“….I just love the sound of her voice, so sometimes I just try to sneak her in there and keep her vocal tracks for my own use [Laughs]….”
– Nick Jonas, Billboard

While talking about his upcoming fourth solo studio album in an interview with Taylor Weatherby for Billboard, Nick Jonas mentioned his recent writing sessions with Ms. Grey!

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Nick Jonas Talks Skylar Grey | Billboard ::
“….Was there anything you wanted to do differently with your sound with the next set of music?
I was inspired by a lot of different things for this next body of work. There’s a combination of real organic instruments and elements as far as production goes, but then spending some time in Europe earlier this year embracing tempo, songs that are uplifting in that sense, really came into play. And then just different artists — people I’ve listened to for a long time, but for whatever reason, the music resonated with me in a bigger way now. So people like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, more modern stuff like The Weeknd, even, and just things that really helped me to grow and push me.

Were there any collaborators that you felt had a big impact on you this time around?
….Skylar Grey, too, is one I’m very excited about people to hear the music we wrote together. She’s always very generous with her time, and I just love the sound of her voice, so sometimes I just try to sneak her in there and keep her vocal tracks for my own use [Laughs]. I don’t think there will officially be a song with her, but you’ll probably hear her in the background if you listen close enough.

What can fans expect from the songs you’ve written this year?
I can tell you that this body of work as a whole has a real sense of optimism about it, in the lyrics. I collaborated with a smaller group of lyricists and people to focus on lyric and melody who really pushed me and helped me to never settle. I tried to say all of what I wanted to say. The last body of work was very much a breakup album and heavy in some ways, and this one feels lighter and I think touches on an excitement I feel about this next chapter of my life and the journey that I’m going on. I listen to music to be uplifted and to enjoy my time so I want to create that for my fans as well.

I think fans can expect a stepping off point from the last body of work, the last bit of music, and just an evolution. Something that will really showcase this moment in my life and hopefully be a party soundtrack for them, something they can also sit and listen to alone and get reflective and kind of think about their own life. When I look at the artists I admire, it’s people that write songs that really become part of the fabric of your life and help tell your own stories because they’re so relatable and so universal. So I hope to do the same thing with my music….”

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