“….“so when you do this interview and you print it,” Skylar Grey wonders between a few bites of chips and salsa, “do you print the crunching noises somehow? Like, ‘crunch, crunch, crunch?’”….” – Billboard

Fashion brand AllSaints have released a special video of Ms. Grey performing an acoustic version of her NATURAL CAUSES single Moving Mountains live at AllSaints Studios in Los Angeles. After her performance Ms. Grey talked with Billboard’s Brad Wete about her performance, AllSaints, her own fashion styles, and music.

Read a few excerpts from the Billboard interview below (click the their logo to read it in full), and see both the live video as well as info on what All Saints fashion Ms. Grey wore for their LA Sessions performance nestled beneath!

Stay tuned for more video footage to come.

Skylar Grey for AllSaints | AllSaints’ LA Sessions x Billboard ::
“….What makes you an AllSaints fan?
I’ve been a fan of AllSaints for quite a few years. I like that there’s a lot of neutral colors but a bunch of different shapes. I’m wearing all black right now, but it’s an interesting all black look.

What’s the difference between stage Skylar and you at home fashion-wise?
If I’m at home, I’m in sweats. I just want to be comfortable. That’s the only thing that matters. When I’m performing I sit at a piano. So it’s important that I find something that looks good when I’m sitting. When I try on an outfit, I actually pull a chair next to the mirror to figure out what looks good from the side. Do I tuck my shirt in? Or see if I have a waist. Sitting changes the way that the clothes hang. Especially on camera, you want to show shape.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?
I’ve been in the studio a lot lately, writing for other people, which I never really did before. People think I’ve done a lot of writing sessions because I have some big hits. But when I had those hits, they were by chance in a way. I was living in Oregon in a cabin in the woods by myself, outside of the whole industry and music scene. Then people called me in to get their version of
“Love the Way You Lie” and I didn’t know how to do a session.

I wasn’t into the whole game of meeting someone you’ve never met before and suddenly sitting down to write a song together. It was very awkward to me. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Every time I did one, I thought everyone expected me to make a smash. That song was one that, maybe, comes along once in a lifetime. It went diamond! So afterward, if I didn’t make a great song, I’d literally leave the room crying. It was so hard on me emotionally. So I stayed out of rooms.

What changed?
I grew up, realized that life is short and got back into it with a totally different headspace. My only goal is to make a song that I love. Who cares where it goes? I don’t care if it gets a Grammy nomination or if it gets on the radio or if anybody cuts it. I could die tomorrow. So I’m going to enjoy my day writing a song.

When did you make that turn?
November [2016]. It took me that long. But since November I’ve been doing four sessions a week, which is a lot for me. I have a lot coming; cuts with other people and for movie soundtracks. I’ve been realizing just how much I love being in the studio.

Are you working on a new album for yourself?
I’m about to start another album. Who knows, I might write a great song in a session [with another artist] but if it doesn’t work for them, it might end up on my album….”

WEARING :: Edin Silk Shirt x Mazzy Cropped Jeans
FOOTWEAR :: Xerxes Heel

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