Skylar Grey MVIII :: ‘Suicide Squad: The Album’ – Collector’s Edition w/ Alternate Version of ‘Gangsta’ | Artwork+Buy

With the Suicide Squad: The Album soundtrack breaking records for soundtrack sales, and selling 50,000+ copies thus far to become certified Gold in the United States, there has been a special Collector’s Edition of the soundtrack released.

This version of the soundtrack contains 3 additional tracks, plus a special mix of “Gangsta” by Kehlani (written by Ms. Grey) – this version of the track is the same mix that was used in the Suicide Squad film itself, and is dubbed “Gangsta (Harley Quinn & Joker Flashback Version)”! Please note that this version of the track appears on this edition of the soundtrack in place of the original version – the original version of the song is only available on the Original Edition of the soundtrack.

This edition of the soundtrack is only available in digital format, and you can grab it via iTunes by clicking its artwork below!

NOTE :: The soundtrack is also up for the Top Soundtrack award from the 2016 AMAs (American Music Awards) – CLICK HERE to scroll down to and click the Top Soundtrack section to enter your vote!

Suicide Squad: The Album (Collector’s Edition) | iTunes ::
1/ “Purple Lamborghini” – Rick Ross x Skrillex
2/ “Sucker For Pain” – Lil Wayne x Wiz Khalifa x Imagine Dragons x Logic x Ty Dolla $ign x X Ambassadors
3/ “Heathens” – twenty one pilots
4/ “Standing In The Rain” – Action Bronson x Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) x Mark Ronson
5/ “Gangsta (Harley Quinn & Joker Flashback Version)” – Kehlani
6/ “Know Better” – Kevin Gates
7/ “You Don’t Own Me” – Grace x G-Eazy
8/ “Without Me” – Eminem
9/ “Super Freak” – Rick James
10/ “Wreak Havoc” – Skylar Grey
11/ “Medieval Warfare” – Grimes
12/ “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Panic! At The Disco
13/ “Slippin’ Into Darkness” – War
14/ “Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
15/ “Spirit In The Sky” – Norman Greenbaum
16/ “I’d Rather Go Blind” – Etta James
17/ “I Started a Joke” – ConfidentialMX x Becky Hanson

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Skylar Grey MVII :: ‘Suicide Squad: The Album’ – 2016 AMAs Top Soundtrack Nomination | Vote

The nominations for the 2016 AMAs (American Music Awards) have been announced, and the certified Gold Suicide Squad: The Album (f/ “Wreak Havoc” by Skylar Grey x “Gangsta” by Kehlani, written by Ms. Grey) soundtrack is one of the three nominees for the Top Soundtrack award!

It has heavy competition, up against the John Williams score for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Prince‘s 1984 soundtrack for his film Purple Rain. Winners are selected by fan votes, so click the AMAs logo below, scroll down to and click Top Soundtrack, and lock in your vote! Also be sure to share on your socials to help get the vote out!

The AMAs are set to broadcast this November 20 (2016) on ABC.

Suicide Squad: The Album – Top Soundtrack | VOTE ::

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Skylar Grey MVI :: ‘Beneath With Me’ w/ Kaskade x deadmau5 – Single x Visual, Now Available | Buy+Video

With several unfinished/unreleased snippet-length and full-length versions of the Skylar Grey x deadmau5 x Kaskade collaboration having been floating around the web, fans have been waiting for an official release package for “Beneath With Me” since May of this past year (2015).

The 17-month wait is over – grab the song by clicking the song’s official artwork below, and be sure to check out the brand new visual (directed by Daniel Carberry) also found below and starring Ms. Grey herself!

“Beneath With Me” | Single x Visual ::

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Skylar Grey MV :: ‘Playground’ Interview w/ Jerilyn Jordan – PLAYGROUND DETROIT, 4-OCT-2016

“….in time I learned that even the best songwriters have bad ideas sometimes….”
– Skylar Grey

Next up on Ms. Grey‘s NATURAL CAUSES album tour is her stop tonight in Detroit, Michigan where she will perform at El Club.

PLAYGROUND DETROIT has posted an interview article to get those attending up-to-speed on where Ms. Grey is at with her music and artistry these days. Check out the excerpts below, click the logo beneath to read the full article, and if you’re attending tonight – enjoy the show!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jerilyn Jordan | PLAYGROUND DETROIT ::
“….“I used to be very prone to depression,” confesses Grey. “I realized I didn’t know what the word “happiness” meant, so if I was going to find it first I needed to define it. After lots of therapy and self help books, I decided happiness has the same definition to me as success;” she continues, “I get to be creative for a living and I’m the happiest I’ve been.”….

