
But, at a gas station or a truck stop, I love corn nuts, and I get a Vitamin Water usually. Definitely corn nuts, though. Truck stops in the middle of the country have weird things in them sometimes, little knick knacks and trinkets. Or they’ll have weird hats, like trucker hats, so sometimes I’ll buy something that’s super random and weird. One time I bought a—I can’t remember where I was—but I bought a hat that has the raccoon tail on it. It wasn’t real, but it was funny. Where were we when I got that? I think it might’ve been in the midwest somewhere.

That’s amazing, like Davey Crockett style.
Yeah, exactly.

Then, Skylar asked if she could share her favorite concert with me, obviously I said yes.

I saw Atoms for Peace at the Santa Barbara Bowl a few years ago—Atoms for Peace is Thom Yorke of Radiohead’s side project. That was probably my favorite show I’ve ever been to.

That’s awesome. What made it so special?
It sounded amazing, and everybody was wild onstage. I’m not a huge fan of crazy productions with visuals. Obviously you need to have some visuals, you need to have some lights to set a mood and all that stuff, but, one thing I learned from watching Alison Krauss as a young kid was the musicianship and the songs and everything carried the show. You didn’t need any theatrics, and sometimes bands spend too much time and money on theatrics and not enough time with the music and making it really beautiful and impressive that way. And so, Alison Krauss was a great example of that, but then Atoms for Peace, again, the musicianship was crazy, the performing was crazy, the amount of energy was crazy. Flea on bass, it was insane. So, all of that, it didn’t need extra bells and whistles to be my favorite concert….”

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