Three weeks out from the (June 15) release of Macklemore x Skylar Grey‘s much lauded Glorious, the first live performance of which received a standing ovation on The Tonight Show, many music fans and blogs have now given their opinion on the collaboration – check out a selection below!

Macklemore Teams Up with Skylar Grey | RESPECT. ::
“….here lies the single “Glorious, an inspirational cut that features acclaimed singer-songwriter Skylar Grey….”

Macklemore Drops “Glorious” | Idolator ::
“….featuring the powerful pipes of Skylar Grey, this is the 33-year-old’s best, and most autobiographical, solo offering to date….

Macklemore is in a deeply reflective mood…. He looks back on his career and comes to the conclusion that he’s right where he needs to be via Skylar’s soaring chorus. “I feel glorious, glorious, got a chance to start again,” she belts. “I was born for this, born for this. It’s who I am, how could I forget?”….”

[new music friday] | idobi ::
“….Skylar Grey, guest vocalist extraordinaire, turns the track into absolute ear candy….”

(New Music) | Respect My Region ::
“….the record sounds great, I’m not the biggest fan but I see this getting radio play and Skylar killed that hook….”

“Glorious” ft. Skylar Grey | Hillydilly ::
“….Macklemore is back with a new track featuring Skylar Grey, “Glorious”. It’s a very promising one, and, while it’s not close to fitting in to the popular musical climate (trap-leaning rap), it is a refreshing, extravagantly arranged, Budo-produced song that sounds like it was made to be played live in front of fifty thousand, and that speaks for itself….”

Inspiring New Song | Rolling Stone ::
“….“Glorious” has a rapid percussion and an energizing piano loop. Macklemore unravels a torrent of lyrics that complement Skylar Grey’s gospel-tinged hook. “Glorious” is an ode to fresh start and embracing life….”

Macklemore Returns | Sway’s Universe ::
“….pairing up with the beautiful and incredibly talented, Skylar Grey….

The wordsmith takes to this triumphant instrumental and puts together some meaningful and thoughtful wordplay, giving us something refreshing and addictive. Skylar adds her vocal touches along the way, as they come together for something solid….”

SINGLE REVIEW | ThomasBleach ::
“….“Glorious” is the lead single from Macklemore’s forthcoming solo album and it’s a big one.

Grey acts as his inner voice during the chorus and reassures him that he is doing exactly what he is meant to be doing in this life.

It’s quite the empowering track without feeling cliché or cheesy. It doesn’t have any gimmicks….and is just purely a feel good track….”

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