Skylar Grey MCLXVII :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Red Carpet Interview w/ Black Girl Nerds, 23-DEC-2018

Whilst walking the red carpet for the Aquaman premiere earlier this month (December 12), Ms. Grey stopped and chatted with Megan Maher of Black Girl Nerds about the comic book character, as well as her musical contribution (Everything I Need co-written w/ Elliott Taylor) to the new film!

Check out the excerpt below, and click the Black Girl Nerds logo to read the other interview pieces featured in the article (including with the film’s composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, the film’s screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, and Cyborg actor Ray Fisher).

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Black Girl Nerds ::
“….what was it like doing the music for Aquaman?

I am very excited to have my first untitled performed by me, but also I wrote it with my fiance, Elliott Taylor. James Wan and I worked together in the past and he reached out to me again to work on this song. He kind of wanted a Titanic Love Ballad moment, and so I attempted at that. And then the melody of my song is used throughout the film during the love scenes and things like that.

Did you grow up reading comic books?

I didn’t grow up reading comic books but I got more into comics when they became movies. Like Batman, I am obsessed with and then I worked on the Suicide Squad movie. I did some of the music for that as well….”

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Skylar Grey MCLXVI :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Interview+Live Performance on ‘DC Daily’ Episode 71, 21-DEC-2018 | Video

As part of Episode 71 of DC Daily (the DC Comics-focused daily news programme), Ms. Grey provided a sit-down interview and in-studio live performance of her and partner/co-writer Elliott Taylor‘s contribution to the Aquaman film+its soundtrack album, Everything I Need!

Check out the full 20min episode below via YouTube, with Ms. Grey’s segment starting at the 13:18 mark!

Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor – “Everything I Need” | DC Daily ::

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Skylar Grey MCLXV :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – James Wan Talks Skylar Grey w/ ScreenRant, 21-DEC-2018

“….Wonder Woman treated movie audiences to an original song by Sia, titled “To Be Human, and for fans of current sensations, Aquaman doesn’t disappoint either. This time around audiences will be able to hear Skylar Grey’s “Everything I Need”….”
 – Andrew Dyce, ScreenRant

Aquaman director James Wan has again talked with a publication about Ms. Grey‘s Everything I Need contribution (co-written w/ Elliott Taylor) to the DC Comics/Warner Bros. film, this time with ScreenRant editor Andrew Dice!

Read ScreenRant‘s own thoughts on the song + what Wan himself had to say about its use throughout the film below, and click the ScreenRant logo to read the feature on the songs featured in the film in full!

James Wan Talks Skylar Grey | ScreenRant ::
“….Aquaman may set a new level of visual spectacle for the DCEU, but the selection of licensed songs and music used in the movie make it an exception among superhero blockbusters. And sure to send moviegoers in a race to add some of the songs to their favorite playlist.

It’s rare that a comic book movie will send people out of the theater wondering where they can listen to “Mera’s Song, the new Skylar Grey track, or even one of Roy Orbison’s songs re-imagined as a Disney-esque love ballad. Such songs are often found being used in movie trailers, but rarely do full, lyrical songs punctuate a comic story as loudly and clearly as Aquaman director James Wan has chosen to. And for those wanting to know what songs are used in the Aquaman movie, we’ve got you covered.


The end credits for Wonder Woman treated movie audiences to an original song by Sia, titled “To Be Human, and for fans of current sensations, Aquaman doesn’t disappoint either. This time around audiences will be able to hear Skylar Grey’s “Everything I Need, but the song is sprinkled through the movie long before – even if the viewers have never heard it enough to notice. James Wan explains:

“Skylar Grey wrote the ending and the love song theme that we use throughout the movie. Skylar wrote that beautiful song, and then we use that and pepper it throughout the whole film as like the love theme for Mera and Arthur throughout the film. Kind of like what [James] Cameron did with Titanic, right? You know, you have Celine Dion singing the song, but then you hear that theme played throughout the whole film.”….”