Grey returns to her roots with Natural Causes, an album that defies pop genres and is heavily nuanced with light and dark without, ironically, the indecisive Grey area. Causes’ lush production gives space for Grey’s sincere and unchained vocals to swell and wilt accordingly as the finely woven fabric of the record as a whole reveals Grey’s beautifully tortured experience. “There was a period of time when I made music that went against my natural instincts a bit because I was trying to make my music more accessible. This time I just wanted to make music for me, so I didn’t hold back when it came to complex harmony and experimental sounds,” she says….”

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Skylar Grey MIV :: ‘Real World’ Live – ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, 3-OCT-2016 | Video

The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s official YouTube has uploaded Ms. Grey‘s live performance of “Real World” from this past evening (October 3) to their channel!

Check out the performance of the NATURAL CAUSES album track below!

Skylar Grey – “Real World” Live | The Late Late Show ::

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Skylar Grey MIII :: METROnome Interview w/ William Weinstein – Downtown Devil, 30-SEP-2016

Whilst backstage after her September 28 show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona Ms. Grey gave an interview to William Weinstein for local publication Downtown Devil‘s METROnome column.

Along with discussing her performance that night, they also talk Ms. Grey contributing to both the Suicide Squad film and its accompanying soundtrack, how she wold define her aesthetic, and her upcoming WOODRAT fashion line!

After perusing the excerpts below, click the Downtown Devil logo to read the complete column!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ William Weinstein | Downtown Devil ::
“….WW: Have you seen a lot of people knowing the songs from Suicide Squad as well?
SG: Yeah, I saw people singing along to those as well.

WW: Was that a cool experience, getting to do the movie?
SG: Yeah, absolutely. I love working on movies. It’s like my favorite thing to do. Because, I think, to me a movie is the ultimate form of art. It’s acting, screenwriting, cinematography, music, all these different elements coming together to make one piece. So it’s exciting to be a part of that. And I also love when I’m asked to write for a movie or something. The inspiration is kind of laid out for you … It’s kind of a fun challenge to write specifically about characters or something happening in a story.

WW: About the characters, did you get to meet Jared Leto and Margot Robbie?
SG: Yeah, I’ve met Jared. I actually opened for 30 Seconds to Mars years ago. And then I met Margot at the premiere. She was so sweet….

….WW: Is that where Woodrat comes from?
SG: Woodrat is a clothing line I’m starting, and it’s inspired by the fact that I work in music which puts me in cities and studios and stuff like that all the time, and I work with mostly rappers and stuff, and then I live in the woods. So from the hood to the wood! Woodrat instead of hoodrat. Another play on words, right there….”

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Skylar Grey MII :: ‘RSVP for a Surprise at Each Show’ Interview w/ Jackie Yaeger – Bandsintown, 23-SEP-2016

“….first we need to let you in on a little secret: If you Track Skylar on Bandsintown and RSVP to one of her shows, you’ll get a surprise! We can’t tell you exactly what it is, but we can tell you, it’s awesome….” – Jackie Yaeger/Bandsintown

To kick off her NATURAL CAUSES album tour, Ms. Grey has given a new (September 23) interview to Jackie Yaeger of Bandsintown (the live concert app being utilized for this tour)! They talk which tour stop Ms. Grey is looking forward to specifically for the food, her favourite live show that she’s attended as a fan, and her favourite go-to truck stop snack.

Check out excerpts from the fun interview below, click the Bandsintown logo to view the full piece on their website, and also be sure to grab the Bandsintown app to Track the Skylar Grey profile+RSVP to one of her shows and get the surprise!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Jackie Yaeger | Bandsintown ::
“….So, you’re visiting some of what I think are like the best cities in America on this tour. Which one are you most excited for, specifically for the food?
For the food? Um, actually I think New York. I always have such great meals in New York. Last time we were there, a few times ago I guess, I ate at Carbone. It’s so amazing—it was like the best meal of my life.

What did you get?
Just a bunch of different things that we shared, and the caprese salad is out of this world. Obviously it’s Italian, so there’s good pastas and stuff. But it’s just incredible. Great wine and everything.

Are there any artists from modern music, or maybe from the past, who you would love to share the stage with?
I mean, my dream collaboration is Kendrick Lamar, so doing a song and then performing it live would be a huge dream.

Do you have any merch from other bands or artists that you’ve just had forever and you’ll never get rid of?
I have some old vintage tee shirts. I have a The Police T-shirt. I didn’t get it from an original concert or anything; I bought it at a vintage store. But I have that, and I have a Duran Duran one.

I actually have another food question, which is what is your go-to truck stop snack?
Oh that’s a really good question because I love truck stops—and in the middle of the night, going into a Walmart and buying crayons or something and getting into a creative project on the bus.

