Skylar Grey MCLXII :: Billie Eilish Talks Skylar Grey – Billboard, 17-DEC-2018

“….she’s so badass, so cool, and I think about that now and people say that about me and it just blows me away….”
Billie Eilish, Billboard

In a newly published interview with Steve Baltin for Billboard, musician Billie Eilish talked about her admiration for Ms. Grey and how that has inspired her in her own artistry, including mentions of “Final Warning” and “Wear Me Out” from Ms. Grey’s DON’T LOOK DOWN record!

Read the excerpt below, and click Billboard‘s logo to read Eilish‘s interview feature in its entirety!

Billie Eilish Talks Skylar Grey | Billboard ::
“….normally that is something she would like, as Eilish says she likes to be terrified. In fact, horror movies are a big part of her overall artistic vision. She spoke to Billboard about being homeschooled, her admiration for Skylar Grey and that vision….

Do you see that now manifest itself in the music and in your writing?

Yes, I used to hear certain songs when I was like 10, there was a song by Skylar Grey called “Final Warning”; she’s fire. That one and “Wear Me Out, oh my God, that song, when I was 10, 11, all I wanted was to have written a song like that. She’s so badass, so cool, and I think about that now and people say that about me and it just blows me away. “Final Warning” totally influenced “Bellyache. So many songs that I would listen to when I was younger have  been huge inspirations subconsciously to a lot of the stuff that I do now. Visually that’s a thing, ’cause I feel like I’m more of a visual artist when I think of myself. Visuals come first. I realized recently that Spirited Away has been one of the biggest, most impactful inspirations on me — everything creatively, Spirited Away and this movie called The Babadook. I’m obsessed with The Babadook and like creepy visual shit….”

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Skylar Grey MCLXI :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Skylar Grey Reenacts ‘Aquaman’ Scene w/ Elliott Taylor for ‘Variety’, 17-DEC-2018 | Video

While walking the Aquaman premiere red carpet this past Wednesday (December 12), Ms. Grey stopped to talk with Variety about her musical contribution to the film.

During her description of writing the song and its use throughout the film, Ms. Grey decided to impromptu reenact a romantic scene from the film with w/ beau and Everything I Need songwriting partner Elliott Taylor!

Watch the :90 interview via Variety‘s media player below!

Skylar Grey w/ Elliott Taylor | Variety ::

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Skylar Grey MCLX :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – James Wan Talks Skylar Grey w/ Monsters & Critics, 17-DEC-2018

“….I’m such a big fan of hers….”
 – Director James Wan, Monsters & Critics

In an exclusive interview with Fred Topel for Monsters & Critics, Aquaman director James Wan was asked about the music featured in the film and was enthusiastic to talk about Ms. Grey‘s contribution co-written w/ Elliott Taylor, Everything I Need!

Wan also previously directed FURIOUS 7 back in 2015, the soundtrack album for which exclusively featured Ms. Grey’s solo track I Will Return.

Read the excert below, and click the Monsters & Critics logo to read the full interview w/ Wan!


James Wan Talks Skylar Grey | Monsters & Critics ::
“….M&C: Why did you want to use songs like “Africa” and “She’s A Mystery”?

JW: I thought it spoke very well to that sequence. I actually want to talk about the song that Skylar Grey wrote for us for the ending. I’m such a big fan of hers.

She wrote a really beautiful piece for myself on Furious Seven. Ever since then I’ve been such a big fan of hers and I wanted her to write the love song, the love theme for this film.

I think it’s a beautiful piece that we use that song and peppered it throughout the movie. You hear hints of it throughout the film. It’s Mera and Arthur’s sort of love theme that you hear throughout the film in instrumental and at the end of the movie you hear the song version….”

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Skylar Grey MCLIX :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Live on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Airing 18-DEC-2018

With her new song “Everything I Need” (co-writ. w/ partner Elliott Taylor) now out, both featured in the new DC Comics/Warner Bros. film Aquaman and available in two different versions on the film’s official soundtrack album, Ms. Grey will be stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the track!

