In her second Billboard list of this month, Ms. Grey‘s Room for Happiness collaboration with Kaskade has made contributor Kat Bein‘s newly published Kaskade’s 20 Best Songs: Critic’s Picks list, placing at #9!

Read the introduction to the list as well as the “Room for Happiness” section below, and click Billboard‘s logo to check out the other 19 Kaskade selections that made the list!

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“….when you talk about the modern dance music scene, certain names invariably come up. Kaskade is one of this generation’s most prolific house harbingers. He was raised in the genre’s native streets of Chicago, going out to raves before he was legally allowed to drink. There, he learned to control a crowd with treble and bass, but if was after he moved to San Francisco that he began his professional career.

That city’s vibrant creative community boosted him to release his first album It’s You, It’s Me in 2003. The work heralded a fresh, uplifting progressive house sound that would go on to become Kaskade’s trademark.

Some 15 years later, Kaskade remains a forward-thinking voice on the dance circuit. He fully embraces the big-room Las Vegas shows, but he also caters to the underground’s diversity with his Redux EPs and small-venue tours. He always lends his voice to the important discussions this scene faces, from drug use to violence in what should be safe places.

He is a man who lives the positivity that is felt in his songs, and those songs should be celebrated. So, today we give you Billboard Dance’s 20 favorite Kaskade songs.

9. Kaskade (feat. Skylar Grey) – Room For Happiness
This last cut from the fiery half of 2011’s 
Fire & Ice is absolutely iconic. You know what it is the moment that fat synth melody hits over that bold kick. Skylar Grey’s vocals are a thing of mysterious beauty and absolutely perfect as the song melts into airy refrain. The uplifting chorus is a message we could all use to hear a little more often. Next time you need a pick-me-up, throw this glowing gem of a song on your earbuds and find the silver lining in any cloudy day….”

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