Skylar Grey CMXCI :: Post-Billboard Hot 100 Festival Interview – Billboard x Facebook, 21-AUG-2016 | Video

After performing live at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival earlier today (August 21), Ms. Grey sat down with Billboard for a live Q&A on their Facebook.

Her questions included those asked by fans via Facebook Chat, and topics covered performing Wreak Havoc live for the first time earlier in the day, having fun experimenting with rapping, her quality-over-quantity approach to songwriting, wanting to create and record a song with Kendrick Lamar, and her plans for a studio version of American potentially being released.

Check out the the 11-minute video via Billboard‘s official Facebook below!

Skylar Grey – Hot 100 Festival Interview w/ Billboard | Video ::

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Skylar Grey CMXC :: Féria Color Profiles – Skylar Grey x L’Oréal Paris Collaboration | Video

As has been teased previously on Ms. Grey’s socials, a new Skylar Grey x L’Oréal Paris collaboration has been in the works, and the video has now finally been released as a new episode in their Féria Color Profiles series!

The 1-minute video showcases Ms. Grey sporting her hair coloured with Bright Hi-Lift Blonde from their Live In Féria line – check it out via YouTube below, and if you grab one of their products be sure to let L’Oréal (Twitter: @LOrealParisUSA | Instagram: @LOrealHair | Facebook: /LOrealParisUSA) know that you did so because of @SkylarGrey!

Skylar Grey x L’Oréal Paris | Féria Color Profiles ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXIX :: NATURAL CAUSES Fall Album Tour – Tickets x VIP Meet&Greet Packages, Now Available | Buy+Photo+Flyer


NOTE: The VIP Meet&Greet Package for the Washington, D.C. show (October 2) does not come with a general admission ticket. Those purchasing a VIP Meet&Greet Package to the Washington, D.C. show will also need to purchase a standard, general admission ticket separately in order to be able to gain access to the venue. The VIP Meet&Greet Package for the Washington, D.C. show is an upgrade for a separately purchased ticket, and costs the price of a general admission ticket less than the VIP Meet&Greet Packages for the rest of the tour, in order to compensate for the additional cost of said separately purchased ticket.

The VIP Meet&Greet Packages for the rest of the tour do come bundled with one (1) general admission ticket.

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While the pre-sales went up earlier this week, the tickets and VIP meet&greet packages for Ms. Grey’s upcoming (September 23) 12-stop NATURAL CAUSES Fall album tour (with morgxn, sponsored by Eppa SupraFruta Sangria) are now officially available!

To get your tickets while they’re still available click the live shot (by Steinmiller Productions) below, and get a VIP M&G package by clicking the flyer beneath. Grab your own tickets and then let all of your friends and followers know about @SkylarGrey‘s upcoming #NATURALCAUSES album (dropping September 23) and its accompanying tour!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES Fall Album Tour | Tickets x VIP M&G Packages ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXVIII :: NATURAL CAUSES Album Tour Tickets Pre-Sale x VIP Meet&Greet Packages – Now Available | Buy+Photo+Flyer

VIP Meet&Greet Packages for the entirety of Ms. Grey‘s upcoming (September 23) 12-stop NATURAL CAUSES album tour (sponsored by Eppa SupraFruta Sangria), as well as the pre-sale for general tickets, are now both available for purchase!

To get a VIP Meet&Greet Package, click the live shot below. To get your general tickets, click the tour poster beneath. Get yours while they’re still fresh and then be sure to let everyone know about both @SkylarGrey‘s new album #NATURALCAUSES as well as her #NATURALCAUSESTOUR coming next month (September 23)!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES Album Tour | VIP Meet&Greet Packages x Ticket Pre-Sale ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXVII :: New Album NATURAL CAUSES x Fall Album Tour Announced – Releasing 23-SEP-2016 | Artwork+Flyer+Tracklisting


The tour poster for Ms. Grey’s upcoming NATURAL CAUSES album tour has been posted to her socials – check out the tour dates version below, and click it to view the clean version via Ms. Grey’s Instagram! Tickets go on sale this Friday (August 19) – keep an eye on Ms. Grey’s socials and check back here for the link to grab tickets once they go live!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES | Tour Poster ::

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Through an exclusive press release via Billboard, Ms. Grey has also now revealed the tracklisting for NATURAL CAUSES – check it out below!

