Skylar Grey MCCXIII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Interview w/ Mike Wass for Idolator

“….I do just sit at the piano and play. That is at the core of everything I do….”
 – Skylar Grey, Idolator

Idolator‘s Mike Wass has just published his latest interview w/ Ms. Grey!

They chat about her brand new open-ended album Angel With Tattoos, writing for Céline Dion, and her 2006 Fort Minor collaboration Where’d You Go (released under her previous artist name Holly Brook).

Check out a few excerpts below, and click the Idolator logo to read the full-length piece!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Idolator ::
“….I recently caught up with Skylar to discuss her new project, which came about after an illuminating session with producer Dave Bassett. She also opened up about the subject of the exceedingly gooey love songs — her fiancé and now-collaborator, Elliott Taylor. Other topics of conversation include writing a song for Céline Dion’s new album, an upcoming collaboration with pop/rock veterans Train and her memories of featuring on Fort Minor’s 2006 hit “Where’d You Go.….

When did you decide to write stripped-back, folk songs? It’s so different to your recent material.

It happened organically. I had been doing sessions with a lot of writers and producers, not for myself but for other people. Actually, at that point, I had made a decision to just go down the road of being a songwriter and not really focus on my artist career. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from Interscope saying they wanted to make a new album. I was surprised because my last two albums didn’t do so well. So I continued doing sessions, but started trying to figure out what I wanted to create.

Those sessions can be a little bit exhausting because you’re meeting somebody new every time. It’s like you walk in, you talk for maybe 15 minutes to break the ice and then you start getting emotional and writing a song. It can be really awkward and a little bit exhausting. I had come to a point where I was just over it. Then I had this session set up with a guy named Dave Bassett, who I didn’t really know much about. I was burnt out from songwriting sessions and wasn’t really stoked to go.

Then I get there and we started writing a song. Totally, out of nowhere, we stumbled upon the sound. He started playing the guitar. I started singing. It immediately brought me back to this feeling of my childhood, listening to Carole King and Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. I was so happy that I had gone through with the session and discovered the sound. I knew I wanted to make a whole project with this sound. I played it for my A&R person and he loved it. So I did more sessions with Dave. We just continued building this project.

Anyway, I took the batch of these songs to Interscope and said, “I’m ready, here’s my album.” They were like, “We’re not really feeling it.” So I was just like, “I’m so into this sound right now that I’m not going to shift my course. What are we going to do here?” We decided to part ways. It was very amicable. They let me take my songs with me. Those are the songs I’m now releasing….

In one of your older interviews, you said there might be a solo version of “Walk On Water” on the album. Is that still a possibility?

I did record it. I just have to figure out the release of that. It’ll probably come out on this project eventually. This is an open-ended album. I’m putting out these five songs first because they’re the most complete. I don’t want to wait any longer. I don’t want to wait for five more songs to get done, to be able to release these songs. I’m just putting them out. As I write more songs in this style, I will keep adding to the project. In the meantime, I’m always working on different styles of music. That’s why I call this a concept album….

I have to ask you about “Where’d You Go. What are you memories of that release?

That song I didn’t write. I was signed to Linkin Park’s label at the time. Mike Shinoda was making a solo project. He asked me to come down to the studio and lay a vocal down for the hook. He thought it would be cool for me to sing on. I didn’t really think much of it. Then, a few months later, it was a hit. I wasn’t ready for a hit. I thought I was. I was super excited about it, but I didn’t know how to follow it up. I didn’t have my songs together. I liked what I was doing but I didn’t have The Song.

What was it like to be so young and have a huge hit?

It was really, really cool. First of all, I had always been a fan of Eminem and the song “Stan. Working on a hip hop song with a female vocal was something I’d always wanted to do. Just that alone was really fun. Then having a song on the top of the charts was… it gave me a taste of the drug. Everything fell apart after that, everything in my life took a tumble. I had to regroup. I had to do some soul searching after that point and figure out what I wanted to do. Then I came back into the game with “Love The Way You Lie” for Eminem.

Which just happens to be one of the biggest songs of all times. I actually like the whole Holly Brook album too.

Thank you. I did too. I’m a better songwriter now than back then. Just because of all the experience I’ve had at this point. Stylistically, I really liked where I was going on that. I’m probably going to start leaning more into piano vocal driven stuff again in general, because that’s just at the core of all the genres that I work in, I do just sit at the piano and play. That is at the core of everything I do….”

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Skylar Grey MCCXII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Project x Official Visual, Now Available | Video+Buy

The wait is finally over – Ms. Grey‘s Angel With Tattoos, her first new independent project, is now officially available!

Remember that Angel With Tattoos is an open-ended project, and may have more material added to it at random points throughout the rest of Ms. Grey’s career.