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Skylar Grey MCLXIV :: ‘Say You Love Me’ w/ SEEB – Rolling Stone India’s Top 50 Tracks of 2018, 19-DEC-2018

“….a truly underrated performer, her earnest, heartfelt delivery takes this song from “heard it all before” to “play that again”….”
 – Amit Vaidya, Rolling Stone India

As the end of 2018 draws near, Rolling Stone India‘s Amit Vaidya has published the list of his Top 50 tracks of this past year – included in the list at #30 is Ms. Grey ‘s Say You Love Me collaboration w/ SEEB!

Read the introduction to the article + the “Say You Love Me” entry below, and click the Rolling Stone India logo to see the full list!

Skylar Grey x SEEB – Top 50 Tracks of 2018 | Rolling Stone India ::
“….every year-end, for the last two decades, I have been compiling and curating a list of Top 50 Songs culled from my personal playlist over the full year. The ranking is based on a point system I devised based on a song’s likability when I first hear it, its likability when I hear it again at the year-end, the number of rotations it’s had in my playlist over the space of 365 days plus the lyrics and musicianship. In this unique algorithm no lead artist can feature more than once even if they have had multiple hits during the year to ensure greater variety.

In 2018 genres continued to cross boundaries and the definition of mainstream was continuously expanded to include anything and everything that became popular. The highlight of this list are the collaborations between music superstars cutting across multiple genres. Rock and EDM felt comfortable together, hip-hop and Latin blurred their lines; it  was as if  the only way to guarantee a surefire hit was to include a featured artist on the song. This trend is unlikely to slow down in 2019. The way genres are mixing together, it’s very hard to see any radio format being able to meet the demands of the ever-eclectic audience….

30. “Say You Love Me” – SEEB, Skylar Grey

You instantly know a Seeb song because of those ghost air voice sounds. Of course it’s getting a bit tired and old but it all doesn’t matter when Skylar Grey starts to sing. A truly underrated performer, her earnest, heartfelt delivery takes this song from “heard it all before” to “play that again”….”

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Skylar Grey MCLXIII :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Live on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, 18-DEC-2018 | Photos+Video

Sporting her brand new haircut, Ms. Grey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform Everything I Need w/ Elliott Taylor, making her debut on the late night programme!

Check out behind-the-scenes and performance shots courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel+fashion info, along with the full live performance via YouTube below!


Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | Jimmy Kimmel Live! ::
WEARING :: Vintage Roberto Cavalli
HAIR :: Paul Norton
 Kerrie Urban
STYLIST :: Monty Jackson

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Skylar Grey MCLXII :: Billie Eilish Talks Skylar Grey – Billboard, 17-DEC-2018

“….she’s so badass, so cool, and I think about that now and people say that about me and it just blows me away….”
Billie Eilish, Billboard

In a newly published interview with Steve Baltin for Billboard, musician Billie Eilish talked about her admiration for Ms. Grey and how that has inspired her in her own artistry, including mentions of “Final Warning” and “Wear Me Out” from Ms. Grey’s DON’T LOOK DOWN record!

Read the excerpt below, and click Billboard‘s logo to read Eilish‘s interview feature in its entirety!

Billie Eilish Talks Skylar Grey | Billboard ::
“….normally that is something she would like, as Eilish says she likes to be terrified. In fact, horror movies are a big part of her overall artistic vision. She spoke to Billboard about being homeschooled, her admiration for Skylar Grey and that vision….

Do you see that now manifest itself in the music and in your writing?

Yes, I used to hear certain songs when I was like 10, there was a song by Skylar Grey called “Final Warning”; she’s fire. That one and “Wear Me Out, oh my God, that song, when I was 10, 11, all I wanted was to have written a song like that. She’s so badass, so cool, and I think about that now and people say that about me and it just blows me away. “Final Warning” totally influenced “Bellyache. So many songs that I would listen to when I was younger have  been huge inspirations subconsciously to a lot of the stuff that I do now. Visually that’s a thing, ’cause I feel like I’m more of a visual artist when I think of myself. Visuals come first. I realized recently that Spirited Away has been one of the biggest, most impactful inspirations on me — everything creatively, Spirited Away and this movie called The Babadook. I’m obsessed with The Babadook and like creepy visual shit….”

