Skylar Grey CXXVIII :: “Dance Without You” Free MP3 | Download

After an amazing response from the full stream of the track released earlier today, Ms. Grey has decided to release “Dance Without You” early! The brand new Skylar Grey single has been made available for free, so be sure to download your own copy,  spread the track around, and share the download page with all of your friends! Click the song’s artwork below to access the download page!

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” Free Download | SGMusic ::

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Skylar Grey CXXVII :: JustJared & KIIS-FM’s “Music Monday” and KIIS-FM 102.7 has picked Ms. Grey as their featured artist for JustJared’s Music Monday.  Check out what KIIS-FM’s musical director Julie Pilat had to say about her below, and click the following photo of Ms. Grey with KIIS-FM personality Manny Streetz to view the feature page.

Julie Pilat, KIIS-FM Musical Director | JustJared ::
“….I just saw her in NYC and heard a bit from her new album. She played piano live and did her version of some of her biggest hits like ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ ‘Coming Home, and ‘I Need A Doctor’….first impression is she’s a mysterious lyrical genius – I can’t wait to hear what sort of heat she brings with her first solo record….”

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Skylar Grey CXXVI :: “Dance Without You” On AOL Music | Stream

AOL Music just uploaded “Dance Without You”, Ms. Grey‘s debut solo single, for free streaming! Read what Ms. Grey had to say about the song below, and click the following photo to access the AOL Music page to stream the brand new song!

Don’t forget that the limited-time free download of “Dance Without You” will be available on, starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning!

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” Song Premiere | AOL Music ::
“….I wanted to release ‘Dance Without You’ as a free download because everyone has been so patient waiting for my solo material. It is just a little teaser before my official single comes out later this month, and a taste of what’s on my album….”

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Skylar Grey CXXV :: 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Red Carpet | Photos

Ms. Grey was in attendance at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards last night, and Global Grind and Idolator have both released some photos of her appearance on the red carpet. Check out Idolator’s photos below (click the images to view full-size), and read comments from both sites. Also don’t forget that the debut Skylar Grey solo single “Dance Without You” will be made available for free download on for 48 hours, starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

Grey Graces the 2011 MTV Movie Awards | GlobalGrind ::
“….the seemingly mysterious and shy musical genius that is Skylar Grey made an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. Skylar is responsible for Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” and her own hit, “Dance Without You. We’re not used to seeing the beauty, so her arrival at this awards show is definitely something to talk about….”

Grey Dances Without You (Or Anyone Else) At MTV | Idolator ::
“….Skylar Grey was back in black as she rocked the 2011 MTV Movie Awards red carpet. The oft-mysterious hook-writer behind smashes like Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” walked the carpet in a slick leather apron dress and combat boots, a bold look for an artist who’s known for being shy. Is the “Dance Without You” singer finally ready to raise her profile with more public appearances? We’d like to see more of her….”

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Skylar Grey CXXIV :: Debut Album Title Revealed – “Invinsible”

After dropping hints and providing hidden messages over the past few weeks, and letting fans guess on Twitter and Facebook, one fan finally figured out the title of Ms. Grey’s upcoming debut album!

David Soyka (@NotreDave) made his correct guess on Twitter last night, and the title of the upcoming full-length Skylar Grey record (which is set for release in the Fall) will be Invinsible!

Take a look at David figuring it out below.

@SkylarGrey & @NotreDave | Twitter ::
“Not random. A clue for something else. RT @NotreDave If you listen to the audio on ur site, u say “I’m Invisible”whats that? sounds random.”

“Bingo!!!! But I’m spelling it “INVINSIBLE” RT @NotreDave @SkylarGrey Guess #20 – “Invincible” (written on your jacket – Colbert)”

“SO…you just won a follow and the first signed copy of my LA times magazine. Where shall it be mailed? DM me. @NotreDave

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Skylar Grey CXXIII :: “Dance Without You” Pre-Release Buzz, Part II

The release of “Dance Without You” is now only 3 days away, and the buzz surrounding Ms. Grey‘s debut solo single has been circulating among both fans and music sites alike – below you can find selections from several articles that have been posted in anticipation of the release!

Global Grind – Skylar Grey Is “Dancing Without You” ::
“….one of the hip-pop industry’s best kept secrets isn’t a secret anymore….for a long time we’ve heard her voice on the tracks of our favorite artists and now we get to hear the songwriting genius herself….”

The Boombox – Grey Drops “Dance Without You” Teaser ::
“…over the past year, Skylar Grey has been hip-hop’s chart-topping sidekick, lending her whispery vocals on Diddy-Dirty Money’s ‘Coming Home, Dr. Dre’s ‘I Need a Doctor, Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Words I Never Said, and co-writing Eminem’s platinum mega-hit, ‘Love the Way You Lie. Grey will bravely go it alone with the release her new single, ‘Dance Without You,….”

HYPETRAK- “Dance Without You” Snippet ::
“….Skylar Grey did not have the easiest come-up in the music industry. While giving away her strongest songs to other, more famous artists, the singer-songwriter convinced the world with a range of hypnotic hook deliveries….”

ThisGoesIn – “Dance Without You”, First Single ::
“….the songbird plans to spread her own wings over a solo project which plans to drop before this year’s end – and we have a snippet of the first single….”

