It’s now two weeks out from the (June 7) release of the official video for Ms. Grey‘s Papa Roach collaboration Periscope, and a little over a month since the (May 19) release of the song itself.

The song and visual have been getting good reception from fans and critics alike – check out a smattering of reviews below!

Crooked Teeth 8/10 | Rock Sins ::
“….Grey appears on ‘Periscope’ a mid-paced ballad that comes in the second half of the album. Skylar has a very versatile voice that is well suited to this kind of track, and she and Jacoby compliment each other very well…. It’s one of the album’s highlights and will no doubt be a future single….”

Papa Roach Featuring Skylar Grey | Critic Jonni ::
“….I reckon she’ll have a big solo hit song, with that voice, for sure. This collaboration completely works, and this song becomes more and more special the more we all hear it….”

 Crooked Teeth (Album Review) | Wall Of Sound ::
“…. Papa Roach has blended what they determined to be weird into something that actually works. For instance, they collaborate with Skylar Grey on one track, whose epic song writing ability and vocals really shine with Shaddix on ‘Periscope’. It’s a pop ballad and not really something I would have thought I’d enjoy, but there it is….”

Brace Yourself | Mace & Crown ::
“….Papa Roach enlisted the vocal services of Skylar Grey on the melancholic ballad “Periscope” offering a well-defined vocal color and lyrical ambiance within the set….”

Album Review | Loudwire ::
“….a stark contrast to the on again embracing of hip-hop is having pop singer/songwriter Skylar Grey teaming up with Shaddix on “Periscope. The result is one of the highlights of Crooked Teeth, with Grey’s stirring vocals actually meshing well with the band’s sound, which is restrained in just the right way to make it work on every level….”

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