Skylar Grey DCCCLV :: Skylar Grey’s ‘iTunes Session’ – New Official Artwork | Artwork

Originally being released last year (October 15, 2013), Ms. Grey‘s iTunes Session has now gotten a brand new, alternate piece of artwork.

Check out both pieces of artwork below – click the brand new, top artwork shown below to download a HQ (1200×1200) of it, and click the original artwork beneath to access the iTunes Session release on iTunes!

Skylar Grey – iTunes Session | Artwork+iTunes ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLIV :: ‘The Last Day’ w/ Moby – Official Visual | Video

Earlier today (September 2), Moby published the official visual for his collaboration with Ms. Grey, “The Last Day”, to YouTube!

Note that the music video uses a shorter, and slightly different mix of the song than what is found on the innocents record.

Check out the full Erik Anders Lang-directed video below!

Skylar Grey x Moby – “The Last Day” | Official Visual ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLIII :: ‘New National Anthem’ w/ T.I. – Reviews and Buzz

With a surprise release to SoundCloud last week (August 20), the brand new T.I. x Skylar Grey track “New National Anthem” has been getting major blog coverage.

Check out a whole host of thoughts on the track, T.I.’s social commentary, and Ms. Grey’s note-worthy hook below!

Musical Lamentation | TIME ::
“….in the wake of the ongoing chaos sparked by the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO., rapper T.I. has released a politically charged new track.

T.I. tapped songstress Skylar Grey for the solemn hook….”

Fast-Paced Collab with Skylar Grey | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….he does it in a big way by enlisting Skylar Grey for an instantly gripping chorus that openly asks is this the “New National Anthem”? T.I. provides some break-neck verses describing stories and contradictions that you may have to run back again to fully digest. Intriguing listen and mix of two of my favorite artists….”

“New National Anthem” (feat. Skylar Grey) | Elite Muzik ::
“….featuring an amazing hook from Skylar Grey….”

T.I. Releases Tribute | Black American Web ::
“….T.I. and vocalist Skylar Grey collaborate on a haunting song that details the pain of racial profiling and police brutality….”

New National Anthem | Nah Right ::
“….T.I. recruits Skylar Grey for his new single “New National Anthem”….”

The Sobering “New National Anthem” | Idolator ::
“….in response to the ongoing chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, Georgia rapper T.I. has teamed up with singer-songwriter  Skylar Grey on a hard-hitting new number called “New National Anthem”.

Complete with a menacing beat and a powerhouse hook from the “I Need A Doctor” songstress….”

T.I. Releases ‘New National Anthem’ | Billboard ::
“….T.I. spits truth on the injustice and racism in America on his new single, “New National Anthem.

The rapper’s third single, which features Skylar Grey, comes at a time where there’s on-going protests occurring in Ferguson, Miss. after the killing of unarmed 18-year old, Michael Brown.

“New National Anthem” is a look into the lyrical authenticity laced throughout Tip’s ninth studio album….”

Single Stream | the AU review ::
“….Tip has decided to dive a bit deeper with this new one, scoring an infectious, sugary-toned hook from hit maker Skylar Grey and supplementing his deft, rapid-fire flow with daring social commentary….”

T.I. ft. Skylar Grey | DDotOmen ::
“….T.I. calls upon Skylar Grey to help him create a “New National Anthem”….”

“New National Anthem” Featuring Skylar Grey | The Boombox ::
“….singer Skylar Grey provides the yearning hook….

Props to T.I. for releasing a powerful song that deserves a patriotic salute….”

T.I. Feat. Skylar Grey | ::
“….Tip had to state his opinion with a powerful hook from Skylar Grey. This is one is called “New National Anthem” and it is a very deep/dope track with a message that you can’t pass up….”

T.I. F/ Skylar Grey | Rap-Up ::
“….T.I. shows his stars and stripes on “New National Anthem” featuring Skylar Grey. In the wake of the Mike Brown shooting, Tip speaks out on the racism and injustice in America.

Skylar provides the powerful hook….

Pledge your allegiance….”

T.I. Feat. Skylar Grey | MissInfo ::
“….Timing is everything. In the midst of protests in support of slain teenager Michael Brown, T.I. debuts a new record called “New National Anthem. A patriotic and political-driven cut, the song features a powerful hook by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Skylar Grey….”

Return of the Boom Bap | Black Vibes ::
“….features smooth but cutting vocals from vocalists Skylar Grey. T.I. digs into his cache of styles to pull out his rapid fire lyrical flow to attack racism in America….”

“New National Anthem” | MIMO ::
“….then singer Skylar Grey bursts out with, “Home of the brave and free (It’s America) / Free just to murder me (Land of the handgun).”

Well, there it is.

With her declaration still ringing in your ears, Skylar asks, “Is this the new national anthem?”….”

Listen To | Caesar Live N Loud ::
“….T.I. teams up with Skylar Grey for this gorgeous song….Grey’s hook is quite powerful….”

