Following her #TattooTour piece from this past month, Tess Adamkos has published another piece w/ Ms. Grey for INKED!

Read a section of the interview below, and click either or the two new pro-shots (by Brendan Walter) to read the full piece!

Skylar Grey x INKED | Interview ::
“….while her work with Eminem has been a long-time dream of hers, Grey has more unexplored territory to uncover. “Ever since I wrote for Eminem I keep getting invited back to write more and to tour multiple times,” Grey says. “I’ve developed a really amazing relationship with him creatively. The whole relationship has been so important to my life and career, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Alongside Breakthrough of the Year and MTV Video Music Awards, Grey’s VMA nomination for the “Video for Good” category, through her work with Jamie N Commons and Gallant on “Runaway Train, was an extremely special project for her. The song is a call to recognize and take action to support the hundreds of thousands of missing children and teens in the United States today. “We actually found a missing child with that music video,” Grey says. “It was really cool because they used this technology to make the video interactive in the sense that whatever city you were watching the video from, it features different missing kids based on your area.” Helping to locate children, whether they’re in New York or Nebraska, is something Grey is more proud of than the nomination itself. “To have the video nominated means more exposure, giving us a better chance of finding more kids,” Grey adds. “It was extremely cool to be a part of.”

Including her recent release with Train called “Mai Tais, which premiered on an episode of “Magnum P.I.” Skylar Grey shares that her singles will continue to pour. “Making ‘Angel With Tattoos’ an open-ended album, I am breaking the rules. As I write songs that I feel fit the vibe of this album, I’ll keep adding them to it,” Grey says. “I’ve released these first five songs, but it’s definitely just the start.”….”

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