But for now – grab the project’s first 5 songs + watch the title track’s official visual (dir. Peter Harding) below, and please be sure to share the project around on your social media if you dig it! Now that Ms. Grey is an independent artist, your support makes a huge difference. #AngelWithTattoos

Skylar Grey – Angel With Tattoos | Buy ::

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Skylar Grey MCCXI :: ‘Falling In Love Again’ by Céline Dion, Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor – ‘Courage’ Album Releasing 15-NOV-2019 | Photos

Céline Dion has revealed the tracklisting for her upcoming album Courage, revealing the title of the song that Ms. Grey x Elliott Taylor wrote together, “Falling In Love Again”!

The song is slated to contain the original piano track and backing vocals by Ms. Grey, and the album’s release date is November 15, 2019!

See the tracklisting for the standard edition of the album + the album’s cover art below – click either to access the album’s pre-order.

“Falling In Love Again” Written by Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | Céline Dion ::

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Skylar Grey MCCX :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Interview w/ the ‘Zach Sang Show’ | Video

With her Angel With Tattoos project dropping this Friday (October 18), Ms. Grey stopped by the Zach Sang Show to do an in-studio interview w/ hosts Zach Sang and Dan Zolot!

They touched upon numerous topics, including the “beginning” of her musical journey, creating Angel With Tattoos as an open-ended album, writing for Céline Dion/Train/Ciara, how New Kind of Love was originally written for Pitch Perfect 2, and how writing a song is never a waste of time.

Check out the full 45min interview via YouTube below, and get ready for Angel With Tattoos to drop this Friday (October 18)!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Zach Sang Show ::

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Skylar Grey MCCIX :: ‘Let It Out (Take 2)’ by Elliott Taylor – Acoustic Version, Now Available | Stream+Buy

Ms. Grey‘s partner Elliott Taylor released an acoustic version of his first solo release “Let It Out” over the weekend (October 4), this cut being dubbed “Let It Out (Take 2)”!

The original version was produced by Ms. Grey, and the (Take 2) acoustic version was put together with the help of Ms. Grey and Scott Goldbaum.

Listen or download it via your favourite digital music platform by clicking its artwork below!

Elliott Taylor – “Let It Out (Take 2)” Acoustic Version | Listen ::

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Skylar Grey MCCVIII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Exclusive Interview x Photo Set, Hollywood Life | Photos

“….who knows? It could end up with a hundred songs, it could stop at five….”
 – Skylar Grey, Hollywood Life

Now that the title track from her upcoming Angel With Tattoos project has dropped, a brand new, exclusive Skylar Grey interview (by Ali Stagnitta) and photo set (by Paige Kindlick) has been published by Hollywood Life!

Read an excerpt below, and click any of the three featured photos to access the exclusive full-length interview and 10-photo set!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Hollywood Life ::
“….Skylar Grey is known for writing some of hip-hop’s biggest hits, but she has revealed to HL that she’s returning to her roots with her latest project….

….Skylar started her project with the song “Shame On You, and added to it Sept. 27 with the title track, “Angel With Tattoos.” “It’s a very ‘story telling song,’ then there’s other songs, ‘Shame On You, which is more of a universal love song,” she said of her new single. “I’ve been known for a lot of my darker music because I always write songs that are very personal and I wasn’t necessarily happy and I wasn’t in love. Now that I’m happy and in love, the inspiration is totally different.” Skylar got engaged to businessman and fellow singer/songwriter Elliott Taylor, and the two have become each other’s muses, and co-creators. “He’s just my world, so I just started writing everything about him,” she gushed, adding that, for the most part, “the songs for this project are very happy love songs.”….”

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Skylar Grey MCCVII :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Song Now Available, Project Releasing 18-OCT-2019 | Stream+Buy

“Angel With Tattoos”, the title track from Ms. Grey‘s upcoming project, is now available!

The song is part of Ms. Grey’s Angel With Tattoos project, which will debut with a batch of 5 songs on October 18! Angel With Tattoos is an open-ended project – it may have any number of songs randomly added to it whenever Ms. Grey records any future material throughout the rest of her career that she feels fits on the project.

Grab the song by clicking its artwork below, and consider sharing the song out on your socials!

Skylar Grey – “Angel With Tattoos” | Buy ::

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Skylar Grey MCCVI :: ‘Angel With Tattoos’ – Song Releasing 27-SEP-2019

Ms. Grey dropped the release date for the title track of her upcoming Angel With Tattoos project on her Instagram over the weekend!

Look for her “Angel With Tattoos” song to be released this coming Friday/September 27!

The initial 5-song set (co-produced by Dave Bassett) from the Angel With Tattoos project is set to drop on October 18, 2019 – get ready!