So be sure to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the debut Skylar Grey appearance on the programme this coming Tuesday/December 18 on ABC – check your local listings for time!

Skylar Grey Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! | December 18 ::

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Skylar Grey MCLVIII :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – ‘Aquaman’ Film Version+Alternate Version, Now Available | Buy

The soundtrack for DC Comics‘/Warner Bros.‘s newest film Aquaman is now available, featuring Ms. Grey‘s newest original track “Everything I Need” (co-written by partner Elliott Taylor)!

The album is (appropriately) available via WaterTower Music, and also features the film’s official score by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams. The soundtrack album features two versions of the track – the score-focused Film Version as heard in the film itself opens the album as track #1, and an alternate version featuring more piano-focused production is also featured as track #18!

Aquaman stars include Jason MomoaNicole KidmanWillem DafoeTemeura Morrison, and Patrick Wilson, and is directed by James Wan. Wan previously directed FURIOUS 7 back in 2015, the official soundtrack for which included Ms. Grey’s solo track I Will ReturnAquaman is set to hit theaters in one week on December 21, 2018!

The film has thus far set a new world record for the biggest opening day in China, and has also become the highest grossing film in the world despite only having opened in China. Fan reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, including praise for “Everything I Need” being used in the film itself!

The soundtrack album itself is currently sitting at #9 on the iTunes Top Soundtrack Albums chart, with “Everything I Need” and its Film Version also currently charting on the iTunes Top Soundtrack Songs chart at #83 and #106, respectively.

Click the soundtrack artwork below to grab your own copies of both versions of the track!

Skylar Grey – “Everything I Need” | Aquaman Soundtrack ::

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Skylar Grey MCLVII :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – DC Comics’ ‘Aquaman’ Film Premiere Red Carpet, 12-DEC-2018 | Photos

With her new track “Everything I Need” set to be released officially via the Aquaman film soundtrack this Friday (December 14), Ms. Grey hit the Aquaman film premiere red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last night (December 12) w/ her beau+the song’s co-writer Elliott Taylor!

See below for photos of Ms. Grey at the premiere by Jon Kopaloff, Kevin Winter, Steve Granitz, and Axelle/Bauer-Griffin!


Skylar Grey w/ Elliott Taylor | Aquaman Film Premiere ::
WEARING :: Galia Lahav
HAIR :: Paul Norton
 Nicole Walmsley
STYLIST :: Monty Jackson

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Skylar Grey MCLVI :: ‘What is 2018’s Most Iconic Album?’ – Skylar Grey’s Pick for GQ Magazine

GQ has published its year-end list (written by Max Cea) wherein it showcases 15 artists’ picks for what will become 2018’s most iconic album.

Included is Ms. Grey‘s pick – beerbongs & bentleys by Post Malone.

Read the opening of the article + Ms. Grey’s reasoning for her pick below, and click beerbongs & bentleys‘ artwork to see what the other 14 artists and their picks are!

Skylar Grey – What is 2018’s Most Iconic Album? | GQ ::
“….in a year in which music’s biggest stars mostly disappointed, what body of work will stand the test of time? We surveyed the music industry to find out.

Lost in the annual end-of-year ranking of, well, everything, is the reality that every year is not equal. Take music. Some years you get Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Magical Mystery TourThe Velvet UndergroundSongs of Leonard CohenI Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, and The Doors. And other years you get Silent Shout by The Knife (no disrespect to The Knife).

So far as albums go, 2018 was, above all, strange. It was a year that saw the form taken to its maximalist and minimalist extremes; if a record wasn’t seven songs, it might as well be 25. The majority of pop’s biggest stars released music in 2018, and most of it was… pretty forgettable. But 2018 was also a year in which new voices emerged, in which the boundaries of genre continued to dissolve, and in which female artists in particular made work that powerfully addressed a turbulent moment.

All of which begs the question: 50 years from now, supposing for a moment that the planet is still intact and content is still in demand, what albums will our grandchildren write retrospectives on? What albums from 2018 will stand the test of time, influence how future music is made, and prove to be iconic? To find out, we surveyed 15 music writers, artists, and others in the industry. Tellingly, there wasn’t much consensus….

