“….I wanted to go in a more stripped-down, acoustic direction, as that’s the sound I’m going for with my next album I’m currently working on. I’m taking it back to my roots….”
– Skylar Grey, Billboard

In another interview covering her new single/cover of Stand By Me Ms. Grey talked with Julia Marzovilla from Billboard about creating the song for Budweiser‘s 2018 Super Bowl LII commercial, her upcoming album, Super Bowl memories, and performing at an official Super Bowl event this year!

Read a few excerpts below, and click the Billboard logo to view the full interview via Billboard.com!

Remember that 25% of all domestic proceeds from the single will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Billboard ::
“….Super Bowl is the most-watched television event of the year, so these commercials are seen by extraordinary amounts of people. Did you notice a big response back in 2014 because of the huge audience?
Having a song in a Super Bowl commercial is such a great opportunity to reach a large audience. I made quite a few new fans when we did the “Coming Home” spot, and I’m excited to see what happens this time.

Do you have any memories of Super Bowl growing up?
I grew up in Wisconsin, so my family are big Packers fans. We always watched the
Super Bowl, but it was especially fun when we were rooting for our teams — and who doesn’t love the Super Bowl commercials?

You’re performing at a Super Bowl event in Minneapolis as well.
I’m excited to check it out. I’ve heard it’s a blast. I’ve never played a show outside in single-digit temperatures, so that should be interesting!….”

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