Skylar Grey DCCCXXXVII :: Win Limited Skylar Grey Hand-Painted Sunglasses Case – Skylar Grey x SICKY, Facebook | Contest

As a continuation of their new partnership, Ms. Grey and SICKY’S WORLD eyewear are teaming up to offer fans a chance to win one of an extremely limited set of SICKY eyewear cases, hand-painted by Ms. Grey herself!

The giveaway will take place on Facebook – click the photo below to check out the official How-To-Enter details!

Be sure to enter via your laptop or desktop – the entry form will not work on your phone/mobile device.

Skylar Grey x SICKY – Limited Hand-Painted Case | Facebook Giveaway ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXVI :: Skylar Grey x SICKY’S WORLD Article – The Los Angeles Times, 21-JUN-2014

Melissa Magsaysay, writing for the Los Angeles Times, covered several Southern California sunglasses brands in her June 21 article which is now available online.

The coverage included SICKY’S WORLD, who has entered into a new partnership with Ms. Grey, who also got a mention in the article!

Check out the beginning of the article along with its SICKY section below, and click the Los Angeles Times logo beneath to read the article in full.

Skylar Grey x SICKY | Los Angeles Times ::
“….sunglasses are synonymous with the Southern California lifestyle, and several new lines and brands are adding to the area’s booming market.

Each line is inspired by Los Angeles’ coastal look and caters to the eyewear aficionado who invests in accessories with high-end details and statement-making aesthetics.

From established eyewear brands based in West Hollywood to newly formed “crews” out of Malibu, here are a handful of the latest in the world of Southern California sunglass brands….


The Malibu lifestyle, with its multimillion-dollar real estate and celebrity enclaves, is enviable, to say the least. Now three area locals are capitalizing on the Malibu “brand” with a new eyewear collection called Sicky — a Malibu term for “cool.”

John Hildebrand is the line’s founder and designer, and his partners are his brother Madison Hildebrand (a TV personality and real estate agent) and Cisco Adler (a musician and son of record producer Lou Adler).

Launched last year, the brand boasts mostly unisex frames made in Italy and Japan in a range of colors such as a watery, pastel lavender and a classic tortoise.

“In Southern California, people take sunglasses very seriously,” John Hildebrand says. “It’s a functional accessory, and like a woman choosing her nail polish color, it’s an easy way to throw some creativity and edge into a look.”

Creativity also appears in the form of all-leather frames and varying finishes such as a matte red or black gloss. To back up the brand, Hildebrand and his partners have formed a “crew” of local artists, musicians and designers to act as ambassadors for the line.

“Our brand is all about community and supporting our crew members with whatever insane projects they have going on in their world,” Hildebrand says of the crew, which includes singer Skylar Grey, rapper Tayyib Ali and stylist Ashley Montague….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXV :: Skylar Grey’s Hand-Painted SICKY’S WORLD Eyewear Cases – Skylar Grey x SICKY, Facebook | Photos

As part of their new partnership, Ms. Grey has hand-painted a limited number of eyewear cases for SICKY’S WORLD.

Click the photo below to see the rest of the SICKY Facebook gallery, and stay tuned for more information on the special, limited edition cases!

Skylar Grey x SICKY – Hand-Painted Cases | Facebook ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXIV :: Jennifer Lopez Opens First Bronx Concert w/ ‘Coming Home’ – Full Concert, 4-JUN-2014 | Video

Jennifer Lopez performed her first-ever home neighbourhood concert (The Bronx, New York) this past Wednesday (June 4), appropriately opening the show with part of Ms. Grey‘s own “Coming Home” hook!

The concert, which took place at Orchard Beach in Pelham State Park as part of State Farm’s Neighborhood Sessions, was free to the concertgoers and filmed by many fans – check out some fan-shot footage of the entire main concert below!

Jennifer Lopez – “Coming Home (Live Cover)” | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXIII :: Public Service Announcement for Welcome.US – ‘Coming Home, Pt. II’, 2-JUN-2014 | Video

As part of her continued and long-standing support of those who serve in the military, Ms. Grey has partnered with Welcome.US to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in support and celebration of immigrants who serve in the United States military.

The PSA was released yesterday (June 2) as part of the First Annual Immigrant Heritage Month, which is “….a nationwide effort to gather and share inspirational stories of immigration in America….”.

