Skylar Grey MI :: ‘Why She Doesn’t Fear Death’ Interview w/ Kirby Kelly – NYLON Magazine, 23-SEP-2016

“….I realized happiness has nothing to do with success. Of course being able to wake up and make music everyday is part of my happiness, but the actual process of writing a song is what makes me the happiest. It’s not the Grammy that it could potentially receive in a year….” – Skylar Grey

A new interview piece with Kirby Kelly of NYLON is out, this time talking with Ms. Grey about finding her sound with “Picture Perfect”, experimenting with 360-degree technology with her “Off Road” music video, and which natural element she most identities with and why.

After you’ve perused the excerpts below, be sure to click NYLON‘s logo and check out the full interview piece!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Kirby Kelly | NYLON ::
“….What is your favorite song on Natural Causes and why?
I think
“Picture Perfect” is my favorite song on the album, because musically, it’s the sound I’ve been searching for for years. I finally accomplished it, so I’m very proud of that. It’s got these layered vocals and harmonies à la Bon Iver, but the drums and percussion have a hip hop feel. I always wanted to combine those two worlds. I experimented a lot and never came up with it until “Picture Perfect.

The “Off Road” video uses 360-degree technology, which artists are just starting to get into. As one of the first to use this kind of innovation, where do you see the convergence of music and technology headed?
I think we’ll see more 360 stuff. It was interesting to film that video, because it was a totally new way to think. You have to consider what’s going on all around instead of just what’s in the frame. I couldn’t see the director the whole time we were filming because otherwise he’d be in the shot. It was a very strange thing to wrap your head around, but the more people do it, the more of a feel they’ll get on how to use it.

Technology and music have always worked together and played off of each other, though. It’s important for people to see technology as a tool to experiment and do new things and push boundaries, but not necessarily rely on it. I always say that it’s not what you have, but what you do with it. It’s like my friend, who’s a terrible photographer and keeps buying the most expensive camera because he thinks it will make a difference. You think that’s gonna help you as a photographer if your eyes suck?

Which natural element do you most identify with: earth, water, fire, or air?
Probably the earth aspect. I grew up in the woods of Wisconsin, so I always feel more at home when I’m surrounded by trees. The thing that really gets me about nature is the innocence in it. We’re surrounded by people with agendas and ulterior motives, but nature is just doing its thing. In the opening of my record on
“Wilderness, I say “Everyone’s an animal.” I like to compare myself to wildlife and think about how to act in a situation. Robert Redford said it best: “This place in the mountains, amid nature’s casualness toward death and birth, is the perfect host for the inspiration of ideas.”

I love what he says, because it’s so true. Humans are the only ones who have funerals—people gather and sob and make a big deal about death. It’s okay to grieve, but I think it can help to realize that death is a part of life and we have to accept it. Like anything in life, there are things that are out of your hands that you can’t control. Don’t let it weigh you down. Nature is a great sounding board to bounce your emotions off of and get inspired to be happier….”

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Skylar Grey M :: NATURAL CAUSES Album – Now Available | BUY

NATURAL CAUSES, the second Skylar Grey album, is finally here!

You can grab the full album via iTunes by clicking its artwork below, and/or stop by your local record shop to grab a physical CD for your collection.

Also be sure to show your support by sharing the iTunes album link on your social media to let your online social circle that they can finally grab @SkylarGrey‘s #NATURALCAUSES album in its entirety, and leave both a Review and Rating on the album’s iTunes page to let everyone know what you think of the new record!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES | Buy ::
0/ Intro – Wilderness
1/ Jump
2/ Straight Shooter
3/ Kill For You (f/ Eminem)
4/ Come Up For Air
5/ Off Road
6/ In My Garden
7/ Real World
8/ Lemonade
9/ Moving Mountains
10/ Picture Perfect
11/ We Used to Be Bad
12/ Closer

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Skylar Grey CMXCIX :: ‘Kill For You’ w/ Eminem – Rolling Stone Magazine Exclusive | Stream

The new Skylar Grey album NATURAL CAUSES drops tomorrow (September 23), and Rolling Stone magazine has an exclusive stream of the previously unheard album cut “Kill For You” (f/ Eminem)!

Click Rolling Stone‘s logo below to access their exclusive full song stream, and be sure to share the link on your social media to let your friends and followers know about @SkylarGrey‘s new song #KillForYou featuring @Eminem now being available!

Click the NATURAL CAUSES artwork beneath to pre-order the album on iTunes and get “Kill For You” (f/ Eminem), along with the rest of the album, the moment that it drops tomorrow (September 23)!

