Skylar Grey CMLVIII :: Interview w/ Piet Levy – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7-APR-2016

“….“I’ve lived in all these different states and worked in other cities, but Wisconsin will always be with me.”….”

In preparation for her live show with Atlas Genius this coming Saturday (April 9) at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ms. Grey provided an interview to Piet Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In this interview she discusses finding happiness (including how that relates to her new song Moving Mountains), the production on her upcoming album, and her love for Wisconsin.

Check out an excerpt below, and click the Journal Sentinel logo beneath to read the feature in its entirety!

Skylar Grey Interview | Journal Sentinel ::
“….often it’s Grey’s bruised emotions, expressed through dark lyrics, that have been her signature. Here, though, she’s letting go of the pain. The cleansing is cathartic and compelling.

“Mountains” is expected to be on Grey’s next album, anticipated this year, which she said is 95% done. That was one of her other recent epiphanies, too, that she needed to be picky about her collaborations and just work on music she’s passionate about.

She paired up with Alex da Kid again, who produced “Lie” and Grey’s last album, and Mike Elizondo, whose songwriting and production credits cover everyone from Eminem to Fiona Apple to Maroon 5.

Grey said she writes songs after receiving beats producers send her. But this time, “we got to work together in the studio and would just jam out on the music and basically develop beats from scratch. It was refreshing to not be inside a computer the whole time.”

S1, who produced Kanye West’s “Power” and Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had, also worked on two of Grey’s favorite tracks on her next album, “Lemonade” and “Picture Perfect. Eminem produced a couple songs as well.

On the Atlas Genius tour, Grey is largely introducing new songs. “I’m kind of feeling it out,” she said. “I think that the best way to tell if a song’s good is from the reaction.”

On Saturday, she’s guaranteed to get a good reaction from her Wisconsin family and friends in the crowd for her first Milwaukee concert in three years.

“I’m so excited,” Grey said. “It’s nice to stay in touch with your roots.”….”

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Skylar Grey CMLVII :: Tunespeak Fan Package Raffle – Clothing x Autographed CDs | Free Entry

Those interested in limited Skylar Grey clothing merch and autographed CDs may find a new official raffle that Tunespeak has now started to be of note. Watching videos, listening to music, and promoting will earn one points for entry in the raffle!

The raffle will last until May 4, and one may continue to earn more points for more entries by performing various actions until the raffle end date – view the prize list below, and click the Tunespeak logo to view the raffle page to see how to enter!


Skylar Grey – Tunespeak Raffle | Prize List+Enter ::
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Skylar Grey CMLVI :: ‘Moving Mountains’ – Single x Official Visual Now Available | Buy+Video

With her new Spring Tour with Atlas Genius now underway, Ms. Grey has let loose her new single “Moving Mountains”, along with its official visual that has been teased recently on her social networks.

View the new visual below, and be sure to click the single’s artwork to grab your own copy of “Moving Mountains”!

Skylar Grey – “Moving Mountains” | Single+Visual ::

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Skylar Grey CMLV :: ‘Moving Mountains’ – CURE Magazine’s ‘Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma: The Documentary’ |Video

With Ms. Grey‘s next single “Moving Mountains” now officially announced, those interested can hear a new snippet of the studio version of the song in a new (March 21) documentary from CURE magazine.

The 15-minute documentary shows the Moving Mountains team scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with four patients successfully living with multiple myeloma, a currently incurable but increasingly treatable form of cancer.

Watch the documentary in full via YouTube below, and click here to check out

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma: The Documentary | CURE ::

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Skylar Grey CMLIV :: ‘Moving Mountains’ – Single Confirmation x Newsletter Exclusive Preview | Sign-Up

Those who follow Ms. Grey on her socials have just seen the confirmation that, after much fan speculation on the matter, “Moving Mountains” will indeed be the next Skylar Grey single!

To get an exclusive preview, be sure to sign up to Ms. Grey’s official newsletter before the next edition gets sent out!

Click below to sign up if you’re not already on the list.

