Skylar Grey DCCCLXXII :: ‘American’ Confirmed for New Album+’Bed of Lies’ Interview w/ Billboard – 11-NOV-2014

Those of you who follow Ms. Grey on Twitter have likely seen that yesterday, on this past American Veterans Day (November 11), she confirmed the inclusion of her song American on her upcoming still-untitled album!

She also shared the following interview that she recently did with Billboard.

The interview was conducted just after Ms. Grey‘s performance with Nicki Minaj at the 2014 MTV EMAs, and covers a range of new and interesting topics – the sound and status of the next Skylar Grey album (slated for a 2015 release), how “Bed of Lies” came to be, and wanting to bring out a more emotional side of Lil Wayne.

You can check out a few excerpts of the interview article below – click the article title to access the full-length version on Billboard!

Skylar Grey Interview | Billboard ::
“….Are you officially on the “Bed Of Lies” single?

Yeah, the song started being written almost a year ago and then she picked it up and wrote her verses on it. Luckily, she liked the demo of it enough to keep me on the song. I knew it was maybe gonna happen, but she released a lot of different singles first. So I didn’t really know when she was gonna drop this song. And then about a week ago I got a call from her team and they wondered if I could come to Scotland and do the song with them. So yeah, it was the debut of this single featuring me.

When you first heard her verses, which tell of a bitter relationship, possibly her own, what was your response?

When I heard that she was taking the song I was surprised because it’s not a typical kind of song for her. I was very excited when I heard what she did with it. She seemed to take it to a very personal place. And I love that, I love doing that with my songs and my collaborations, bringing out something that’s a little more emotional and personal with the artist.

What other artist do you feel like you could bring out that emotional side?

It’d be kind of interesting to try something with [Lil’] Wayne. I don’t know if he would ever go there, but it’d be interesting to see what would happen if he did something that was personal cause I haven’t really heard him do that.

How is this experience helping you in your own vision?

I’m starting to realize my favorite me is the real me, so here I am. I’m discovering I like me in my rawest form better than me with tons of over-produced music or tons of makeup on. I just think if she’s able to accept herself and Em is able to accept himself than why shouldn’t I be able to accept myself too? They come across as very confident and it makes me inspired to accept myself for who I am.

How far along are you on the record?

I’m constantly morphing because I’m discovering new things in the studio. It’s kind of like a free-flowing thing. But there’s something happening with me in the studio right now that seems kind of magical, all the sounds I ever envisioned coming together are coming together now. I’m working with my dream team, Mike Elizondo and Mark Batson. I feel like I have 80 or 90 percent done with all the writing. So hopefully that means I’ll be able to announce a release date soon.

Can you give us a preview then sonically of the new material?
I’m definitely taking some risks on the album and I’m doing some kind of avant-garde songs and then there are some songs that are not quite so avant-garde. But they sound really cool. It’s definitely more mature than the last album, I feel like on the last album I talked about my childhood and I’m definitely not doing that on this album. It’s more adult and a little bit darker. I’m not doing any collaborations, I just want it to keep it me….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXXI :: 2014 MTV EMAs VIP Arrivals x Red Carpet x Winners Room – 9-NOV-2014 | Photos

Zimbio has provided several images of Ms. Grey from her appearance at the 2014 MTV EMAs in Glasgow, Scotland last night (November 9), where she performed on-stage with collaborator Nicki Minaj for the world premiere of their new song “Bed of Lies”!

Check out a few photos from their VIP Arrival, Red Carpet, and Winners’ Room galleries below – click any photo to access the full gallery selection on Zimbio.

Skylar Grey @ 2014 MTV EMAs | Zimbio ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXX :: Nicki Minaj x Skylar Grey’s ‘Bed of Lies’ – Live at 2014 MTV EMAs, 9-NOV-2014 | Video


MTV has now published an official, high-definition copy of the performance – check it below!

Skylar Grey x Nicki Minaj – “Bed of Lies” | Live at MTV EMAs 2014 ::

—-    —-    —-    —-

Ms. Grey was in Glasgow, Scotland earlier tonight (November 9), to attend the 2014 MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards). While at the awards, Ms. Grey appeared with event host Nicki Minaj for a special surprise performance of their formerly secret collaboration “Bed of Lies”!

The song was performed in a live medley of songs, after Minaj’s “Super Bass”, and before Minaj’s finish with “Anaconda”.

You can check out footage of the performance below via Perez Hilton – if the media player window shows up too small in your browser, click the grey square on the bottom-right of the player (next to the volume controls) to toggle fullscreen.

Skylar Grey x Nicki Minaj – “Bed of Lies” | Live at MTV EMAs 2014 ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXIX :: Skylar Grey x Eminem x Yelawolf’s ‘Twisted’ – ‘SHADY XV’ Album Tracklisting, 2-Disc Album Releasing 24-NOV-2014 | Artwork

The track listing for the 2-disc, 15-year anniversary release record from Eminem‘s Shady Records, SHADY XV, has just been revealed in full by Paul Rosenberg, and we now have confirmation of Ms. Grey appearing with both Eminem and Yelawolf on a brand new cut called “Twisted”!