Skylar Grey x Eminem – “Kill For You” | Stream ::

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Skylar Grey CMXCVIII :: ‘Everyone’s An Animal’ Interview w/ Bethany Woodard – Arizona Foothills Magazine, 16-SEP-2016

“….judgement doesn’t affect me. I think growing up has taught me to not care what other people think. If they don’t like it, F them (laughs)….” – Skylar Grey

Third in her published pre-tour+NATURAL CAUSES album release interview features sees Ms. Grey talking with Bethany Woodard for Arizona Foothills magazine’s Nightlife column!

They touch upon Ms. Grey’s new single “Lemonade”, a new art project, her upcoming WOODRAT fashion line, and songwriting working as emotional therapy.

Read a few excerpts below, and be sure to click the Arizona Foothills logo to check out the full interview!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Bethany Woodard | Arizona Foothills ::
“….BW: I know your dream collaboration would be with Kendrick Lamar. What do you envision that would look like?

SG: I think there would be a lot of chord changes and harmony on my part, it would be moody and have a darker side and be very unique. I would love for that to happen one day.

BW: You rapped for the first time on this album in Lemonade. Knowing that you sent your initial raps to Eminem for feedback, were you nervous or totally open to potential criticism?

SG: (Without hesitation) YES! I was nervous, but I also knew there was no one better to send my work to in order to receive honest feedback. I knew if he listened and told me I was off, I’d at least trust his opinion. He was very encouraging and gave me a lot of confidence in my raps, so it helped me to keep working at it. I love to write rap, I like the word play of it and how much you can say. I’m glad that even though it was scary, I discovered that side of myself because otherwise I would have never known I was capable of it.

BW: Do you feel that song writing is a sense of emotional therapy for you?

SG: Absolutely. I feel like my songs are me psychoanalyzing my emotions and putting them down on paper. It’s like my narration of fighting all of my internal demons. I think everyone’s an animal in some way; I’m a deer, so there’s this imagery in the songs. Writing has a way of releasing all my thoughts and feelings in a way that people use therapists. I have to write mine down in order to sort them out.

BW: When not on tour or writing, what can we find you doing?

SG: I love to watch movies, I’m obsessed with my dog, and I’m always doing something creative. Right now I’m working on a little book of illustrations to go along with the songs from the album, so I do a lot of drawing at night. I’m also writing a screenplay and creating a fashion line: “Woodrat”. I love to be comfortable and I live in the mountains, but want to wear something that translates for hip-hop, so it’s a unisex line that can be both on trend and comfortable. I don’t have a ton of time for it right now with this tour and new album, but I’m always adding pieces and ideas to the collection….”

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Skylar Grey CMXCVII :: ‘Lemonade’ Single – Now Available | Buy

Released today (September 16) as the newest single from the upcoming Skylar Grey album NATURAL CAUSES, the much requested fan-favourite track “Lemonade” is now available!

Those who have pre-ordered a digital copy of NATURAL CAUSES via iTunes or a physical CD copy via should have a new download of the track available to them. Everyone else can grab a copy of the track by clicking the artwork below!

Skylar Grey – “Lemonade” | Single ::

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Skylar Grey CMXCVI :: Q&A Interview w/ Nayanika Kapoor – Daily Trojan, 14-SEP-2016

“….I guess, the biggest thing, is don’t lose yourself in the game. It can be very hard and you can feel a lot of rejection, but don’t let all of that turn you into something you’re not. Stay true to yourself creatively because that is the most interesting artist or songwriter you can be. It’s the authentic, original version of you….” – Skylar Grey

In preparation for her upcoming NATURAL CAUSES album release and tour, Ms. Grey has had a second interview published. This interview is with Nayanika Kapoor of the Daily Trojan (University of Southern California), and is a Question & Answer piece covering advice for aspiring musicians, favourite cities to tour in, NATURAL CAUSES v. DON’T LOOK DOWN, and the song on her new album that Ms. Grey is most excited for fans to hear.

Check out a couple of the Q&As below, and click the Daily Trojan logo to read the piece in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Nayanika Kapoor | Daily Trojan ::
“….DT: What’s the biggest difference between your last album that was released in 2013 and this one?

SG: I definitely think this album is a little bit more mature, a little darker. I put a lot more energy into the songs. I wrote a lot of the songs from the ground up. With the last album, I was given a lot of tracks to write to, and with this album, I was in the room, with the producers, creating the track from scratch. So there’s a lot more heart and soul, I think, in this.

DT: Which track are you most excited for fans to hear?

SG: My favorite track on the album, personally, is “Picture Perfect. It’s the first time I feel like I’ve accomplished the sound I’ve been striving for for years.

DT: What kind of artist do you hope your fans see you as after this album and this tour?

SG: That’s an interesting question. I guess I just want my fans to realize that you can’t put me in a box. I’m always going to push the boundaries creatively. And I hope that gets them excited for what I’m going to do in the future.

