Industry executive publication BOSS Magazine have published an article by contributor Mariana Cid De Leon Ovalle covering the ‘….marketing genius….’ of their five favourite Super Bowl LII commercials – included in their set of picks is of course the Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me Super Bowl LII commercial (which currently has 19.8mil YouTube views)!

See what they have to say about it below, and click the BOSS logo to view their other four commercial picks!

Remember that 25% of domestic proceeds from the song are being donated to the American Red Cross to aid disaster relief.

Skylar Grey x Budweiser – “Stand By Me” | BOSS ::
“….with this year’s game reaching 103.4 million viewers, the Eagles are not the only winners of the NFL championship. Many people tune in with excitement for the game, but for the Super Bowl commercials as well. Here is a look at a few of our favorites from this year, and why they were such a big hit….

On a more serious note, Budweiser chose to focus their ad this year on Anheuser-Busch’s emergency water program and the efforts that went into reaching those areas in our country that went through some of the heaviest natural disasters of 2017. With Skylar Grey’s stripped down cover of “Stand By Me” in the background, we see from the perspective of the factory workers what it was like to focus their work on reaching their fellow man during such tragic times of need.

More than anything else, this commercial was meant to call to attention the areas that suffered, with Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California all having their name briefly appear on screen as a silent acknowledgment that they are not forgotten. Additionally, this was a way of recognizing the factory workers who put in the manual labor to make their efforts possible. The feel was definitely somber and hopeful all at the same time, reflecting what has been an ongoing battle for recovery in areas all around the U.S. over the last year….”

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