Life & Style magazine has some exclusive details regarding Ms. Grey x Elliott Taylor‘s upcoming song written for Céline Dion, now published (September 5) on their official website in a new piece by Laura Rizzo!

Check out an excerpt of the details below, and click the Life & Style logo to read the entire piece.

Look out for the Céline Dion track to drop this Fall!

Upcoming Céline Dion Song | Life & Style ::
“….So. Much. Yes. Skylar Grey has worked with tons of heavy-hitters in the music industry, like Eminem and Macklemore, and she exclusively revealed to Life & Style that she’s recently added Celine Dion to her list of collaborations. The artist and her fiancé, Elliott Taylor, felt inspired by the iconic singer’s new chapter of her personal life, so they wrote a song — because why not? — and it’s currently in the works.

“One of my dream things, other than working with Eminem, which I checked off the list, is working with Celine Dion,” the 33-year-old confirmed. “We, together, wrote Celine Dion a song and she’s singing it. It’s coming out this fall.”

While Elliott confirmed that the track “is about love,” the couple wasn’t able to divulge any more details about the surprising collab. “When I found out she was cutting the song, I was bawling. I burst into tears, I was so happy,” the “Everything I Need” songstress confessed….”

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