New National Anthem (Feat. Skylar Grey) | CantStopHipHop ::
“….T.I. teams up with the talented Skylar Grey for this catchy new single entitled New National Anthem. As the title hints, the main theme in this song is injustice and racism in America….

Based on the hook alone, the song has radio potential but, as Tip says in the very beginning, “I know radio probably ain’t gon’ play this.” Reason being is because it’s too much of a “touchy” topic….

Tip and Grey both bring their A-game on this one and it should definitely sit well with fans….”

T.I. ft. Skylar Grey | DJBooth ::
“….no, the radio is not going to touch what is a very radio-friendly-sounding record, which features frequent Eminem collaborator Skylar Grey. But the radio doesn’t need to play a record for an artist to make an impact in 2014.

Now, more than a week following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, artists with plenty to lose are standing up for what they believe is right….”

New National Anthem f. Skylar Grey | 2DopeBoyz ::
“….featuring a powerful hook from Eminem’s go-to singer Skylar Grey, T.I. delivers the “New National Anthem” in response to the civil unrest currently happening in Ferguson, MO….”

New Music | VIBE ::
“….you can always count on T.I. to say what needs to be said. On the aggressive single “New National Anthem” featuring singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, Tip blatantly speaks about the racial injustices black men face in America….”

T.I. Pens the New National Anthem | Ambrosia for Heads ::
“….accentuated by Skylar Grey’s quintessentially anthemic vocals on the hook, T.I. delivers his message to America in the form of the track, “New National Anthem”….

The irony of the chorus’ catchy, Pop sound is not lost here and is undoubtedly purposeful as it’s assuredly radio unfriendly message will still reverberate in the ears of the masses….”

T.I. | The Dope Press ::
“….in between the strong hook from songstress Skylar Grey, Tip raps about different issues including racism, police brutality, and injustice….”

New National Anthem Feat. Skylar Grey | HotNewHipHop ::
“….T.I. decides to take this opportunity to voice his opinion and premiere a brand new record called “New National Anthem”.

The track features a powerful hook from singer/songwriter Skylar Grey, while Tip addresses current issues going on in America today, including racism, injustice, and of course police brutality….it deserves your attention and a few listens to fully digest.

Give it a close listen….”

National Anthem | ModerWarNegro ::
“….Great production, Skylar killed the hook and the message was on point. Your thoughts?….”

#NewSong | BozzPop ::
“….this heavy hip hop track with topic on racism is done fantastically with the addition of some native sounds and great Skylar Grey’s delivery of the chorus. Very effective!+….”

“….featuring an assist from Grammy Award-winning songstress Skylar Grey, the Atlanta-bred rap star underscores the corrupt politics and immoral tactics that have allowed incidents like the death of Michael Brown to keep happening….”

[LISTEN] | Word on the Streetz ::
“….Grey’s hook is just as commanding has TIP’s bars….”

New Music | First Klass Breakfast ::
“….in light of the Michael Brown tragedy in Ferguson, T.I. let’s loose on an introspective cut featuring Skylar Grey….”

T.I. x Skylar Grey | Rap Radar ::
“….T.I. redirects his attention on American injustices on his new recording featuring Skylar Grey. Listen up….”

‘New National Anthem (ft. Skylar Grey) | That Grape Juice ::
“….the haunting track, which features Skylar Grey, spotlights the Hip-Hop star’s take on social injustice in America.

ATL bred T.I.P opens the song by stressing that he doesn’t think radio will play it, but he delivers a compelling cut that is certainly worth a listen….”

MUSIC | Stacks Magazine ::
“….featured on the song, Skylar Grey, adds on to the power of the song in the hook….”

[New Music Alert] | Hip Hop Extra ::
“….the song also features singer Skylar Grey, who provides a powerful hook.

“Home of the brave and the free / Free just to murder me / Land of the beautiful, cursed by the hate we throw / Is this the new national anthem?” sings Grey….”

New National Anthem (feat. Skylar Grey) | OnSMASH ::
“….with a hook from Skylar Grey, Tip ends the track asking some very important questions and tackling social issue that we often don’t hear about in songs….”

T.I. Shares ‘New National Anthem’ | MTV ::
“….the uptempo beat keeps military time while the Atlanta rapper waxes poetic about prison, crooked cops and other maladies affecting the black community….

What stands out, though, is the “Coming Home” chanteuse’s chorus, which is punctuated by Tip’s timely proclamations….”

With Skylar Grey on ‘New National Anthem’ | SPIN ::
“….it’s heavy stuff, especially when juxtaposed by Grey’s heartwrenching chorus that begins with, “Home of the brave and free / Free just to murder me.”….”

“New National Anthem” (featuring Skylar Grey) | Kempire Daily ::
“….the song will definitely hit home with a lot of people in America right now, not least because of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri recently….

Skylar Grey’s strong and haunting chorus certainly makes a big statement….”

