Skylar Grey MCXX :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Performed by Cast of NBC’s ‘Rise’ | Video

NBC‘s upcoming musical drama Rise is set to premiere tomorrow (March 13), and a special full-length music video of cast Auli’i Cravalho, Damon J. Gillespie, Amy Forsyth, and Ted Sutherland performing Ms. Grey‘s Macklemore collaboration Glorious has been released!

The full 3-minute video can be viewed below. An alternate, 1-minute version of the video was previously released as a Super Bowl LII commercial – that cut can be viewed below as well!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Cast of Rise ::

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Skylar Grey MCXIX :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Live at ‘Showtime at the Apollo’, 8-MAR-2018 | Video

The end of this past week (March 8), Ms. Grey joined Macklemore for their 5th nationally televised live performance of their smash single Glorious, this time for the latest episode of Showtime at the Apollo (filmed at the legendary and storied Apollo Theater in Harlem) on FOX!

The full 3-minute performance is available to watch via YouTube – check it out below!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Showtime at the Apollo ::

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Skylar Grey MCXVIII :: Skylar Grey Birthday Video – ‘Stand By Me’ Fan-Tribute by Skylar Grey Italia, 23-FEB-2018 | Video

Today (February 23) is Ms. Grey‘s 32nd birthday, and Skylar Grey Italia along with numerous lovely #TEAMGRIZZLE fans from all around the world have put together a fan-tribute video as a special gift for her!

The video uses Ms. Grey’s new cover of Stand By Me mixed with fan-art, videos, and messages, and can be enjoyed below!

Skylar Grey Birthday Tribute | #TEAMGRIZZLE ::

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Skylar Grey MCXVII :: Interview w/ Vulture Magazine – ‘Skylar Grey Can’t Stop Writing Hits’, 15-FEB-2018

“….my career is a constant evolution….”
– Skylar Grey, Vulture

Vulture magazine has published a new (February 15) interview with Ms. Grey conducted by Rob LeDonne!

Topics include Ms. Grey’s new Stand By Me cover w/ Budweiser, recent life events (including what led her to eventually write Walk On Water w/ Eminem x Beyoncé), Glorious w/ Macklemore, and love.

Read a few excerpts below and click Vulture‘s logo to read the piece in full!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Vulture ::
“….for most artists, scoring a placement in a Super Bowl commercial would incur downright giddiness, but not the Wisconsin-born songwriter Holly Brook, who has for eight years now been working under the name Skylar Grey….

“My career is a constant evolution,” she says. “As far as my success goes, it’s weird because it’s always been a reflection of how I’m doing personally. I’ve gotten to this place where I’m not giving a fuck what people think about me anymore. I used to be really self-conscious and go into sessions and think that I sucked or that I couldn’t deliver another hit and that it was a fluke that I had a hit,” she says. “I would just put so much pressure on myself. I’d walk out [of sessions] crying. When I turned 30 I started seeing the end. I was like, ‘Wow, life just flew by.’ It’s so short. Realizing that, really realizing it, made me want to enjoy the moment more because I might not wake up tomorrow. It made me want to focus on being more present and enjoying my life because you might only get one. Making the most of it every day is where I came to mentally.”

What’s helped get her through, though, is a blossoming relationship with Elliott Taylor, the founder and owner of a Napa Valley–based craft beer company whom she regularly shouts-out on her Instagram, including in a recent photo where Grey is laying on a bare-chested Taylor complete with the caption, “Baby where are you and why aren’t you in my arms?” “Some of the deeper, more thought-provoking songs are easier to write when looking back in the past,” Grey says. “I’ve been writing more based on how I feel that day, and lately it’s been pretty much about being in love.”….”

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Skylar Grey MCXVI :: Interview w/ Entertainment Weekly – New Series ‘The Upbeat’

“…I’ve been in this crazy writing mode….”
– Skylar Grey, Entertainment Weekly‘s The Upbeat

As was teased on her Instagram Story recently, Ms. Grey visited Entertainment Weekly to record an interview for their new series The Upbeat (presented by Citi)! She talks being in a new era of her life and music, deciding to record and release her own version of Walk On Water (originally recorded and released by Eminem x Beyoncé), and the sound of her next upcoming album.

Watch the 2-minute piece via Entertainment Weekly‘s website below!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | EW‘s The Upbeat ::

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Skylar Grey MCXV :: ‘Stand By Me’ – Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl LII Commercial, MediaPost’s Top 10 Super Bowl Music Moments, 7-FEB-2018

Advertising/marketing publisher MediaPost: The Marketing Insider‘s VP of marketing Rosemary Waldrip has written a commentary piece on the Super Bowl commercials from this past Sunday’s (February 4) Super Bowl LII, entitled Top 10 Super Bowl ‘Music Moments’.

It contains a compilation of commentary from various MediaPost employees on their favourite ‘Music Moments’ from the evening, and, you guessed it, the Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me Super Bowl LII commercial collaboration is included, coming in at #2 of the 10-pick list!

Check out what they say about the spot below, and click the MediaPost logo to check out their other 9 ‘Music Moments’ picks!

Remember that 25% of domestic proceeds from the song are being donated to the American Red Cross to aid disaster relief.

Skylar Grey x Budweiser – “Stand By Me” | MediaPost ::
“….this ad showcased the power of purpose-driven marketing. Synced to Skylar Grey’s beautiful rendition of “Stand by Me, the spot authentically and uniquely highlights the real people of Anheuser-Busch. It would have been great to see more behind-the-scenes footage of their community involvement….”

