Skylar Grey LXXXVI :: Toronto Blue Jays 2011 Season Opener Promo

The official promo for the Toronto Blue Jays 2011 season opener (which is on April 1st) features Ms. Grey‘s intro to her track with Diddy-Dirty MoneyComing Home! You can watch both the 30-second and 1-minute versions of the promo in HD below.

:30 Toronto Blue Jays 2011 Season Opener Official Promo | YouTube ::

:60 Toronto Blue Jays 2011 Season Opener Official Promo | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey LXXXV :: Interview w/ Carson Daly On AMP Radio, Tue 3/28 @ 8AM

Late night television host and radio personality Carson Daly will be interviewing Ms. Grey on his 97.1 AMP Radio program tomorrow (March 29th)! The program will air live at 8AM Pacific/10AM Central time, and you can stream the show directly from the official AMP Radio website by clicking their logo below!

AMP Radio | Live Stream ::

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Skylar Grey LXXXIV :: Interview w/ Spinner+K!dult Review

In another exclusive interview at SXSW, Ms. Grey sat down with Theo Bark of AOL Music’s to talk about her origins in music, her first experiences entering the rap world, how she writes her music, and Alex Da Kid‘s “….eclectic….” production style. You can stream the 5-minute video in HD below!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ AOL Music’s ::

Tysonn McKinnon (of Pharrell Williams‘ entertainment news site K!dult) wrote an in-depth review on Ms. Grey and her work so far. Read a short excerpt below, and click its title to read the entire review.

K!dult – Just Who Exactly Is Skylar Grey? ::
“….Skylar has that unique gift of writing and singing in a way that is relevant, attention-getting, and relatable. She mines the depths of what it is to be human – the pain, the angst, the love – and somehow is able to make it sound good. That is the niche that Skylar Grey fills and that is the niche that we need filled. As a result, the artist is currently seeing her dreams – and popularity – soar…..”

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Skylar Grey LXXXIII :: 2011 Woodie Awards On-Demand

MTV has now made the entire 2011 Woodie Awards available on-demand via the official mtvU Woodies website! The first of the following two clips from the awards show is of Ms. Grey and Yelawolf‘s entrance onto the Woodies’ stage as the first award presenters of the night (for Best Video Woodie). The second clip is of Chiddy Bang being announced as the winners, and their acceptance of the award. You can stream both clips below.

2011 Woodie Awards – Entrance by Skylar Grey & Yelawolf ::


2011 Woodie Awards – Best Video Woodie Award Presentation ::


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Skylar Grey LXXXII :: Exclusive Photos+Interviews w/ HollyWire, UT-A Shorthorn

First up are a few exclusive Skylar Grey photos for you guys – these photos were taken by Gino DePinto for AOL. Check ’em out below, and click them to view them full-size!

Exclusive Skylar Grey Photos ::

Second is a soon-to-be-released interview with Ms. Grey conducted by Katie Krause from HollyWire at SXSW on Thursday. Watch a sneak peek of the interview below, and click the title to view the feature page. The interview is set to be released in full sometime early next week.

HollyWire Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Sneak Peek ::

And last up is another video interview. Given that the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards took place in Austin, Texas this year, the University of Texas-Arlington’s student publication The Shorthorn was on hand to cover the event. They interviewed several celebrities on the Woodies’ red carpet, including Ms. Grey and Yelawolf. You can watch the video below.

UT-A Shorthorn Interview w/ Skylar Grey & Yelawolf ::

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Skylar Grey LXXXI :: Interview w/ MySpace Music’s The Fader Fort

MySpace Music’s The Fader Fort sat down with Ms. Grey for an interview at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. They have now posted the resulting 6 minute video on their MySpace blog, and you can stream it below!

MySpace Music’s The Fader Fort Interview w/ Skylar Grey ::

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Skylar Grey LXXX :: MTV’s Style Superstar

MTV’s Hollywood Crush just posted a Style Superstar article regarding Ms. Grey and actress Eva Green. You can read an excerpt below and click the title to view a mobile-friendly version of the post, or click the photo underneath to view the original article.

Hollywood Crush – Grey’s Unconventional Style Is A Hit ::
“….Skylar made her mark at the Woodies red carpet this past week in lime-green plaid pants with high-tops and a short shirt and jacket. Few people could make that combination work, but Skylar did it perfectly….”

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Skylar Grey LXXIX :: Woodies’ Style+”American Idol” After-The-Show

MTV just posted an article regarding the red carpet fashions from the mtvU Woodie Awards last night. Check out the mention of Ms. Grey below, and click the photo underneath to look through the full list.

MTV – 2011 Woodie Awards Red Carpet ::
“Were we the only ones totally stoked to see what the songwriting hook master (Dirty Money, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Lupe) Skylar Grey looked like? We lovelovelove when the payoff is THIS rewarding. The Grammy-nommed artist is cramazing-looking from her gargantuan hair to her obliques (a.k.a.D’Angelo muscles) to her brazen tartan harem pants. Yelawolf is not so shabby either. Ahem.”

The J.Lo Spot has also posted up an after-the-show video from the March 10th episode of American Idol, where Ms. Grey performed Coming Home with Diddy-Dirty Money. Skip to 3:00 to see Ms. Grey’s short interview segment.

American Idol – After-The-Show Interviews ::

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Skylar Grey LXXVIII :: Interview w/ DJ Hyphen+Rap-Up+OurStage

DJ Hyphen (of Sunday Night Sound Session on KUBE 93 FM) was on the red carpet at the mtvU Woodie Awards last night, and interviewed Ms. Grey and Yelawolf. You can check out the video below in standard or high-definition!

DJ Hyphen Interview w/ Skylar Grey & Yelawolf ::

Rap-Up just posted up several photos from the Woodie Awards last night, including a couple of Ms. Grey along with Yelawolf on the red carpet. Click the image below to view the set of photos!

Rap-Up – Skylar Grey & Yelawolf Go Hard At Woodie Awards ::

And finally, OurStage‘s Soundcheck recently ran an article on both Ms. Grey and Yelawolf, entitled “Not So New Newbies – Skylar Grey and Yelawolf”. Read an excerpt below, and click the title to view the entire article.

OurStage’s Soundcheck – Not So New Newbies ::
“….Interscope Records is certainly back on everyone’s radar after reviving two of hip hop’s most iconic stars—this year’s ten-time GRAMMY nominee, Eminem and his mentor Dr. Dre. While these two are certainly front and center of the revamped label, they’ve got two more artists in the wing, waiting to take the label’s takeover to a whole new level….”

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Skylar Grey LXXVII :: mtvU Woodie Awards Aftermath


mtvU just posted up a set of pics from their red carpet, including one of Ms. Grey and Yelawolf. Check it out below, and click it to view the full set of red carpet photos.

Woodie Awards Red Carpet – Skylar Grey & Yelawolf ::

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Ms. Grey just got done presenting at the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards where she presented the Best Video Woodie award to Chiddy Bang!

Hip-hop publication The Source posted a photo from the Woodies’ red carpet where you can see Ms. Grey, along with fellow Interscope Records artist Yelawolf (who presented the award with her) being interviewed by Logo TV. Click the photo below to view it full-size.

The Source – Skylar Grey & Yelawolf ::

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