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Skylar Grey MCLXI :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Skylar Grey Reenacts ‘Aquaman’ Scene w/ Elliott Taylor for ‘Variety’, 17-DEC-2018 | Video

While walking the Aquaman premiere red carpet this past Wednesday (December 12), Ms. Grey stopped to talk with Variety about her musical contribution to the film.

During her description of writing the song and its use throughout the film, Ms. Grey decided to impromptu reenact a romantic scene from the film with w/ beau and Everything I Need songwriting partner Elliott Taylor!

Watch the :90 interview via Variety‘s media player below!

Skylar Grey w/ Elliott Taylor | Variety ::

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Skylar Grey MCLX :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – James Wan Talks Skylar Grey w/ Monsters & Critics, 17-DEC-2018

“….I’m such a big fan of hers….”
 – Director James Wan, Monsters & Critics

In an exclusive interview with Fred Topel for Monsters & Critics, Aquaman director James Wan was asked about the music featured in the film and was enthusiastic to talk about Ms. Grey‘s contribution co-written w/ Elliott Taylor, Everything I Need!

Wan also previously directed FURIOUS 7 back in 2015, the soundtrack album for which exclusively featured Ms. Grey’s solo track I Will Return.

Read the excert below, and click the Monsters & Critics logo to read the full interview w/ Wan!


James Wan Talks Skylar Grey | Monsters & Critics ::
“….M&C: Why did you want to use songs like “Africa” and “She’s A Mystery”?

JW: I thought it spoke very well to that sequence. I actually want to talk about the song that Skylar Grey wrote for us for the ending. I’m such a big fan of hers.

She wrote a really beautiful piece for myself on Furious Seven. Ever since then I’ve been such a big fan of hers and I wanted her to write the love song, the love theme for this film.

I think it’s a beautiful piece that we use that song and peppered it throughout the movie. You hear hints of it throughout the film. It’s Mera and Arthur’s sort of love theme that you hear throughout the film in instrumental and at the end of the movie you hear the song version….”

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Skylar Grey MCLIX :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – Live on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Airing 18-DEC-2018

With her new song “Everything I Need” (co-writ. w/ partner Elliott Taylor) now out, both featured in the new DC Comics/Warner Bros. film Aquaman and available in two different versions on the film’s official soundtrack album, Ms. Grey will be stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the track!

So be sure to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the debut Skylar Grey appearance on the programme this coming Tuesday/December 18 on ABC – check your local listings for time!

Skylar Grey Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! | December 18 ::

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Skylar Grey MCLVIII :: ‘Everything I Need’ Co-Writ. w/ Elliott Taylor – ‘Aquaman’ Film Version+Alternate Version, Now Available | Buy

The soundtrack for DC Comics‘/Warner Bros.‘s newest film Aquaman is now available, featuring Ms. Grey‘s newest original track “Everything I Need” (co-written by partner Elliott Taylor)!

The album is (appropriately) available via WaterTower Music, and also features the film’s official score by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams. The soundtrack album features two versions of the track – the score-focused Film Version as heard in the film itself opens the album as track #1, and an alternate version featuring more piano-focused production is also featured as track #18!

Aquaman stars include Jason MomoaNicole KidmanWillem DafoeTemeura Morrison, and Patrick Wilson, and is directed by James Wan. Wan previously directed FURIOUS 7 back in 2015, the official soundtrack for which included Ms. Grey’s solo track I Will ReturnAquaman is set to hit theaters in one week on December 21, 2018!

The film has thus far set a new world record for the biggest opening day in China, and has also become the highest grossing film in the world despite only having opened in China. Fan reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, including praise for “Everything I Need” being used in the film itself!

The soundtrack album itself is currently sitting at #9 on the iTunes Top Soundtrack Albums chart, with “Everything I Need” and its Film Version also currently charting on the iTunes Top Soundtrack Songs chart at #83 and #106, respectively.

Click the soundtrack artwork below to grab your own copies of both versions of the track!

Skylar Grey – “Everything I Need” | Aquaman Soundtrack ::

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