“….I’ve been learning to listen to my opinion rather than to please all the people around me. [I ask myself] ‘does this resonate with me in my soul’ because that’s all that really matters….” – Skylar Grey, Composure

As has been teased by Ms. Grey via exclusive and behind-the-scenes shots on her Instagram over the past month+, the latest issue of Composure is now on the shelves!

Dubbed The Music Issue, this issue of Composure features a new shoot with Ms. Grey by photographer Benjo Arwas, as well as a new interview/write-up by Min A. Lee discussing songwriting, humility, and NATURAL CAUSES.

Check out the issue’s Skylar Grey cover below, and click it to access Composure‘s website to order your own copy while they’re still available! Also be sure to click the Benjo Arwas shot beneath it to read the full Min A. Lee write-up.


Skylar Grey | Composure ::
WEARING :: Greg Lauren
HAIR :: Bobby Eliot
Jenna Kristina
STYLIST :: Monty Jackson

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