Skylar Grey DCCCXLVII :: SICKY Behind-the-Scenes Blog+Win Limited Skylar Grey Hand-Painted Sunglasses Case – Skylar Grey x SICKY, Instagram | Contest

Following up their recent Facebook and Twitter giveaways, Ms. Grey and SICKY’S WORLD eyewear are giving away the third of only 20 limited SICKY eyewear cases, hand-painted by Ms. Grey herself. This will be the final case given away, with the remaining 17 cases now being available for purchase!

This giveaway will take place on Instagram.

Click the top image below to check out the official How-To-Enter details for the contest, and click the bottom image beneath it to check out Ms. Grey’s new behind-the-scenes blog detailing how she conceptualized and crafted the design, and to see details on how to buy one of the last few cases for your own collection!

Skylar Grey x SICKY – Limited Hand-Painted Case | Instagram Giveaway ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLVI :: Tori Amos Performs ‘I Need A Doctor’ Hook Live – Portland, Oregon, 18-JUL-2014 | Photo+Video

During a live concert at the Portland Zoo in Portland, Oregon this past Friday (July 18), Tori Amos performed a live piano mash-up, interweaving the lyrics of Aerosmith‘s “Dream On” and Ms. Grey‘s I Need A Doctor hook!

A fan taped the 6-minute live performance, which you may watch below – also check out a photo of the full setlist (photo via Tori Amos‘ Facebook).

Tori Amos – “Dream On/I Need A Doctor” | Video+Photo ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLV :: ‘Coming Home (Welcome Home LeBron! Version)’ – Reviews and Buzz | Video

With the news of LeBron James returning to his home-team breaking this past Friday (July 11), Ms. Grey recorded a special version of her song Coming Home in recognition of the move.

The Wall Street Journal picked up the video to be featured on WSJ Live - click their logo below to view the full video, and beneath that read a smattering of the buzz surrounding the video!

Skylar Grey – “Coming Home (Welcome Home LeBron!)” | WSJ ::

“Coming Home (LeBron Version)” | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….the heartwarming news of the day is the King’s Homecoming as LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. The heartwarming, go-to “Coming Home” song is Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” — really Diddy-Dirty Money’s, but c’mon, everyone knows it for the Skylar hook.

Welp, it seems only fitting that Skylar dedicate a version to LeBron and Cleveland….”

Grey Reworks “Coming Home” | Complex ::
“….don’t lie. When LeBron James announced that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliersthrough the Sports Illustrated article titled “I’m Coming Home,” you know that song “Coming Home” by Skylar Grey popped into your head. Well, Skylar must’ve been thinking the same thing….”

Grey Recreates ‘Coming Home’ | VladTV ::
“….since the announcement of LeBron James heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers, broadcasters and fans have pegged Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” as the player’s theme song for the big reveal.

With the hype surrounding the track, Skylar posted to YouTube a custom made verse for the player….”

Grey Sings ‘Coming Home’ to LeBron | VIBE ::
“….LeBron James rocked newsrooms (and social network timelines) with his announcement that he would be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers this upcoming NBA season. And Skylar Grey has the perfect song for the occasion….”

Grey Sings Special Version of ‘Coming Home’ | ESPN Cleveland ::
“….after James entered free agency, the rumors started to look like a reality. It would be the perfect ending to an amazing story. The song that would become the backdrop for every tribute was Skylar Grey’s ‘Coming Home’…..”

Grey Welcomes LeBron | Sports Illustrated ::
“….Grey’s voice is beautiful and she captures the right tone in the full song. A slow steady build to excitement. It parralels this week for many. Slowly building to the climax that was Friday.

Thank you Skylar Grey….”

Grey Made the Perfect New Version of ‘Coming Home’ | Business Insider ::
“….LeBron James has announced he’s going to become a Cleveland Cavalier once again, and Skylar Grey decided yesterday was a perfect time to give her popular hit a new version….”

