Skylar Grey CXXI :: “Dance Without You” Teaser, Release Date | Video

The brand new+upcoming Skylar Grey single “Dance Without You” has now gotten the teaser treatment, thanks to Ms. Grey herself! You can check out a special teaser for the track via YouTube below, as well as on her official website.

The song will be released at 8:00 AM on June 7th, and will be available as a special free download for 48 hours. Keep track of when the track will hit the net via the official countdown at

So make sure to share around the teaser and website, and help spread the word about “Dance Without You”!

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” (Official Teaser) | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CXX :: “Dance Without You” Pre-Release Buzz

After Ms. Grey released the cover art for “Dance Without You” last Monday, several music sites have posted articles in anticipation of the song’s upcoming release. Check out what some of them said via the following excerpts, or click their titles to read the full articles!

Rap-Up – Single Cover for “Dance Without You” ::
“….Grey sheds some of the mystery surrounding her Wonderland Music/Interscope Records debut….”

INeedMyFix – Skylar Grey’s New Single ::
“….She’s got pipes like no other.  I adored her with Diddy-Dirty Money and I’ve been jonsing for her to drop her own album….”

Beatweek Magazine – Grey Reveals “Dance Without You” Buzz Single ::
“….Skylar Grey has peeled back another layer of the mystery surrounding her debut album….the secrecy surrounding “Dance Without You” and the entire album is in keeping with the theme of Skylar Grey’s career thus far….”

PopCrush – Grey Reveals “Dance Without You” ::
“….now have some news about the first track….“Dance Without You” is the “buzz single” Grey mentioned previously. Not that the singer-songwriter needs any more buzz….Grey’s album is expected sometime this fall. No release date or title has been announced, but the singer did say it will contain a lot of different musical styles, as well as at least one surprise guest….that’s about all we know about the album for sure, though it’s a good guess that Grey, an accomplished songwriter, will be penning her own material….”

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Skylar Grey CXIX :: “Dance Without You” Single Artwork+Nikki Sixx Comments | Photos

Ms. Grey has released some info on her first solo release, a buzz single entitled “Dance Without You” – you can find the official artwork below! “Dance Without You” will drop soon, with an official single being released in June – the debut Skylar Grey LP is set to come out in the fall of this year.

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” Artwork | Twitter ::

Motley Crue and Sixx:A.M. co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx also had some comments regarding Ms. Grey’s music – check out his Twitter and Facebook comments below!

Nikki Sixx – Skylar Grey Song Comments | Twitter+Facebook ::



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Skylar Grey CXVIII :: “Love The Way You Lie” Billboard Music Awards Win

The 2011 BBMAs (Billboard Music Awards) took place last night (the 22nd) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Love The Way You Lie (co-written by Ms. Grey) took home the award for Top Rap Song! Check out the official BBMA site to view to full list of winners by clicking the logo below.

2011 Billboard Music Awards – Official Website | Billboard ::

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Skylar Grey CXVII :: Album Feature Speculation+Interview w/ BMI | Video

After Rap-Up posted their video interview with Ms. Grey, interest arose about who exactly the unknown featured artist on her upcoming album is. PopDust just posted an article speculating on who they think the feature might be – check out the list below, and click its title to read their full article on the upcoming album!

Skylar Grey Album Feature Speculation | PopDust ::
“….who are we as bloggers to leave it at that without total speculation? Here are four people we think could be potential collaborators, from most plausible to least:

Plausible: Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is in fact the frontrunner. This makes more sense than you’d think:

Exhibit A: Manson has a 2011 album in the works, in case you’re not up on his continued music career. What better timing to start showing up on more famous people’s tracks? After all, if Skylar Grey can help the world stop forgetting about Dre (whose Detox is about eight years gestating now), Manson’s not entirely a remote possibility.

Exhibit B: Manson, Grey and Alex da Kid are apparently bizarro BFFs, having been spotted together in pictures and tweets. If pictures are gonna lead to collaborations, though, we’d much rather hear a (completely hypothetical) Lindsay Lohan track.

