“….I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I’m in love and I’ve had the best year as far as my career goes, for songwriting—the best year of my life, I think….”
– Skylar Grey, XXL

With the Skylar Grey co-written/co-produced Eminem x Beyoncé Revival single Walk On Water still making a massive impact, and Eminem’s Revival album itself getting an official release date (December 15), XXL has published a new feature on Ms. Grey!

XXL‘s Kairi Coe talked with Ms. Grey about “Walk On Water”, Glorious (w/ Macklemore), her next solo project, and Kendrick Lamar. Read a few quotes below, and click the pro-shot (by Adam Franzino) to read the feature in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Kairi Coe | XXL ::
“….music industry legend Rick Rubin worked with Skylar on the production [for “Walk On Water”], which showcases her stellar piano-playing skills….

Skylar was approached to work with Macklemore this past spring. After hopping in the studio with him and hearing the word “glorious” on the second verse, she knew that needed to be the name of their collab….

As far as hip-hop is concerned, she has a goal to get in the studio with a certain West Coast rapper. “I’ve always said Kendrick Lamar is at the top of my list of rappers I want to work with,” she admits….”

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