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Skylar Grey MCCV :: New Collaboration w/ Train – Premiering in Episode of “Magnum P.I.”, NOV-2019

Ms. Grey revealed via her Instagram Stories that she has a new collaboration w/ California band Train coming soon!

The new song (the title of which has yet to be disclosed) will be revealed in a new episode of CBS‘ reboot of Magnum P.I. – the second season will premiere on September 27, 2019, and the episode containing the song is set to air in November.

Stay tuned for more on the song!

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Skylar Grey MCCIV :: Interview w/ Skylar Grey by Emily Rella – Aol. Exclusive, 17-SEP-2019

“….because I grew up with such a diverse musical background, I get bored if I’m in one genre for too long. And so it’s important for my soul to keep expanding and evolving….”
 – Skylar Grey, Aol.

Aol.‘s Emily Rella has published a new, exclusive interview w/ Ms. Grey, wherein they discuss her past in the world of music and her new open-ended project Angel With Tattoos!

Check out a portion of the interview below, and click the Aol. logo to read the full piece!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Aol. ::
“….Grey has decided it’s time for another reintroduction — or rather, a return to her original roots….

She’s….performed alongside and written songs for everyone from Eminem to Jay Z, wrote and performed the theme song for new Hulu show “4 Weddings and a Funeral” and was recently nominated for a 2019 VMA for in the Video for Good category for her collaboration with Jamie N Commons and Gallant on “Runaway Train.

AOL Entertainment met up with Hafermann to chat about her latest project, “Angel With Tattoos, why now is the right time for a musical pivot and how she’s used her alias identity to her advantage….

Is that usually how the songwriting process goes for you?

Sometimes the artist is in the room and I’m collaborating with them and sometimes I get asked to pitch a song — so I write a song at home and send it in. They’ll give me some verbiage that’s like a direction, because whether I’m writing a song for another artist or for a movie there are always a few words that they’re looking for. Sometimes there will be a song reference but it’s weird because even with all that direction, sometimes the song ends up going to somebody else. It’s not necessarily what they want, but it’s a song and it’s good and it can live somewhere else. So I never feel like writing a song is a waste of time … and when I’m writing for somebody else it’s important to put myself emotionally in their shoes. So I can write it from a very personal place even if it’s for somebody else.

When I write something that isn’t personal, to some degree, you can see through that .. it just sounds like I tried to do something that doesn’t feel authentic. So definitely working my own emotion into it and finding a way to relate to whatever the story is. Everybody’s got a different story, but a lot of our emotions are the same. And being able to relate emotionally to what’s going on in someone else life, I think it just makes for a better song.

Definitely, and your first single “Shame on You” off your newest project “Angel With Tattoos” is a manifestation of all the positive emotion that you’ve been experiencing. Tell us a little bit about how it all came to be.

I spent a year doing sessions with different writers and producers trying to figure out what my next move was as an artist, sonically. During that time period, I was dating Elliot Taylor, the love of my life, and so I was very in love and very inspired to write love songs. And then I met [songwriter and producer] Dave Bassett, and it was honestly just one of those sessions where [I expected it to be] another session with another stranger and didn’t have high expectations for it. And then we went in there and sort of effortlessly just started writing music and we found this sound that was kind of throwback to my childhood because I grew up listening to Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. And so we stumbled upon this sound that just felt very natural and took me back to my roots. And so I did a lot more sessions with Dave [Bassett] and put together this project. And “Shame On You” is the first song on the project called “Angel With Tattoos” which is something [my boyfriend] Elliot calls me….

This is also your first project as an independent artist. Why was now the right time to make that switch?

I brought these songs and this project to Interscope, my record company, and they weren’t really on board with the vision I had. We weren’t really seeing eye-to-eye creatively and I felt so strongly about this music that I wanted to make that we decided to part ways. I got to take the music with me, so that was a great, amicable split. But you know, that kind of delayed things as far as putting music out … these songs were actually written quite a while ago.

I just kind of flow with the energy of the universe. and this just felt right — I was making music and in love and happy. A lot of things I’ve put out in the past before have been very dark and somber and I was depressed so that makes sense — now I’m happy and in love and I’m writing this really feel-good stuff.

Do you think you’ll stay in the folk-rock scene from here on out? Are hip-hop hooks a thing of your past?

I have a lot of fun doing hip-hop stuff and I’ll never stop doing it — I’ll never stop making rap hooks, I think it’s so much fun. But because I grew up with such a diverse musical background, I get bored if I’m in one genre for too long. And so it’s important for my soul to keep expanding and evolving … working in all the different genres that I have, I’ve learned so much as a songwriter. I really think I’ve grown. And now being able to apply what I’ve learned from those things to the sound that is my roots, I feel like it’s creating better work. Going out there and learning what I can and bringing it back….”

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