In a brand new (August 9) interview w/ Teen Vogue‘s Faith Cummings, Nick Jonas has again made mention of material that he’s been working on with Ms. Grey! Expect a new Skylar Grey co-write called “Right Now”, by Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz, to drop soon!

Read the excerpt from the interview below, and click the Teen Vogue logo to read the entire piece.

Nick Jonas Talks “Right Now” w/ Skylar Grey | Teen Vogue ::
“….Teen Vogue: ….Are you working on music as well?

Nick Jonas: I’ve been working on a lot of new music. And I have some new music coming out in about two weeks. It’s a song with Robin Schulz which I’m really excited about called “Right Now” that I wrote with Skylar Grey. It’s a song that I’ve been sitting on for awhile, but I was looking for the right time to put it out and the right person to collaborate with. I’ve also been in the studio with Timbaland and TMS which is a great production group out of the UK. Some new and inspiring influences that represent the next statement I want to make as an artist….”

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