Additionally, an official NATURAL CAUSES album tour (sponsored by Eppa SupraFruta Sangria) was announced – stay tuned to SGN for the announcement when the tickets are available this Friday (August 19)!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES | Tracklisting ::
0/ Intro – Wilderness
1/ Jump
2/ Straight Shooter
3/ Kill For You
4/ Come Up For Air
5/ Off Road
6/ In My Garden
7/ Real World
8/ Lemonade
9/ Moving Mountains
10/ Picture Perfect
11/ We Used to Be Bad
12/ Closer

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Get ready.

After teasing fans last week via her Instagram, Ms. Grey has just properly announced her new full-length album release – NATURAL CAUSES! The official drop date is set for September 23, and the artwork can be found below!

Now spread the artwork and word around about @SkylarGrey‘s new album #NATURALCAUSES, and let everyone know how hyped you are for it!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES | Album Artwork ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXVI :: Which is Your Favourite Song From ‘Suicide Squad: The Album’? – Billboard Poll, 14-AUG-2016 | Vote

Having just debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart, Billboard‘s Chris Payne wants to know which is your favourite cut from the Suicide Squad: The Album film soundtrack.

The poll is limited the songs recorded specifically for the film’s soundtrack, and includes Ms. Grey’s “Wreak Havoc” as well as “Gangsta” by Kehlani (which was penned by Ms. Grey) – click Billboard‘s logo below and access the poll to cast your vote and see the results thus far!

Favourite Suicide Squad: The Album Song? | Billboard Poll ::
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Skylar Grey CMLXXXV :: ‘Suicide Squad: The Album’ Debuts at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart – Billboard, 14-AUG-2016

The sales figure have all come in and been officially counted by BillboardSuicide Squad: The Album (f/ Ms. Grey’s exclusive solo track “Wreak Havoc” x the Skylar Grey-penned and chart-topping “Gangsta” performed by Kehlani) has debuted at #1 on Billboard‘s Top 200 Albums chart!

The villain-ridden album can also boast the biggest debut sales week for a soundtrack album in 18 months, since the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack (which also featured a soundtrack-exclusive Skylar Grey song, “I Know You”) dropped in February of this past year (2015).

For more detailed stats on the soundtrack album’s debut week sales (via Billboard‘s Keith Caulfield), see below, and click the album’s artwork to grab a copy of the album yourself if you haven’t already.

Suicide Squad: The Album | Billboard Top 200 Albums Debut ::
“….the all-star Suicide Squad soundtrack roars in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, earning 182,000 equivalent album units in the week ending Aug. 11, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 128,000 were in traditional album sales — the best sales debut for a soundtrack in a year-and-a-half.

The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week in the U.S. based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). The new Aug. 27-dated chart (where Suicide Squad is No. 1) will be posted in full to Billboard’s websites on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

The Suicide Squad soundtrack was released on Aug. 5 (the same day as its parent film’s theatrical bow) through WaterTower Music/Atlantic Records. The album is the first No. 1 soundtrack in a year on the Billboard 200. A soundtrack last crowned the list on the Aug. 22, 2015-dated chart, when Disney Channel’s Descendants opened at No. 1. The last theatrical film soundtrack before Suicide Squad to top the list was Pitch Perfect 2, on the May 30, 2015 chart.

The Suicide Squad album — which features new recordings by Twenty One Pilots, Skrillex & Rick Ross, Panic! at the Disco and more — is also the top-selling album of the week, and bows at No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart. Its start of 128,000 copies sold is the best sales frame for any album in a month, since Blink-182’s California launched with 172,000 sold (on the July 23-dated list).

Further, Suicide Squad posts the biggest debut sales week for a soundtrack in 18 months, since the Fifty Shades of Grey album launched at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 210,000 sold (Feb. 28, 2015).

Of Suicide Squad’s total unit figure for the week — 182,000 — traditional album sales represent 70.5 percent. The rest of the sum is comprised of TEA (17.6 percent) and SEA (11.9 percent).