Watch the :60 video below, and check out Welcome.US to see their full list of supporters!

Skylar Grey x Welcome.US | PSA ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXII :: ‘Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer Cover)’ – Variety Feature, 28-MAY-2014 | Audio

“….in the original it’s almost playful, and in this version it’s more like a heroin addiction….”

Variety‘s Tim Greiving has written an article focusing on song covers created specially to market certain films, within which Ms. Grey‘s cover of Robert Palmer‘s “Addicted to Love”, recorded for the 2014 remake of the film Endless Love, is mentioned in detail.

Check out the first half of the feature article below (as well as the official audio for Ms. Grey’s cover), and click the article title below to read it in full!

Re-imagined Covers of Familiar Tunes | Variety ::
“….a creepy lullaby rendition of Disney’s classic “Once Upon a Dream, a grungy version of Ben E. King’s feel-good “Stand by Me, and a brooding interpretation of Robert Palmer’s bouncy ’80s anthem “Addicted to Love” all exemplify a growing trend: songs creatively covered and “trailer-ized” to market movies.

“Trailer music supervisors are being asked for ‘something that everybody knows that no one’s ever heard before,’ ” says Steven Stern, VP of custom music production house APM Music. “They’re trying to reach a broad market, so they need songs everybody knows across demographics, but it needs to be fresh, relate to the kids, and work for the film.”

Covering a familiar song cashes in on whatever emotional or cultural currency the song has, but gives it a loaded or ironic subtext paired with images from the marketed film.

Skylar Grey, a young singer-songwriter who co-wrote Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie, was approached by her record label, Interscope, to alter the meaning of “Addicted to Love” for a trailer for this year’s youth romance “Endless Love.

“Darker, creepier, and sexier,” is how Grey describes the cover. “The lyrics can be taken as creepy if it’s done that way. In the original it’s almost playful, and in this version it’s more like a heroin addiction.”

Fueled by technological advances and a competitive market among trailer houses, the value of unique, tailored music has risen significantly….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXXI :: INKED Magazine Cover – The Music Issue, 2014 | Photos

Ms. Grey is the official cover model for the newest issue of INKED, subtitled The Music Issue, featuring a multi-page interview and photo set!

You can check out one of the photos below, click it to view the feature, and be sure to grab a physical issue of the magazine on newsstands.

Words by Todd Mandel, and photos by Diana Scheunemann.

Skylar Grey for INKED: The Music Issue | ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXX :: INKED Magazine: The Music Issue – Cover | Photo

Along with her big SG / SICKY campaign launch yesterday (May 20), Ms. Grey also released a teaser for her upcoming magazine cover feature for INKED - the cover itself!

Check out the cover below, and keep an eye out for more news on the INKED: The Music Issue feature coming soon….

Skylar Grey for INKED | Cover ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXIX :: SICKY Eyewear Campaign Launch – SICKY’S WORLD, Behind-the-Scenes Video+Gallery+Statement | Photos+Video

The Skylar Grey / SICKY’S WORLD Eyewear campaign has officially launched today (May 20), with an official statement, a behind-the-scenes video, and several new pro-shots being featured across Ms. Grey‘s social media as well as!

Click the pro-shot beneath to check out the brand new video, view the SICKY’S WORLD official statement, browse an 8-image gallery of new pro-shots, and please be sure to click Like and Share the article to support the new SG / SICKY collaboration!

Skylar Grey / SICKY | Campaign Launch ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCXXVIII :: SICKY Eyewear Campaign Launch – SICKY’S WORLD, Behind-the-Scenes+Interview | Photo


The website has been updated with a Sicky Crew page for Ms. Grey, featuring a short interview and two of her favourite SICKY eyewear models!

Click the SICKY logo below to access her new page.

Skylar Grey @ SICKY Eyewear ::

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As was teased last month (April) to be coming soon, Ms. Grey has launched her campaign for SICKY’S WORLD Eyewear!

You may check out a couple of BTS photos from the campaign on Ms. Grey’s Instagram and Facebook – click the photo from her Facebook below to view the blog post featuring multiple behind-the-scenes photos from Ms. Grey’s photo shoot with Nadav Benjamin, which will be revealed soon.

Skylar Grey for SICKY’S WORLD | Blog ::

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