ARTISTdirect has chosen their Top Ten Music Videos of 2017, with Ms. Grey‘s Macklemore collaboration Glorious placing at #5!

Read the article introduction and their “Glorious” entry below, and click the ARTISTdirect logo to view the other nine entries!

2017’s Top Ten Music Videos | ARTISTdirect ::
“….when music videos first rose to prominence hand-in-hand with MTV, some fans complained that the charts had become more about the clip than the song. When YouTube (and Vevo) replaced MTV as the go-to source for music videos, some worried that budgets and creative standards would fall.

Astronomical viewing figures (and the royalties that go along with them) have since pushed that fear aside and forced their way into the actual equation for measuring overall musical sales in 2017. That, in turn has led to a renewed interest in the music video artform and the power of the video as not just a marketing tool, but as a revenue-generating product in its own right.

The past twelve months saw a rich crop of new clips, spread across both the musical world and the actual globe. Some fueled controversy, some stoked rivalries, some seized the zeitgeist and others became, for a moment, the apparent center of the music industry.

Welcome one, welcome all to a countdown of ARTISTdirect’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2017:….

5. Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey — “Glorious” (Total plays so far: 101M)

Seattle rapper Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore mounts a serious campaign for grandson of the year in this celebration of his Grandma Helen’s 100th birthday. After surprising Helen at her Modesto, CA home in a gold Cadillac El Dorado convertible, Ben tells his grandma that they can do anything she wants to. Anything includes egging a front door, singing some karaoke duets, scoring a pair of cool kicks (Kanye’s Boost 350’s), hiring a male stripper, hitting the tattoo parlor and, of course a little visit to a local thrift shop. Directed by long-time collaborator Jason Koenig, this is a 4-minute lovefest for a special lady and the town she lives in. And yes, that lady is in the video is Macklemore’s actual grandma, Helen Schott. Happy Birthday Grandma Helen!….”

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