The album’s streaming equivalent album unit total for the week on the Billboard 200 was nearly 22,000 units, which equates to 32.6 million streams for the album’s tracks. That’s the largest streaming week for a soundtrack album, ever, on the chart. It handily beats the 10,000 SEA units (14.4 million streams) logged by the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack in its second chart week (March 7, 2015)….”

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXIV :: ‘Wreak Havoc’ – ‘Suicide Squad: The Album’ Soundtrack, Now Available | Buy+Stream+Photo

Suicide Squad: The Album is out, with the Explicit and Clean versions thus far claiming the #1 and #7 spots on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart!

Click the skull promo card below to support and grab Ms. Grey’s “Wreak Havoc” and Kehlani‘s “Gangsta” (written by Ms. Grey) on iTunes, stop by your local record shop to pick up the full record, and click the album artwork below to stream the album via Spotify!

Skylar Grey – Suicide Squad: The Album | Buy+Stream ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXIII :: Interview x Game of 1990s Heads Up! w/ Leslie Richin – Billboard x Facebook, 4-AUG-2016 | Video

Whilst in New York today (August 4) Ms. Grey stopped by Billboard to chat with Social Media Editor Leslie Richin for special live Facebook broadcast.

Along with a short interview covering Suicide Squad (the soundtrack for which includes both her new solo cut “Wreak Havoc”, as well as “Gangsta” which was written by Ms. Grey+performed by Kehlani and is featured within the film itself) and the current state of her upcoming album, Ms. Grey also partook in several rounds of the app game Heads Up! focusing on the 1990s!

Check out the full 13-minute archived broadcast via Facebook below!

Skylar Grey w/ Leslie Richin | Video ::

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Skylar Grey CMLXXXII :: Interview w/ Bashar Zidane – Glamoholic Issue #35: The Next Big Thing | Photo

Issue #35 of Glamoholic (The Next Big Thing issue) has hit the shelves, and features a new interview with Ms. Grey by Bashar Zidane!

They talk about what emotions drove her songwriting for the the new album, mentors, fashion, and guilty pleasures – view a few excerpts below, and click the pro-shot to view the full feature+gallery and order your own physical copy of the issue (which ship worldwide) while they’re still available!

Skylar Grey – I’ve Grown Up A Lot | Glamoholic ::
“….What type of emotions did you experience while writing the new songs??
Well in the past few years, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. I finally accepted myself and found the true keys to my happiness. So, a lot of the songs come from that place of really just owning who I am and getting the most out of life. But there are some really sad songs about heartbreak on this album, too. No emotion is invalid… I’m not saying one should never feel negativity, but in recent years I’ve learned how to get over things quicker than usual, or at least find peace and enjoy other parts of life outside of the heartbreak or sadness.

Do you ever feel like you’re not ready to revisit some story / topic and write about it?
I suppose sometimes there are certain things about my more recent past that still cause such deep negative emotions that I avoid thinking about them. The further something is in the past, the easier it is to write about, and from a positive perspective. No need to torture myself to write a song. Making music is supposed to be fun.

How do you usually balance between the emotionally-charged songs and the catchy melodic ones??
Even the catchy melodic stuff is emotionally charged for me, even though it may not seem like it to a listener.  Everything comes from a real place. Emotion can be happy or sad, weak or empowered, fearful or excited…

Who would you say influenced you the most throughout your whole life?
I’ve had a lot of mentors along the way… My mom was first of course. Being a musician herself, and always being supportive of me following my dreams was huge to the start of my career.

How far does fashion help you express your mood and reflect your personality?
Fashion is big for me. I get shit though for being too Tom Boy.  It’s gotta be the right balance and sometimes I nail it, sometimes I don’t.  Being an outdoorsy girl, it’s always been inside me to be kinda Tom Boy, but I started dressing with androgynous feel to my fashion because I wanted to appear tougher and taken seriously. I think everyone should be treated equally regardless of gender or race, but unfortunately the world isn’t there yet.  As a young female in a predominantly male industry, I definitely got pushed around a lot in the beginning. In addition, there is the part of my personality that is unafraid to explore the darkness and the unknowns, which is represented by the almost gothic edge I have at times….”

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