“….in time I learned that even the best songwriters have bad ideas sometimes….”
– Skylar Grey

Next up on Ms. Grey‘s NATURAL CAUSES album tour is her stop tonight in Detroit, Michigan where she will perform at El Club.

PLAYGROUND DETROIT has posted an interview article to get those attending up-to-speed on where Ms. Grey is at with her music and artistry these days. Check out the excerpts below, click the logo beneath to read the full article, and if you’re attending tonight – enjoy the show!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jerilyn Jordan | PLAYGROUND DETROIT ::
“….“I used to be very prone to depression,” confesses Grey. “I realized I didn’t know what the word “happiness” meant, so if I was going to find it first I needed to define it. After lots of therapy and self help books, I decided happiness has the same definition to me as success;” she continues, “I get to be creative for a living and I’m the happiest I’ve been.”….

Grey returns to her roots with Natural Causes, an album that defies pop genres and is heavily nuanced with light and dark without, ironically, the indecisive Grey area. Causes’ lush production gives space for Grey’s sincere and unchained vocals to swell and wilt accordingly as the finely woven fabric of the record as a whole reveals Grey’s beautifully tortured experience. “There was a period of time when I made music that went against my natural instincts a bit because I was trying to make my music more accessible. This time I just wanted to make music for me, so I didn’t hold back when it came to complex harmony and experimental sounds,” she says….”

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