Skylar Grey | Official Newsletter ::

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Skylar Grey CMLIII :: 2016 Spring Tour w/ Atlas Genius – Announcement x Tickets Now Available x Tour Promo Trailer | Dates+Flyer+Video+Buy


Journeys, the footwear and accessories brand that is sponsoring the Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius tour, has also released an official promotional trailer for the tour – check out the :90 promo via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius – 2016 Tour | Journeys Promo ::

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The tickets for the upcoming Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius 2016 tour starting next month (March) are now available! Simply click the flyer beneath the tour dates listed below to buy tickets via Ms. Grey’s official website.

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The announcement has gone out for a new tour! This tour (presented by footwear/accessories retailer Journeys) will see Ms. Grey hitting the road with Australian alternative rock band Atlas Genius.

See below for a tour flyer, and also check out the first release of tour dates as tickets will be available starting this Friday (February 19)!

Skylar Grey x Atlas Genius | Tour 2016 Dates+Flyer ::
March 31 – Portland, OR

April 1 – Seattle, WA

April 2 – Vancouver, BC

April 4 – Boise, ID

April 5 – Salt Lake City, UT

April 6 – Denver, CO

April 7 – Kansas City, MO

April 9 – Milwaukee,  WI

April 10 – Minneapolis, MN

April 12 – Chicago, IL

April 13 – St. Louis, MO

April 15 – Nashville, TN

April 16 – Detroit, MI

April 17 – Toronto, ON

April 18 – Montreal, QC

April 20 – Boston, MA

April 21 – New Haven, CT

April 23 – Charlotte, NC

April 25 – Tulsa, OK

April 26 – Dallas, TX

April 27 – Houston, TX

April 29 – Phoenix, AZ

April 30 – Los Angeles, CA

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Skylar Grey CMLII :: 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Red Carpet, 15-FEB-2016 | Photos

With two of her associated projects being nominated at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Ms. Grey took to the red carpet last night (February 15) to support her fellow artists and projects.

Several red carpet photos have surfaced – check out four shots from photographers Valerie Macon, Larry Busacca, and Jason Merrittbelow – the bottom-most image has been borrowed from a Chicago Tribune article, whilst you may click any of the four shots above it to access their 10-photo Zimbio gallery!

Skylar Grey – 58th Annual GRAMMYs Red Carpet | Photos ::
DRESS – Cary Santiago/The Archives & Showroom

JEWELRY – Tacori (earrings + ring)

MAKE-UP – Jenna Kristina

HAIR – Bobby Eliot

STYLIST – Britten Park/H&H Style

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Skylar Grey CMLI :: Art Van ‘How Do You Rise?’ Promo f/ ‘Rise’ w/ David Guetta – Michigan Regional Super Bowl 50 TV Spot, 7-FEB-2016 | Video

As part of a regional promotional campaign focusing on the Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan area, furniture outlet Art Van Furniture, Inc. aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial this part Sunday (February 7) during Super Bowl 50.

Focusing on their Art Van Pure Sleep mattress chain, the :60 promo, entitled How Do You Rise?, featured Rise by David Guetta x Skylar Grey, and can be viewed via YouTube below!

How Do You Rise? | Art Van Super Bowl Promo ::

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Skylar Grey CML :: Interview w/ Jon Chattman – A-Sides x Huffington Post, 27-JAN-2016

“….every collaboration, I learn something different. Sometimes it’s what not to do, but it’s never a waste. That’s how you learn about yourself and grow. It’s good to go and do those things, and then come back to your center and use what you’ve learned….”

Jon Chattman of A-Sides interviewed Ms. Grey via phone late last year (2015), with the interview now being made available for readers via the official A-Sides website, as well as the Huffington Post.

Peep a few excerpts below, and click the article to read the entire interview!

Skylar Grey Shoots a “Cannonball” | A-Sides ::
“….You’re super respected and super known, but I’d imagine you can still keep some anonymity when you’re in public, right? Like, I don’t know if you go to a muffin shop or something… are there muffin shops? That was dumb. Sorry.
Well, I’m pretty much addicted to Starbucks. I get recognized occasionally. But, I can keep a low profile, and when I’m recognized, I’m always caught off guard. I’m shocked that they recognize me.