Idolator – Preview New Single ::
“….the singer-songwriter, who also penned Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie”, is planning to step into the spotlight herself with the release of her debut album this Fall, and you can preview her buzz single “Dance Without You” below….This one seems promising….it’s still up in the air whether Skylar — born Holly Hafferman — will reach be able to successfully transition from hook-making songwriter to a charttopping household name in her own right like Bruno Mars, but we won’t be surprised if that comes to pass….”’s Top 40 – Grey Previews Solo Single ::
“….is it possible that Skylar Grey’s own solo work could be even more intense than what she put into “Love the Way You Lie,” “Coming Home, and “I Need a Doctor”? If her new preview for the upcoming single “Dance Without You” is a true indication, that might be the case….it sounds seriously intense, but the pop hook is there….”

Gowhere Hip Hop – “Dance Without You” Preview ::
“….after hit chorus after hit chorus, Skylar Grey is ready to drop her new solo single called “Dance Without You”….naturally it sounds like a hit thus far in the preview above. Stay tuned for the full, free download happening on June 7th and for the subsequent, continued takeover of Skylar Grey on your town’s top 40 stations this summer….”

Beatweek Magazine – WTF, But In A Good Way ::
“After months of hearing her guesting on one co-written hip hop song after another, and digging through her piano-driven back catalog from years ago, all in an attempt to discern what her upcoming solo album might sound like, it turns out the answer is None of the Above….after hearing it, all I can say is what the f—? And that’s WTF in a good way, mind you….I really don’t know what to say about Dance Without You, except this: I like it….”

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Skylar Grey CXXII :: Los Angeles Times Magazine Cover Spread | Photos


L.A. Times Magazine has now also posted up their magazine feature article on Ms. Grey, written by Gerrick D. Kennedy – check out a snippet below, and click its title to read the full-length feature!

Skylar Grey – Hooked | L.A. Times Magazine ::
“….“We were able to create a sound that is very commercial, but there are also elements of avant-garde,” Grey says. “I don’t think anybody’s doing what we did on this album.”….Grey’s music has the same cinematic beats and atmospheric hooks that made her a must-have on rap, hip-hop and R&B tracks. One song, “Dance Without You, is an empowering anthem about independence, while another, “Final Warning, is a rock-tinged ballad brimming with loneliness….”

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Ms. Grey just released a hi-resolution copy of her L.A. Times Magazine cover via her Twitter – click the image below to view it full-size!

Skylar Grey – Hi-Resolution L.A. Times Magazine Cover | JPEG ::

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The June 2011 issue of Los Angeles Times Magazine has now been released, featuring Ms. Grey on the cover! You can check out some photos of the spread below, and be sure to pick up physical copy of the issue this Sunday (June 5th) for your collection as well.

Skylar Grey – June 2011 Issue | L.A. Times Magazine ::

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Skylar Grey CXXI :: “Dance Without You” Teaser, Release Date | Video

The brand new+upcoming Skylar Grey single “Dance Without You” has now gotten the teaser treatment, thanks to Ms. Grey herself! You can check out a special teaser for the track via YouTube below, as well as on her official website.

The song will be released at 8:00 AM on June 7th, and will be available as a special free download for 48 hours. Keep track of when the track will hit the net via the official countdown at

So make sure to share around the teaser and website, and help spread the word about “Dance Without You”!

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” (Official Teaser) | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CXX :: “Dance Without You” Pre-Release Buzz

After Ms. Grey released the cover art for “Dance Without You” last Monday, several music sites have posted articles in anticipation of the song’s upcoming release. Check out what some of them said via the following excerpts, or click their titles to read the full articles!

Rap-Up – Single Cover for “Dance Without You” ::
“….Grey sheds some of the mystery surrounding her Wonderland Music/Interscope Records debut….”

INeedMyFix – Skylar Grey’s New Single ::
“….She’s got pipes like no other.  I adored her with Diddy-Dirty Money and I’ve been jonsing for her to drop her own album….”

Beatweek Magazine – Grey Reveals “Dance Without You” Buzz Single ::
“….Skylar Grey has peeled back another layer of the mystery surrounding her debut album….the secrecy surrounding “Dance Without You” and the entire album is in keeping with the theme of Skylar Grey’s career thus far….”

PopCrush – Grey Reveals “Dance Without You” ::
“….now have some news about the first track….“Dance Without You” is the “buzz single” Grey mentioned previously. Not that the singer-songwriter needs any more buzz….Grey’s album is expected sometime this fall. No release date or title has been announced, but the singer did say it will contain a lot of different musical styles, as well as at least one surprise guest….that’s about all we know about the album for sure, though it’s a good guess that Grey, an accomplished songwriter, will be penning her own material….”

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Skylar Grey CXIX :: “Dance Without You” Single Artwork+Nikki Sixx Comments | Photos

Ms. Grey has released some info on her first solo release, a buzz single entitled “Dance Without You” – you can find the official artwork below! “Dance Without You” will drop soon, with an official single being released in June – the debut Skylar Grey LP is set to come out in the fall of this year.

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” Artwork | Twitter ::

Motley Crue and Sixx:A.M. co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx also had some comments regarding Ms. Grey’s music – check out his Twitter and Facebook comments below!

Nikki Sixx – Skylar Grey Song Comments | Twitter+Facebook ::



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