Grey Reworks ‘Coming Home’ for LeBron | Triangle Offense ::
“….LeBron James’ homecoming just got a little more beautiful. Skylar Grey’s song, “Coming Home, was the obvious anthem for LeBron’s return to Cleveland. With this in mind, Grey took matters into her own hands and recorded a unique remix of the song….

Skylar Grey was born in Mazomanie, Wisconsin, but doesn’t deter from how special this song is. LeBron’s homecoming is one of the greatest stories in sports history and now it has the perfect rendition to go along with it….”

LeBron James Tribute | FanSided ::
“….LeBron James made a simple announcement on Friday. “I’m coming home,” the NBA star free agent said as he announced he would return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The phrase was something very common that we have heard in recent years thanks to the Skylar Grey hit “Coming Home” that has been constantly sampled and used in tribute videos, so when LeBron announced his decision we knew that phrase would be used in headlines.

However, never did we expect to hear from Skylar Grey herself….”

Grey Remixes ‘Coming Home’ | Mill City Sports ::
“….this song was already being used all over the internet to welcome James back to the Cavaliers, but Grey made sure it was updated for the special occasion and we are all thankful for it….”

Grey Remixes “I’m Coming Home” | FootBasket ::
“….the amazing Skylar Grey took time out of her busy schedule to remix her award-winning single, “I’m Coming Home, to fit LeBron James’ homecoming to Akron and the Cleveland Cavaliers….she switched up a couple of the lyrics to make it specifically for the King….”

Grey’s Moving Tribute to LeBron | The Mars Reel ::
“….when I say that this was the most amazing 40 seconds of awesome my ears have ever experienced – would be an understatement….”

Grey Reworks “I’m Coming Home” | Consequence of Sound ::
“….she’s delivered a special reworking in honor of James’ announcement. With two simple word swaps, the pop singer turns the song into a letter welcoming The King back to the Cavs….”

Skylar Grey Welcomes LeBron James Home | Sports Crackle Pop! ::
“….the second biggest winner of the LeBron James sweepstakes might be Skylar Grey…. ROYALTIES!!….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLIV :: ‘American’ – Full Performance Debut, 15-JUL-2014 | Video

After originally penning the hook for the song on this past July the Fourth (American Independence Day) and posting the video online for fans, Ms. Grey has since finished her new song “American” and uploaded a fresh video featuring her performing the song in its entirety!

Check out the video in full below.

Skylar Grey – “American” | Debut Performance ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLIII :: Emmy Nomination for ‘Hero’s Welcome’ Commercial f/ ‘Coming Home, Pt. II’ | Press Release

In addition to the success of her special version of “Coming Home” recorded for LeBron James’ return to his home NBA team in Cleveland, Ms. Grey‘s Hero’s Welcome commercial created with Budweiser, and featuring her Coming Home, Pt. II, has been nominated for an Emmy in their Outstanding Commercial category!

You may read the official press release in full below, and keep an eye out for info on the Emmy nomination!

Hero’s Welcome – Emmy Nomination | Press Release ::
Award Nominations Recognize Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” and “Hero’s Welcome” Ads

ST. LOUIS (July 11, 2014) – Budweiser’s celebrated Super Bowl ads, “Puppy Love” and “Hero’s Welcome,” have received Emmy® nominations in the Outstanding Commercial category.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be nominated by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and an even greater recognition to garner two of five nominations in the category,” said Brian Perkins, vice president, Budweiser. “Not only have our ads achieved critical acclaim, but both creatively bring the Budweiser brand story to life for loyal beer drinkers and new generations of consumers.”

This is Budweiser’s first nomination in the category since 2006?s “Clydesdales American Dream.” Similar to the previously-nominated ad, both “Puppy Love” and “Hero’s Welcome” feature the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales.

A Super Bowl fan-favorite, “Puppy Love” tells the story of a 10-week old puppy that forges a special bond with the Budweiser Clydesdales at Warm Springs Ranch, Budweiser’s Clydesdale breeding facility. The canine star of the ad became a viral sensation after his debut, driving more than 51 million YouTube views, more than 1 million Facebook likes and even launching his own Twitter handle, @BudweiserPuppy.

