With the free digital audio workstation GarageBand having turned 15 years old earlier this year (January 6), Amy X. Wang has written a new Rolling Stone piece covering the use of the program in modern music over the past decade-and-a-half.

One of the individuals with whom Wang spoke was producer Mike Elizondo, who mentioned Ms. Grey as being someone who is able to effectively utilize the barebones program. Elizondo and Ms. Grey previously worked together on several songs found on the Skylar Grey album NATURAL CAUSES.

Check out what he had to say regarding Ms. Grey below, and be sure to click the Rolling Stone logo to read the full-length piece!

Mike Elizondo Talks Skylar Grey | Rolling Stone ::
“….“Some people are so good at making demos in GarageBand that they bring in something and I’m like, ‘We can use 80 percent of that as the final record if you want,’ says Mike Elizondo, who’s produced with artists such as Dr. Dre and Eminem and also worked as an A&R executive at Warner. “There have been times an artist will bring in a vocal they recorded in GarageBand just using a laptop internal microphone and it sounds cool. Skylar Grey does this a lot. Alex Greenwald, of Phantom Planet and Phases… I  made a record with him once where at least half of it was stuff he’d done on GarageBand.” ….”

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