“….I’m so grateful for my right hand girl, Vanessa. She always makes sure I have everything I need to put on a good show….”
– Skylar Grey, Dujour

Kasey Caminiti has published a brand new interview piece with Ms. Grey for DuJour Magazine, entitled Skylar Grey is a Genre-Defying Songstress – wherein they chat about a new perspective on songwriting, touring the world with Eminem, giving fans a taste of her new album with upcoming singles, and love.

Read a couple of excerpts below, and click any of the photos to view the full interview piece!

This DuJour piece also contains a 16-photo Tour Diary, so be sure to click View the Gallery photo/link at the beginning of the article on their website when you’re ready to have a peek at that!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | DuJour ::
“….as I sit across from Grey earlier this summer, just moments before she’s set to perform on stage next to rap phenom Eminem, she’s wearing jeans and a black tank top with her tapestry of tattoos peaking through. Her boyfriend Elliott Taylor sits beside us and offers a few quiet giggles throughout our chat. Grey is delicate and relaxed as she sips her tea and I feel a mess of butterflies in my stomach as I hear the audience erupt when Eminem walks on stage….

After working heavily in hip-hop and with rappers in particular, Grey says she’s ready to change directions, but with a new perspective on songwriting. As a younger songwriter, Grey focused more on the sound of a song, harping on the melody and the music. “When I started working with rappers, it became all about wordplay and storytelling. I got inspired to take that idea of creating really good, clever lyrics back into folk music,” she explains….

Departing from what she’s done in the past musically, Grey is prepared to give the world a new taste of Skylar Grey, in love and happy. Although she admits she loves a body of work, she wants people to have time to digest her rediscovered musical roots. So, listeners can expect singles in the near future and a full-length album further down the road….”

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