Still plausible: Nikki Sixx
Again, this didn’t come completely out of nowhere; the Twitter version of the story is that the Mötley Crüe co-founder heard Grey at the Grammys, liked it, and offered to work on a song with her. And she’s also got a new album in the works.

Probably only plausible on paper: Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera
Now we’re reduced to mining Alex Da Kid’s other collaborations. The producer worked with Lavigne on a couple tracks that didn’t make the cut for Goodbye Lullaby, and Xtina shows up on T.I.’s “Castle Walls.” What does that mean for Skylar Grey? Not much, we suspect. The gloss of Lavigne’s newest stuff is Grey’s sonic opposite, and Aguilera is her vocal opposite, as Grey herself has admitted. But they’re still closer to the Alex camp than some.”

BMI has now also released their video interview from the May 17th BMI Pop Awards, talking with Ms. Grey about how and why she writes lyrics, Love The Way You Lie (for which BMI presented her with an award), and about being supported by BMI over the years. View it via YouTube below!

BMI Interview w/ Skylar Grey | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CXVI :: BMI Pop Awards Interview w/ Rap-Up | Video

Rap-Up has just released an exclusive video interview with Ms. Grey from when they caught up with her at the BMI Pop Awards last Tuesday. The interview sheds some light on details regarding the sound of her soon-to-be-released album, and when we can expect to hear the first official piece of music from it – check out the video via YouTube below!

BMI Pop Awards Interview w/ Rap-Up | YouTube ::
“….I’m going to put out a buzz single first and then do the official single in June and the album in the fall….right now I only have one feature on my album, but it’s somebody you would never expect….”

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Skylar Grey CXV :: 59th Annual BMI Pop Awards | Photos


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On Tuesday (the 17th), Ms. Grey attended the 59th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Los Angeles, along with collaborator Alex Da Kid. The awards honor the biggest musicians in the music industry for their involvement in the pop genre. Ms. Grey took home an award for her writing contributions to Love The Way You Lie, and several photos have been made available online – check ’em out below!

Skylar Grey @ 59th Annual BMI Pop Awards | Photos ::

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Skylar Grey CXIV :: Upcoming “Coming Home: Uncut” Film

Now that Diddy-Dirty Money have completed their Coming Home Tour, Diddy is preparing to release a DVD containing footage from the tour, entitled Coming Home: Uncut. The film will be directed by David Kalani Larkins, who also shot footage for the official Coming Home music video. You can watch a teaser for the upcoming film release below, including a few glimpses of Ms. Grey herself!

Coming Home: Uncut (Teaser Trailer) | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CXIII :: Billboard’s Next Big Sound 25 Charts

Billboard’s chart measuring “….the fastest accelerating artists during the past week, across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success….”, Next Big Sound, has been updated this week to include Ms. Grey in the Number 2 slots for Chart Position, Weeks On Chart, and Biggest Jump! Click the logo below to view the entire updated chart, and to help boost Ms. Grey on the charts, just keep promoting and interacting with all of your favorite Skylar Grey media and articles on your favorite social media sites!

Next Big Sound 25 Music Charts | Billboard ::

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Skylar Grey CXII :: Young Hollywood+Fan-Made Firefox Persona

R.J. Williams has written a blog for Young Hollywood‘s The Ultimate Insider blog, praising Ms. Grey‘s recent contributions to the music world. Check out an excerpt below, and click its title to view the full article.

Skylar Grey Steps Into The Spotlight | Young Hollywood ::
“….The late Nate Dogg might have been the King of Hooks, but a new Queen seems to be only just beginning her reign. Whether you’re familiar with her name or not, there’s a very good chance that, whenever you turn on the radio, you are hearing her crystal clear pipes coming through your speakers. Skylar Grey is the name (remember it!), and she has been a key player in hit after hit….”

If you use Firefox for browsing the web, you can also check out this fan-made browser persona by T-tech. Click the banner below to view and install the persona.

Fan-Made Skylar Grey Firefox Persona | T-tech ::

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