T.I. “New National Anthem” | WhyCauseICan ::
“….T.I. releases a new song titled, “New National Anthem”, which features singer Skylar Grey to sing the hell out of the hook. If you don’t feel this song, no matter your race, or class, you truly don’t see where this country is slowing going….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCLII :: ‘New National Anthem’ w/ T.I. – SoundCloud, 20-AUG-2014 | Stream

Rapper T.I. has just put out a brand new track featuring Ms. Grey, entitled “New National Anthem”! The song features production by Tommy Brown.

This track is set for release on T.I.’s upcoming eighth studio album Paperwork: The Motion Picture (Ms. Grey previously penned the 2010 song Castle Walls, which was recorded by T.I. and Christina Aguilera and appeared on the former’s seventh studio album No Mercy), and is in response to the recent killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri.

Stream the song officially via T.I.’s website by clicking its artwork below!

Skylar Grey x T.I. – “New National Anthem” | Stream ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLI :: David Guetta x Skylar Grey’s ‘Shot Me Down’, Top 10 YouTube Lyric Videos – USA Today, 19-AUG-2014 | Buy

With the trend of lyric videos being released by major artists in recent years, USA Today‘s Edna Gundersen has compiled a list of YouTube’s Top 10 official lyric videos of all time.

Ms. Grey‘s collaboration with David Guetta, Shot Me Down, is currently listed as Number 8, with just under 75 million views!

Read the article’s introduction below, and to check out the full list click USA Today‘s logo placed directly beneath.

“Shot Me Down” – Top 10 Lyric Videos | USA Today ::
“….lyric videos, a trend that sprang from lo-fi amateur clips assembled by fans, continue to proliferate on YouTube, with searches now at an all-time high.

This year, the video sub-genre has racked up more than 850 million views on YouTube….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCL :: Moby x Skylar Grey’s ‘The Last Day (Remixes)’ EP – BeatPort Exclusive, 18-AUG-2014 | Buy

Moby has published (August 18) a new 4-track remix EP exclusively to BeatPort, containing remixes (including one by Moby himself) of his innocents album collaboration with Ms. Grey, “The Last Day”.

You can grab the higher-than-MP3 quality download exclusively at BeatPort now for $9.96 – check out the track listing below, and click the release’s artwork to sample and buy the tracks!

Skylar Grey x Moby – The Last Day (Remixes) EP | BeatPort ::
01/ “The Last Day (Coyu & Ramiro Lopez Remix)”6:27
02/ “The Last Day (David Mayer Remix)”8:59
03/ “The Last Day (Moby Remix)”4:50
04/ “The Last Day (Chymera Remix)”9:52

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLIX :: ‘Coming Home, Pt. II’ Live at Welcome Home LeBron Celebration – Akron, Ohio, 8-AUG-2014 | Video

LeBron James‘ return to Cleveland was celebrated at the InfoCision Stadium in Akron, Ohio last night (August 8), and Ms. Grey was asked to perform her hit Coming Home, Pt. II live to introduce LeBron to the stage to a crowd of around 30,000 fans.

Check out official footage of Ms. Grey below (starting at the 53:22 mark), including LeBron thanking her and praising her performance!

Skylar Grey x LeBron James – “Coming Home, Pt. II” | Video ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLVIII :: WOODRAT Beanies – Coming Soon, Fall 2014 | Photo

With her WOODRAT clothing line coming in 2015, Ms. Grey will be giving her WOODRAT Beanies an early release, making them available this coming Fall!

Check them out in the photo below, and click the photo to access the official WOODRAT Twitter – be sure to give it a follow to keep up-to-date on everything to do with the brand!

WOODRAT Beanies | Coming Fall 2014…. ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLVII :: SICKY Behind-the-Scenes Blog+Win Limited Skylar Grey Hand-Painted Sunglasses Case – Skylar Grey x SICKY, Instagram | Contest

Following up their recent Facebook and Twitter giveaways, Ms. Grey and SICKY’S WORLD eyewear are giving away the third of only 20 limited SICKY eyewear cases, hand-painted by Ms. Grey herself. This will be the final case given away, with the remaining 17 cases now being available for purchase!

This giveaway will take place on Instagram.

Click the top image below to check out the official How-To-Enter details for the contest, and click the bottom image beneath it to check out Ms. Grey’s new behind-the-scenes blog detailing how she conceptualized and crafted the design, and to see details on how to buy one of the last few cases for your own collection!

Skylar Grey x SICKY – Limited Hand-Painted Case | Instagram Giveaway ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLVI :: Tori Amos Performs ‘I Need A Doctor’ Hook Live – Portland, Oregon, 18-JUL-2014 | Photo+Video

During a live concert at the Portland Zoo in Portland, Oregon this past Friday (July 18), Tori Amos performed a live piano mash-up, interweaving the lyrics of Aerosmith‘s “Dream On” and Ms. Grey‘s I Need A Doctor hook!

A fan taped the 6-minute live performance, which you may watch below – also check out a photo of the full setlist (photo via Tori Amos‘ Facebook).

Tori Amos – “Dream On/I Need A Doctor” | Video+Photo ::

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