Skylar Grey (musician):
Post Malone, beerbongs & bentleys

It epitomizes the zeitgeist of where hip-hop has evolved to; the music, the audience, and its culture. In 10 years no one will be able to argue he didn’t take the crown of the class of 2018—a new era is upon us.

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Skylar Grey MCLV :: She Is The Music Global Database – Skylar Grey on Creator Committee | Press Release

As part of an effort to utilize more female talent in the music industry, the Entertainment Industry Foundation has founded the She Is The Music non-profit, the global database of female industry professionals for which is set to fully launch in 2019.

Ms. Grey herself will serve in an advisory capacity as part of the Creator Committee, alongside other talents such as Mary J. Blige, Björk, Missy Elliott, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande, among others!

Read the press release in full below, and if you are interested in being included in the database of industry professionals you may OFFICIALLY APPLY HERE.

Skylar Grey – SITM Creator Committee | Press Release ::
“She Is The Music (SITM), a nonprofit focused on achieving equality, inclusivity and opportunity for women across the music community is launching a global database for women working in music.

Founded in 2018, SITM was created in response to a music industry study conducted by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative revealing historically low percentages of women working in music.

In response, SITM has designed actionable programs to increase job opportunities for women and grow the talent pipeline.

Launching in early 2019, the SITM Database will span female songwriters, engineers, producers, studio positions and live / touring professionals, with more roles to come.

The platform will serve as an inclusive directory, with profiles vetted and verified for accuracy. Applicant submissions are now open.

Additionally, SITM has announced the formation of Creator and Executive Committees to advise the nonprofit.

The dual committees include broad representation to ensure ‘diversity in ideas and perspectives’, as well as strong influence to help drive change in all aspects of the industry.

The Board of Directors / Co-Founders includes Alicia Keys, Jody Gerson, Global Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group, Samantha Kirby Yoh, Partner and Head of East Coast Music, WME and Ann Mincieli, AK-Worldwide; Jungle City Studios.

The Creator Committee includes Jenna Andrews, Marcella Araica, Sara Bareilles, Banks, Björk, Mary J. Blige, Jen Decilveo, Billie Eilish, Missy Elliott, Ariana Grande, Skylar Grey, HAIM, Halsey and many others.

The Executive Committee includes Michele Anthony, Adriana Arce, Lisa Barbaris, Barbara Cane, Rosemary Carroll, Corrie Christopher Martin, Caroline Elleray, Tina Farris and many others.

SITM is a fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.”

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Skylar Grey MCLIV :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – DC Comics’ ‘Aquaman’ Film Soundtrack, Releasing 14-DEC-2018

Ms. Grey and partner Elliott Taylor have co-written a brand new song, “Everything I Need”, which is set to appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Bros. film Aquaman!

Aquaman stars include Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Willem DafoeTemeura Morrison, and Patrick Wilson, and is directed by James Wan. Wan previously directed FURIOUS 7 back in 2015, the official soundtrack for which included Ms. Grey’s solo track I Will Return. Aquaman is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2018, and the soundtrack album itself is set to be released one week prior on December 14 via WaterTower Music!

Check out the final trailer for the film below, and stay tuned for the soundtrack!

DC Comics’ Aquaman | Final Trailer ::

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Skylar Grey MCLIII :: ‘O Come Emmanuel’ w/ Kaskade – ‘Kaskade Christmas’ Album, Limited Double-Vinyl Re-Release Now Available | Buy

Originally dropping November 24 of this past year (2017), Kaskade‘s holiday-themed electronic album Kaskade Christmas is now seeing a limited edition re-release as a special high-quality 180gram red and white 12″ double-vinyl set!

The album contains O Come Emmanuel f/ Skylar Grey, and may be ordered by clicking either of the photos below!

Skylar Grey x Kaskade – “O Come Emmanuel” | Ltd. Ed. 12″ ::

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