“….my career is a constant evolution….”
– Skylar Grey, Vulture

Vulture magazine has published a new (February 15) interview with Ms. Grey conducted by Rob LeDonne!

Topics include Ms. Grey’s new Stand By Me cover w/ Budweiser, recent life events (including what led her to eventually write Walk On Water w/ Eminem x Beyoncé), Glorious w/ Macklemore, and love.

Read a few excerpts below and click Vulture‘s logo to read the piece in full!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Vulture ::
“….for most artists, scoring a placement in a Super Bowl commercial would incur downright giddiness, but not the Wisconsin-born songwriter Holly Brook, who has for eight years now been working under the name Skylar Grey….

“My career is a constant evolution,” she says. “As far as my success goes, it’s weird because it’s always been a reflection of how I’m doing personally. I’ve gotten to this place where I’m not giving a fuck what people think about me anymore. I used to be really self-conscious and go into sessions and think that I sucked or that I couldn’t deliver another hit and that it was a fluke that I had a hit,” she says. “I would just put so much pressure on myself. I’d walk out [of sessions] crying. When I turned 30 I started seeing the end. I was like, ‘Wow, life just flew by.’ It’s so short. Realizing that, really realizing it, made me want to enjoy the moment more because I might not wake up tomorrow. It made me want to focus on being more present and enjoying my life because you might only get one. Making the most of it every day is where I came to mentally.”

What’s helped get her through, though, is a blossoming relationship with Elliott Taylor, the founder and owner of a Napa Valley–based craft beer company whom she regularly shouts-out on her Instagram, including in a recent photo where Grey is laying on a bare-chested Taylor complete with the caption, “Baby where are you and why aren’t you in my arms?” “Some of the deeper, more thought-provoking songs are easier to write when looking back in the past,” Grey says. “I’ve been writing more based on how I feel that day, and lately it’s been pretty much about being in love.”….”

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