“….I actually named one of my dogs after that bottle of wine. Her name is Margaux….”
– Skylar Grey, The Daily Beast

Ms. Grey has done an interview with Noah Rothbaum for The Daily Beast regarding what kinds of beverages she enjoys these days.

Read a few excerpts below, and click the photo to access the full Daily Beast interview (which includes another photo)!

Photos by Elliott Taylor.

Inside Musician Skylar Grey’s Liquor Cabinet | The Daily Beast ::
“….Are there certain types of red wine you like in particular?
“I really enjoy Napa cabs. And I’m really into older wines. Wines that have age on them. I like a full-bodied red from anywhere. The oldest wine I’ve ever had is a 1919 Château Margaux.”

Wow! What was the occasion?
“It was just a night out.”

Sounds like a pretty good night out.
“I actually named one of my dogs after that bottle of wine. Her name is Margaux.”….

You’ve worked with such incredible musicians. Are any of them good drinking buddies?
“Macklemore doesn’t drink. Marshall [Mathers, aka Eminem] doesn’t drink, either. I’m trying to think who I’ve had a beer with. I’ve had a drink with Nick Jonas in the studio. He likes red wine as well, so we bonded over that.”….

Is there any musician dead or alive that you would like to share a bottle of wine with?
“Thom Yorke just because I’m a huge fan and I’ve never met him, and it would be really fun to have a bottle of wine and pick his brain.”….

Do you collect glassware as well?
“The glass is super important with wine. Drinking wine out of a good wine glass makes the whole experience so much better.”….”

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