As was teased on Ms. Grey‘s socials this past week (October 7), the official Extended Cut of Suicide Squad will be dropping on Digital HD this next month (November 15) and on Blu-ray the month after (December 13)! The unrated Extended Cut of the film contains 13-minutes of additional footage not used in the PG-13 Theatrical Cut of the film, with both cuts of the film being available in the Extended Cut‘s Blu-ray package.

Both cuts of the film feature a special mix of the song Gangsta written by Ms. Grey and performed by Kehlani!

Check out the promo video from Ms. Grey’s Instagram below, and CLICK HERE to pre-order the Extended Cut Blu-ray package!

NOTE :: The Suicide Squad: The Album soundtrack is also up for the Top Soundtrack award from the 2016 AMAs (American Music Awards) – CLICK HERE to scroll down to and click the Top Soundtrack section to enter your vote!

Suicide Squad (Extended Cut) | Promo ::

The #SuicideSquad Extended Cut is coming… Spread the word! @SuicideSquadMovie #skwad

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