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Skylar Grey MCXIV :: ‘Stand By Me’ – Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl LII Commercial, BOSS Magazine’s Why These 5 Super Bowl Commercials Are Brilliant

Industry executive publication BOSS Magazine have published an article by contributor Mariana Cid De Leon Ovalle covering the ‘….marketing genius….’ of their five favourite Super Bowl LII commercials – included in their set of picks is of course the Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me Super Bowl LII commercial (which currently has 19.8mil YouTube views)!

See what they have to say about it below, and click the BOSS logo to view their other four commercial picks!

Remember that 25% of domestic proceeds from the song are being donated to the American Red Cross to aid disaster relief.

Skylar Grey x Budweiser – “Stand By Me” | BOSS ::
“….with this year’s game reaching 103.4 million viewers, the Eagles are not the only winners of the NFL championship. Many people tune in with excitement for the game, but for the Super Bowl commercials as well. Here is a look at a few of our favorites from this year, and why they were such a big hit….

On a more serious note, Budweiser chose to focus their ad this year on Anheuser-Busch’s emergency water program and the efforts that went into reaching those areas in our country that went through some of the heaviest natural disasters of 2017. With Skylar Grey’s stripped down cover of “Stand By Me” in the background, we see from the perspective of the factory workers what it was like to focus their work on reaching their fellow man during such tragic times of need.

More than anything else, this commercial was meant to call to attention the areas that suffered, with Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California all having their name briefly appear on screen as a silent acknowledgment that they are not forgotten. Additionally, this was a way of recognizing the factory workers who put in the manual labor to make their efforts possible. The feel was definitely somber and hopeful all at the same time, reflecting what has been an ongoing battle for recovery in areas all around the U.S. over the last year….”

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Skylar Grey MCXIII :: ‘Stand By Me’ – Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl LII Commercial, Forbes’ 5 Best Music-Driven Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

Forbes has now weighed in on the year’s biggest commercials that debuted during Super Bowl LII, in a new article dubbed The 5 Best Music Driven Super Bowl Commercials of 2018 (written by Forbes 30 Under 30 contributor/Score A Score CEO Jordan Passman).

The Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me 2018 Super Bowl commercial collaboration made their list – check out the excerpt on what they had to say below, and click the Forbes logo to see which other music-driven commercials made their Top 5!

Remember that 25% of domestic proceeds from the song are being donated to the American Red Cross to aid disaster relief.

Skylar Grey x Budweiser – “Stand By Me” | Top 5 Music-Drive Super Bowl Ads ::
“….Budweiser delivers yet another tear jerker by playing Skylar Grey’s gorgeous cover of Ben E. King’s 1961, “Stand By Me” to teach us about their water donation program. Produced by DAVID….”

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Skylar Grey MCXII :: ‘Stand By Me’ – Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl LII Commercial, Billboard’s Most Shazamed Super Bowl Ads

The first numbers are in, and Billboard has listed the Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me 2018 Super Bowl LII commercial (which as of this article being written sits at 19.5mil YouTube views) has come in as the second-most-Shazamed track of the night!

According to Nielsen Music the single/cover was downloaded 3,000 times within its first tracking week (which ended 1-FEB-2018). Additionally, it currently sits at #9 on iTunes Top Alternative Songs chart along with having broken into the iTunes Top Songs chart (at #100)!

Check out the full list of the 15 most Shazamed songs of Super Bowl LII from Billboard contributor Kevin Rutherford by clicking the Billboard logo below.

Remember that 25% of domestic proceeds from the song are being donated to the American Red Cross to aid disaster relief.

Skylar Grey – “Stand By Me” | Most Shazamed Super Bowl Ads ::

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Skylar Grey MCXI :: Interview w/ GLAMOUR Magazine – 4-FEB-2018 | Photo

“….I am so much more comfortable in my skin, I am just a happier individual. The songs that I am writing now are so happy….”
– Skylar Grey, GLAMOUR

GLAMOUR Magazine‘s senior editor Justine Harman recently sat down with Ms. Grey for a brand new interview feature! They discussed the Skylar Grey x Budweiser Stand By Me 2018 Super Bowl LII commercial, personal hardships, depression, love, tattoos, Walk On Water, and how where she is in her life now affects her songwriting.

Check out a few excerpts below, and click either of the new pro-shots (by Katie Friedman) to access the full feature!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | GLAMOUR ::
“….it’s only now, she says—after a bout of depression, a “long-time-coming” divorce, and a rebranding, which isn’t so much a rebranding as it is a return to form—that we’re actually meeting the real Skylar Grey.

“This is my third album by Interscope with that name, but I feel like it’s almost like my first in a way,” she says. “When I first came out, I had black hair and was, like, a little bit goth. I was going down this dark road, but it’s really not who I was or who I am. This time around, I am just totally embracing what comes naturally to me.”

She also sought therapy for depression, a personal excavation that fueled “Walk on Water. The lyrics, “I’m only human / just like you/ Making my mistakes/ Oh, if you only knew” were later recorded by Beyoncé and featured on Eminem’s Revival.

Ultimately the song is a testament to the fact that who we are doesn’t always reconcile with who the world expects us to be. For Grey, that means letting go of the idea that she needs look, sound, or even feel a certain way forever. “I worked on myself a lot in the past three years. I recently got a divorce, which was a long time coming. I also fell deeply in love [with Napa Valley-based entrepreneur Elliott Taylor],” she says. “So, right now, between being super in love and coming into this place where I am so much more comfortable in my skin, I am just a happier individual. The songs that I am writing now are so happy. Like, pretty much every song is a love song.”….”

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