Music blog Dancing Astronaut has made their picks for the best tracks of this past decade (2010–2020), with the Skylar Grey x Kaskade 2011 classic Room for Happiness coming in at #61!

Read the list’s lead-in as well as the song’s entry below, and click Dancing Astronaut‘s graphic for their feature to check out the full list+Spotify playlist!

“Room for Happiness” | Top 100 Songs of the Decade ::
“….from “Clarity” to “Bangarang, the past ten years have borne witness to no shortage of colorful electronic releases that, cumulatively, have contributed to the genre’s expansion from niche to mainstream. A golden decade in dance, 2010 to 2020 saw electronic music hit a commercial climax in 2012.

As dance music worked its way across radio airwaves, most commonly through the recently popularized dance-pop hybrid format, and as the stock of electronically oriented festivals expanded, one thing became increasingly clear: dance music is for everyone. In a retrospective review of the releases that defined the span of time between 2010 and 2020, Dancing Astronaut proudly presents our top 100 tracks of the decade….

61 Room for Happiness – Kaskade Feat. Skylar Grey

Hailing from Kaskade’s iconic 2011 album Fire & Ice, “Room for Happiness” lives among several other companion singles including “Eyes”, “Turn It Down”, and “Lick It”, as a nuanced showcase of Kaskade’s discography. The track saw the superstar coalesce with pop singer Skylar Grey on a melancholically hopeful track with house progressions equal parts gut-wrenching and suited for the dance floor….”

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