New Years resolutions can be lame and often unfulfilled, but have you come up with one you plan to stick with for 2016?
I’d say to reach out to my loved ones more often. We all have busy lives, and it gets in the way. But, it’s so Important to say hello and not just on a birthday.

And I’d imagine a resolution is to tour and put out the album…
Well, yes. Professionally, the album is pretty much done. For now I’m pretty close to finishing it. I don’t think it’s ever done, but you reach a point where you just send it off to get packaged. Even on my last album, the day before packaging, I was still mixing a song.

Can you listen to your own music?
I’m pretty hard on myself. But, as an artist, I just try to keep evolving, keep upbeat about it and get better. I don’t generally listen to myself for pleasure. I tear myself to shreds. I actually set out to make this an album I would listen to and buy. One of my favorite things to do is to just drive up the coast on the 101, and listen to my favorite records… Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar… Radiohead. I wanted the new album to be on that playlist….”

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Skylar Grey CMXLIX :: Interview w/ Brandon Enyeart – Lemonade Magazine, 6-JAN-2016

“….“For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you”….”


Last year (2015), Ms.Grey provided Lemonade Magazine‘s editor-in-chief Brandon Enyeart with an interview after just coming off of her #VHSTour with X Ambassadors.

Topics included gaining inspiration from nature, growing up, “Moving Mountains”, and Scout! Read a few excerpt below, and click Lemonade‘s logo beneath to open the full interview.

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Brandon Enyeart | Lemonade Magazine ::
“….B: You could hear that on “Wear Me Out, one of my favorite songs off the first album. It will be very exciting to hear a new sort of feeling on this next one. It’s funny you mentioned Utah. I was going to ask you, because you spent a lot of your life up here in the Pacific Northwest. You have a lot of themes on the first album that kind of dealt with the weather, the sunshine, the stormy weather, the clouds and whatnot.

S: Yeah.

B: Does that play a huge part into your writing as well?

S: Yes. Actually just nature in general, not just weather. However, weather is what kind of inspired my name.

B: Yeah, right?

S: Yeah, weather is definitely a part of nature and a part of what…I guess a use of a lot of nature metaphors, and, for example there’s a song called “Moving Mountains” on my album and now I wake up and see these mountains everyday, so that’s probably why.

B: Yeah.

S:  I can tell you a little bit about that song, um, that song is about…I used to be this, like, really ambitious career-oriented girl, and I kind of neglected other things that I loved in life like my friends and family because I was so focused. And, actually Radiohead said it well, “Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.” Those are lyrics in a song. And I never really understood what the lyric meant before. And then I figured it out.

It’s like, yeah, it’s cool to be driven and whatever, but if you’re neglecting the present and all the people around you that you love and stuff like that for your career, that’s not very attractive and it’s also not very conducive to happiness. I feel like happiness is all about living in the moment, like right now. Waking up to these mountains and being with my dog and that kind of thing, so I wrote this song “Moving Mountains. The lyrics in the chorus is: “For once in your life push your ambitions aside and instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you.”

B: That’s amazing.

S: And so that lyric, that kind of describes the place I’m coming from on this album, like the theme overall. That’s where I’m at in life right now.

B: ….So you mentioned you got a dog as well. Being a dog lover, I have to ask about it.

S: Oh, yeah. So I have a German Shorthair Pointer.

B: Aww, nice.

S: And she’s just a bundle of energy and always excited to see me. I wish people were more like dogs because they’re just always so in the moment, like, they don’t think about the future or the past. They’re just here right now, and excited to be here. I love that.

B: Yep, they’re always happy to see you, that’s what’s awesome about dogs.

S: Yeah, and I never had a dog. She’s my first dog ever. My parents didn’t get one when I was younger, and I never really understood the human­/dog relationship until now.

B: That’s awesome. And what’s her name?

S: Scout.

B: Scout? Awesome! Congratulations!

S: She was in a commercial recently because I let her go on tour with me, and we did this commercial with “Cannonball” for Dodge Ram and she got her little 15 seconds.

B: So Scout is now a celebrity.

S: Yes, she is….”

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