Whilst backstage after her September 28 show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona Ms. Grey gave an interview to William Weinstein for local publication Downtown Devil‘s METROnome column.

Along with discussing her performance that night, they also talk Ms. Grey contributing to both the Suicide Squad film and its accompanying soundtrack, how she wold define her aesthetic, and her upcoming WOODRAT fashion line!

After perusing the excerpts below, click the Downtown Devil logo to read the complete column!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ William Weinstein | Downtown Devil ::
“….WW: Have you seen a lot of people knowing the songs from Suicide Squad as well?
SG: Yeah, I saw people singing along to those as well.

WW: Was that a cool experience, getting to do the movie?
SG: Yeah, absolutely. I love working on movies. It’s like my favorite thing to do. Because, I think, to me a movie is the ultimate form of art. It’s acting, screenwriting, cinematography, music, all these different elements coming together to make one piece. So it’s exciting to be a part of that. And I also love when I’m asked to write for a movie or something. The inspiration is kind of laid out for you … It’s kind of a fun challenge to write specifically about characters or something happening in a story.

WW: About the characters, did you get to meet Jared Leto and Margot Robbie?
SG: Yeah, I’ve met Jared. I actually opened for 30 Seconds to Mars years ago. And then I met Margot at the premiere. She was so sweet….

….WW: Is that where Woodrat comes from?
SG: Woodrat is a clothing line I’m starting, and it’s inspired by the fact that I work in music which puts me in cities and studios and stuff like that all the time, and I work with mostly rappers and stuff, and then I live in the woods. So from the hood to the wood! Woodrat instead of hoodrat. Another play on words, right there….”

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