In “Hero’s Welcome,” Budweiser continues its long-standing support of the U.S. military, chronicling a single soldier’s homecoming from Afghanistan. To the genuine surprise of Lt. Chuck Nadd, his entire hometown of Winter Park, Fla. and the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales joined together in welcoming him home with a ticker tape parade.

The creative agency behind both Emmy-nominated ads is Anomaly. “Puppy Love” was directed by Jake Scott, produced by RSA Films and features the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger. “Hero’s Welcome” was directed by The Malloys, produced by HSI and features the song “Coming Home Pt. II” by Skylar Grey.

“Budweiser is an iconic brand and with these films we hoped to represent its deeply-rooted values through entertaining and powerful storytelling.” said Mike Byrne, Chief Creative Officer at Anomaly.

The ads have been recognized by numerous awards, including the top spot and third place in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, “Puppy Love” and “Hero’s Welcome,” respectively.

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLII :: Fourth of July Shoot w/ Natalie Wall by Emmy Lowe Photo – 4-JUL-2014 | Photos

In celebration of this part Fourth of July (American Independence Day, 2014), Ms. Grey and friend Natalie Wall stopped by Emmy Lowe Photo for a photo shoot.

You can see Ms. Grey modeling one of her custom pieces from her upcoming WOODRAT clothing line – the shirt features the phrase I’m So High Off Moonshine I’m Giving The Man On The Moon A Boot Shine.

Click any of the photos below to view the full gallery on the official Emmy Lowe Photo website!

Skylar Grey x Natalie Wall x Emmy Lowe ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLI :: ‘Coming Home (Welcome Home LeBron! Verison)’ – 11-JUL-2014 | Video

With the news of LeBron James returning to his home-team (the Cleveland Cavaliers) breaking yesterday (July 11), Ms. Grey recorded a special version of her song Coming Home in recognition of the move.

Check out the specially recorded hook video in full below!

Skylar Grey - “Coming Home (Welcome Home LeBron!)” | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXL :: Win Limited Skylar Grey Hand-Painted Sunglasses Case – Skylar Grey x SICKY, Twitter | Contest

After their successful giveaway last week (June 24 – July 1) via FacebookMs. Grey and SICKY’S WORLD eyewear are again giving away 1 of only 20 limited SICKY eyewear cases, hand-painted by Ms. Grey herself!

This giveaway will take place on Twitter - click the photo below to check out the official How-To-Enter details on Twitter.

Skylar Grey x SICKY – Limited Hand-Painted Case | Twitter Giveaway ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXIX :: ‘DON’T LOOK DOWN’ 1-Year Anniversary – 9-JUL-2014

The debut album from Ms. Grey, DON’T LOOK DOWN, debuted officially 1 year ago today – on July 9, 2013.

With just under 20 songs making up the album’s collection of material, which pieces of music mean the most to you?

Which featured artist appearance have you been feeling the most?

Was the album your first taste of Skylar Grey music?

Hop onto your socials and share your album thoughts and memories with @SkylarGrey and #DONTLOOKDOWN!

Skylar Grey’s DON’T LOOK DOWN | iTunes ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXVIII :: Skylar Grey x Skrillex x RiFF RAFF Collaboration Not Scrapped – Upcoming Jack U Album | Photo

The Skylar Grey x Skrillex x RiFF RAFF collaboration that was originally set to appear on RiFF RAFF‘s recently released NEON iCON album, has been revealed to now be set for release on Diplo and Skrillex‘s upcoming collaboration album.

Diplo and Skrillex are collaborating under the moniker Jack U – their forthcoming album has yet to be officially titled, as has the song featuring Ms. Grey (which has so far been referred to as the “Drunk Girl” song).

Diplo revealed the song’s placement on the collaborative album by respondeing to a fan asking about the song, which you may view below – click the tweet to view the original tweet via Twitter.

Diplo – Skylar Grey x Skrillex x RiFF RAFF | Twitter ::

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