A new live performance of one of Ms. Grey‘s new songs, recorded for her AT&T AUDIENCE Music Concert Series special, has been premiered via a new Forbes write-up by Steve Baltin! The performance is of “Shame On You”, which is slated for release on the upcoming Skylar Grey project Angel With Tattoos.

The full-length special will air on Friday, March 8, at 9:00 PM Eastern/Pacific, with host Ted Stryker, on DirecTV channel 239, the AUDIENCE Network – check your local listings! You may also find details on the availability of a 1-week free trial of DIRECTV NOW by clicking HERE.

Watch the performance video, see a preview of the full live performance’s setlist, and read an excerpt of the Forbes article all below – then be sure to click the Forbes logo to read the piece in full!

Skylar Grey | AUDIENCE Music Concert Series ::
“….“Here’s what the problem is: I’m a music nerd and I want to sponge up everything, soak it all up,” she said. “So where my whole life I’ve gone through these different phases with diving deep into different genres of music and challenging myself to see if I could make that kind of music. And instead of just embracing what I was good at I was also like, ‘Can I do that? Can I do that?’ And I felt like it was time for me to accept that this is what I do best.”….

….Grey performed multiple songs from her powerful forthcoming new album, Angel With Tattoos, including the gorgeous title track (album release date is sometime in 2019).

The album is the culmination of her musical journey in many ways because as she explains it combines who she was with who she is now. “Even when I’m now doing the folk music stuff, I am using a lot of what I learned with storytelling and wordplay and stuff like that working with rappers in my songwriting now.”….

“Shame on You”

“Love the Way You Lie”

“Coming Home”


“Be a Man About It”


“Do You Remember”

“Ain’t Nobody”

“Angel with Tattoos”

“She Still Matters”

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