DT: Your collaborations have always been incredibly successful. Who’s one artist that you hope to work with in the future?

SG: My dream collaboration right now is Kendrick Lamar….”

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Skylar Grey CMXCV :: ‘Redefining Success at 30’ Interview w/ Steve Baltin – Yahoo! Music, 13-SEP-2016

“With this album I basically just wanted to make a bunch of music that I absolutely loved, and I don’t really care what anybody thinks.” – Skylar Grey

With her NATURAL CAUSES album release now only a little over one week away (September 23), Ms. Grey has had a new interview piece released, this time with Steve Baltin for Yahoo! Music!

Including touching on her new album NATURAL CAUSES she talks redefining what success and happiness mean to her, the psychoanalytical nature of her lyrics, not easily connecting with or being interested in creating single-heavy albums, working with Eminem over the years, and wanting to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar.

Read a few excerpts below, and click the Yahoo! logo beneath to read the full piece!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Steve Baltin | Yahoo! Music ::
“….Lamar and Grey’s two other favorite artists, Bon Iver and Radiohead, have definitely influenced her own writing on Natural Causes. “My favorite albums to listen to as a music fan are not full of singles, so that’s not really my style of artistry,” she says. “So I would prefer to put out a new album every one or two years, get that thought out and move on to the next evolution.”

This evolution finds Grey concentrating lyrically on getting back to nature. “It’s definitely got a dark tone to it, I think it’s darker than the last album,” she says of the new record. “You can definitely hear my nature influences, which is why I called it Natural Causes. Right off the bat, Natural Causes sounds like a kind of morbid thing to call an album. But that covered the dark side of the album, the way it sounds. There are quite a few death references on the album as well. But the play on words there is everything is caused by nature and so a lot of my songwriting is influenced by the nature around me in Utah [where Grey currently resides].”

The lyrics are also her way of understanding her life. “My lyrics are me psychoanalyzing my own emotions so that I can basically explain to myself what I’m feeling and understand what I’m feeling,” she says. “So, pretty much all the lyrics on my album are a result of me analyzing my emotions and using nature as a sounding board. I compare myself to the wild life around me and how they’re so casual about birth and death and everything in nature just happens and the cycle keeps going. And for some reason humans tend to make everything such a big deal and we get so stressed out.”….”

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Skylar Grey CMXCIV :: ‘Come Up For Air’ Single x NATURAL CAUSES Album Pre-Order – Now Available | Buy+Pre-Order+Video

The official album pre-order for the next Skylar Grey album, NATURAL CAUSES, has gone live on iTunes!

Those who pre-order the album via iTunes now will get an instant download of Ms. Grey’s new single “Come Up For Air” (produced by Eminem), “Off Road”, and “Moving Mountains”!

Click below to lock-in your pre-order and get the fresh new cut, and share both the iTunes link and official music video (directed by Daniel Carberry, also found below) of the song to let everyone know about @SkylarGrey‘s new #ComeUpForAir single produced by @Eminem, as well as her #NATURALCAUSES tour and album pre-order!

If you’re interested in an autographed physical album+merch bundle CLICK HERE TO GET ONE before they’re all gone!

Skylar Grey – “Come Up For Air” Single | NATURAL CAUSES Pre-Order ::

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Skylar Grey CMXCIII :: Behind-the-Scenes at Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival – Billboard x The Patch, 1-SEP-2016 | Video

“….the truth is you’re still searching. I don’t think that search ever stops….”

While preparing to perform live at Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival this past August 21 at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in New York, Ms. Grey was filmed backstage by Billboard at Sour Patch Kids’ The Patch house in Brooklyn.

There she discussed her origins in music, making her new album NATURAL CAUSES (which drops this September 23), and Scout! Check out the 3-minute video via YouTube below.

Skylar Grey at The Patch | Billboard ::

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Skylar Grey CMXCII :: ‘9 Artists Remember Aaliyah’ – NYLON Magazine, 25-AUG-2016

With today (August 15, 2016) being the 15-year anniversary of legendary artist Aaliyah‘s passing back in 2001, senior editor Ben Barna of NYLON asked nine different artists about how Aaliyah influenced them in their artistry.

Read what Ms. Grey had to say below, and click NYLON‘s logo beneath to see what Kevin Garrett, Sevyn Streeter, JoJo, Ty Dolla $ign, Rockie Fresh, Imad Royal, WILLS, and Naomi Almquist (of Prinze George) all had to say as well!

Skylar Grey – 9 Artists Remember Aaliyah | NYLON ::
“….Aaliyah was an influence not just in her music but in her style. She wasn’t afraid to play with androgynous fashion or be a tomboy. She was tough and cool, and I was definitely influenced by that….”

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