Billboard contributor Bianca Alysse has compiled a list of Eminem’s Top 8 Collaborations With Female Artists for the publication, with Ms. Grey‘s 2011/classic Eminem x Dr. Dre feature I Need A Doctor coming in at #7!

Read the introduction to the article as well the write-up for “I Need A Doctor” below, and click Billboard‘s logo to check out the list in its entirety!

Eminem’s Top 8 Collaborations With Female Artists | Billboard ::
“….like him or not, Eminem is beyond blessed with the gift of gab. Whether using his voice seemingly as a voice for chaos or speaking out for the greater good, the MC’s lyrics have been placed under a microscope since his ‘99 breakthrough record, “My Name Is.

And despite frequent (and not entirely unfair) media complaints about the rappers’ sometimes misogynistic expression, some of the charts’ most beloved empresses have seen fit to join forces with him in the studio. 

Art is not created to be polite, and Eminem’s often record-breaking career is one to be respected. Women always seem to push the culture forward, and it is clear — some of the lyricist’s most outstanding efforts have come alongside queens of the pop and hip-hop worlds. Take a listen to eight heroine-assisted gems dropped by Eminem….

7. Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey  – “I Need a Doctor”

….He went from barely being able to support his family to becoming the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the U.S. — none of which Eminem thought would be possible without the help of his mentor and friend, Dr. Dre. On Dre’s “I Need a Doctor, he describes grappling with downheartedness, before coming the realization Dr. Dre lost his son, Andre Young Jr, and managed to persevere.

Skylar Grey sings of the legendary entrepreneur’s ability to revive the dead with the chorus, “I need a doctor, call me a doctor/ I need a doctor, doctor/ To bring me back to life.” Still, the track wasn’t complete without a hungry Dr. Dre capping the song with a final verse, while acknowledging Eminem’s invaluable loyalty to him throughout the years….”

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