Skylar Grey :: Post V – “Love The Way You Lie” @ 2010 VMAs

Prior to the MTV Video Music Awards premiere last night (12-SEP-2010), it was unknown in exactly what form Skylar Grey‘s hook for “Love The Way You Lie” would appear. While it was reported that LTWYL would be performed at the 2010 VMAs, it was also reported that Rihanna wouldn’t be on hand to perform the track with Eminem, due to commitments to filming her acting debut in the Peter Berg directed flick Battleship.

There were any number of possible collaborators available at the awards show, but no reports on who might be taking Rihanna’s place for the performance.
It was only after Eminem actually started performing live that Rihanna made her surprise appearance on stage and performed the duet along with Eminem.

Check out the performances of “Not Afraid“/”Love The Way You Lie” below ::

Meanwhile, Ms. Grey is still hard at work on various top secret projects.
For hints on what she’s working on, follow her on Twitter! :: Skylar Grey on Twitter

Skylar Grey :: Post IV – Billboard Article Mentions


You can now read the entire article via the Billboard site :: Alex Da Kid Interview (mobile-friendly)

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For anyone that hasn’t yet seen the August issue of Billboard Magazine, there was a write-up about and interview with Alex Da Kid by Billboard’s Associate Editor Ms. Monica Herrera ::

The article made mention of Grey; I’ve quoted the selections below ::

A virtual unknown at the top of 2010, Alex Da Kid has since made a serious impact on the charts. “Airplanes” reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” (featuring Rihanna), which he conceived with his own artist Skylar Grey, has spent four consecutive weeks atop the chart.

What’s your reaction to the song’s [“Love The Way You Lie”] success?

“I’m not surprised at all by how people reacted to it. I think it’s like classic Eminem mixed with a different sound, and with Rihanna on it, it just has all the elements.
My artist Skylar Grey worked on the song with me–she’s signed to my production company, Wonderland Entertainment. Everyone wants to sign her now, so we’re working out a deal toward the start of next year.”

(The preceding quotes and article scan are copyright © 2010 Billboard. All rights reserved.)

To read the entire article, please pick up the August issue of Billboard Magazine; also follow Grey on Twitter to see what she’s up to!

Skylar Grey :: Post III “Love The Way You Lie” Video Premiere!

UPDATE(s) ::

According to this PunchBowl Blog article just Tweeted out by Alex Da Kid, the LTWYL music video has broken the YouTube record for Best 60-Hour Gainer Rate, with 6.6 million views in 24 hours (it currently has 15 million+ views).

The LTWYL music video also debuted at the #1 and #2 spots (for the uncensored and censored versions, respectively) on iTunes’ Music Video Charts.

Buy the music video via iTunes below ::

*Love The Way You Lie Music Video (Clean/Censored)
*Love The Way You Lie Music Video (Explicit/Uncensored)

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So the Joseph Kahn directed music video for Love The Way You Lie (performed by Eminem+Rihanna, written by Skylar Grey, produced by Alex Da Kid) has finally been released!

The music video features Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Lost) and Megan Fox (Transformers 1 & 2, Jonah Hex).

I recommend that you take Kahn’s advice and “watch it fully streamed, volume turned up, quiet room, turn off your phone. Thanks.”

Check it out below!

Skylar Grey :: Post II – Upcoming “Love The Way You Lie” Video


Underground hip-hop news site VladTV just posted up some pics from the set of the LTWYL music video (directed by Joseph Kahn).

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So its been a while since “Love The Way You Lie” officially hit iTunes, airwaves, and CD shelves everywhere.

While Skylar Grey (who wrote Rihanna’s hook in LTWYL) has been tucked away secretly working on her own material, LTWYL has been keeping busy.

After initially being released on Eminem’s Recovery LP, LTWYL quickly topped the iTunes and Rhapsody charts at # 1, and became the best-selling track off of the album (338,000 in first-week downloads, 314,000 the following week).

Since then, the track has enjoyed its chart success, including #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 (below photo courtesy of Alex Da Kid).

LTWYL has also reached Number 1 in Australia (in both the Top 40 Singles and Top 50 Digital Tracks charts, respectively), been picked by E! Entertainment’s Clinton Sparks as one of his Get Familiar!: Top 5 tracks, and has been hailed by’s Chris Yuscavage as possibly Eminem’s “most important song ever”.

Overall, the track has been making quite a splash on the music scene, finally being released as an official non-U.S. single on June 21st.

Now there’s news of a Joseph Kahn directed music video being filmed on the 20th of July (today), with a still unknown release date (I’ll be posting the video as soon as it’s available).

Don’t forget to follow Grey on Twitter, and check back here for periodic updates on what she’s up to.

Skylar Grey + Alex Da Kid + Eminem + Rihanna :: “Love The Way You Lie”

For any of you who are on Twitter, and don’t hate awesome music, follow Skylar Grey.

She wrote Rihanna‘s hook on the Eminem song “Love The Way You Lie“, which is currently Number 1 on the iTunes Charts.

You can click the artwork for Recovery below to cop the track for $1.29 off of iTunes ::

Love The Way You Lie” was produced by London-born, now New York based super-producer Alex Da Kid (producer of B.o.B.’s massively popular single “Airplanes“), whom reliable sources state recently signed Skylar Grey to an exclusive production deal.
It has also been reported that Alex Da Kid has been officially tapped for production on Rihanna’s still untitled 5th album.

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