The song will appear on disc 1 (Disc X) of the release, which features brand new material exclusive to the release, with disc 2 (Disc V) acting as the greatest hits half of the double-album.

You can check out the full track listing exclusively on the Shady Records website by clicking the release’s artwork below!

Skylar Grey x Eminem x Yelawolf – “Twisted” | SHADY XV ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXVIII :: Skylar Grey x David Guetta’s ‘Rise’ – ‘Listen’ Album, Releasing 24-NOV-2014 | Video

While the shorter, radio edit of Ms. Grey‘s “Shot Me Down” collaboration with David Guetta had already been confirmed for inclusion on Guetta’s upcoming Listen album (which will be released on November 24), the full track listing for the album has now been released, revealing a second collaboration!

The newly revealed track, entitled “Rise”, will appear on the album as track 16, just before “Shot Me Down”.

Check out the full track listing via Idolator by clicking the album’s artwork below! You may also check out the official album teaser beneath the artwork.

Skylar Grey x David Guetta – “Rise” Revealed | Idolator ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXVII :: Skylar Grey x T.I.’s ‘New National Anthem’ – ‘Paperwork: The Motion Picture’ Album, Now Available | Buy

T.I.‘s Paperwork: The Motion Picture album has now officially dropped in full – to grab a copy of the album (featuring Ms. Grey on New National Anthem) stop by your favourite mom-n-pop music store, check your preferred digital music seller, or click below to order a CD via Amazon!

Paperwork: The Motion Picture (Deluxe Limited Edition) | Amazon ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXVI :: Skylar Grey x T.I.’s ‘New National Anthem’ – Official Lyric Video | Video

With his Paperwork: The Motion Picture album dropping tomorrow (October 21), T.I. has let loose the official lyric video for his New National Anthem collaboration with Ms. Grey!

To check out the video via VEVO/YouTube, hit play below.

Skylar Grey x T.I. – “New National Anthem” | Lyric Video ::

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXV :: Skylar Grey x T.I.’s ‘New National Anthem’ – Track Commentary by T.I. for VIBE | Video

Prior to the release of his upcoming Paperwork: The Motion Picture album, T.I. has provided VIBE with track-by-track commentary for the singles released so far. Included in the collection of singles is his collaboration with Ms. Grey, New National Anthem!

You watch his commentary video (starting at the 3:10 mark), as well as read his comments to VIBE‘s Iyana Robertson regarding the track, below.

Skylar Grey x T.I. – “New National Anthem” Commentary | VIBE ::
“….“‘New National Anthem’ I actually did like a year and a half ago, probably right on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict for Trayvon. And immediately when I heard it, I knew it was going to be a scary, impactful, profound record. It’s so heavy with purpose and intent to shed light on a very, very taboo topic in America, which is the way young black people are treated, perceived and handled.”….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXIV :: David Heartbreak x Skylar Grey’s ‘Tonight’ – Releasing 20-OCT-2014 | Stream

With the release of his Rose Colored Bass extended play releasing this coming Monday (October 20), David Heartbreak has premiered the stream of its first single “Tonight”, featuring Ms. Grey!

As many fans may have noticed, “Tonight” uses Ms. Grey’s vocals from her original collaboration with Heartbreak, “Raindrops”, but features altogether different production.

The stream and and an interview were provided to – check out an except of the interview talking about the collaboration below, and click the YourEDM logo beneath to access their exclusive stream!

Skylar Grey x David Heartbreak – “Tonight” Stream+Interview | YourEDM ::
“….feeding off of the tenebrous foundation of the EP, one record in particular, ‘Tonight’, serves an instrumental role dissolving the sullen tone of the preceding records. Fans of Heartbreak will recognize that ‘Tonight’ heavily flexes the vocals of Skylar Grey, recognizable from his notable release, ‘Raindrops’. Despite, re-enlisting the help of Skylar, ‘Tonight’ arguably serves as one of the most integral tracks of the album. Cutting through the bittersweet darkness that is Rose Colored Bass, ‘Tonight’, is a welcomed breath of fresh air. It’s impassioned, dynamic and in many senses cathartic. Anyone who was familiar with David before he signed to OWSLA will reconnect almost immediately. ‘Tonight’, serves as yet another testament to the emotional tunes that Heartbreak has been producing for years….”

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Skylar Grey DCCCLXIII :: New Song Snippets – Live in Detroit, 10-OCT-2014 | Video

While performing at Lawrence Technical University in Southfield (Detroit), Michigan last Friday night (October 10), Ms. Grey debuted several new selections of material that she’s been working on.

A fan in attendance captured two snippets of her live performance, and has published a short video containing them to YouTube – check out both of the as-of-yet untitled tracks in the video below!

New Song Snippets | Live Footage ::

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