I love that!
But, at a gas station or a truck stop, I love corn nuts, and I get a Vitamin Water usually. Definitely corn nuts, though. Truck stops in the middle of the country have weird things in them sometimes, little knick knacks and trinkets. Or they’ll have weird hats, like trucker hats, so sometimes I’ll buy something that’s super random and weird. One time I bought a—I can’t remember where I was—but I bought a hat that has the raccoon tail on it. It wasn’t real, but it was funny. Where were we when I got that? I think it might’ve been in the midwest somewhere.

That’s amazing, like Davey Crockett style.
Yeah, exactly.

Then, Skylar asked if she could share her favorite concert with me, obviously I said yes.

I saw Atoms for Peace at the Santa Barbara Bowl a few years ago—Atoms for Peace is Thom Yorke of Radiohead’s side project. That was probably my favorite show I’ve ever been to.

That’s awesome. What made it so special?
It sounded amazing, and everybody was wild onstage. I’m not a huge fan of crazy productions with visuals. Obviously you need to have some visuals, you need to have some lights to set a mood and all that stuff, but, one thing I learned from watching Alison Krauss as a young kid was the musicianship and the songs and everything carried the show. You didn’t need any theatrics, and sometimes bands spend too much time and money on theatrics and not enough time with the music and making it really beautiful and impressive that way. And so, Alison Krauss was a great example of that, but then Atoms for Peace, again, the musicianship was crazy, the performing was crazy, the amount of energy was crazy. Flea on bass, it was insane. So, all of that, it didn’t need extra bells and whistles to be my favorite concert….”

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Skylar Grey MI :: ‘Why She Doesn’t Fear Death’ Interview w/ Kirby Kelly – NYLON Magazine, 23-SEP-2016

“….I realized happiness has nothing to do with success. Of course being able to wake up and make music everyday is part of my happiness, but the actual process of writing a song is what makes me the happiest. It’s not the Grammy that it could potentially receive in a year….” – Skylar Grey

A new interview piece with Kirby Kelly of NYLON is out, this time talking with Ms. Grey about finding her sound with “Picture Perfect”, experimenting with 360-degree technology with her “Off Road” music video, and which natural element she most identities with and why.

After you’ve perused the excerpts below, be sure to click NYLON‘s logo and check out the full interview piece!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Kirby Kelly | NYLON ::
“….What is your favorite song on Natural Causes and why?
I think
“Picture Perfect” is my favorite song on the album, because musically, it’s the sound I’ve been searching for for years. I finally accomplished it, so I’m very proud of that. It’s got these layered vocals and harmonies à la Bon Iver, but the drums and percussion have a hip hop feel. I always wanted to combine those two worlds. I experimented a lot and never came up with it until “Picture Perfect.

The “Off Road” video uses 360-degree technology, which artists are just starting to get into. As one of the first to use this kind of innovation, where do you see the convergence of music and technology headed?
I think we’ll see more 360 stuff. It was interesting to film that video, because it was a totally new way to think. You have to consider what’s going on all around instead of just what’s in the frame. I couldn’t see the director the whole time we were filming because otherwise he’d be in the shot. It was a very strange thing to wrap your head around, but the more people do it, the more of a feel they’ll get on how to use it.

Technology and music have always worked together and played off of each other, though. It’s important for people to see technology as a tool to experiment and do new things and push boundaries, but not necessarily rely on it. I always say that it’s not what you have, but what you do with it. It’s like my friend, who’s a terrible photographer and keeps buying the most expensive camera because he thinks it will make a difference. You think that’s gonna help you as a photographer if your eyes suck?

Which natural element do you most identify with: earth, water, fire, or air?
Probably the earth aspect. I grew up in the woods of Wisconsin, so I always feel more at home when I’m surrounded by trees. The thing that really gets me about nature is the innocence in it. We’re surrounded by people with agendas and ulterior motives, but nature is just doing its thing. In the opening of my record on
“Wilderness, I say “Everyone’s an animal.” I like to compare myself to wildlife and think about how to act in a situation. Robert Redford said it best: “This place in the mountains, amid nature’s casualness toward death and birth, is the perfect host for the inspiration of ideas.”

I love what he says, because it’s so true. Humans are the only ones who have funerals—people gather and sob and make a big deal about death. It’s okay to grieve, but I think it can help to realize that death is a part of life and we have to accept it. Like anything in life, there are things that are out of your hands that you can’t control. Don’t let it weigh you down. Nature is a great sounding board to bounce your emotions off of and get inspired to be happier….”

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Skylar Grey M :: NATURAL CAUSES Album – Now Available | BUY

NATURAL CAUSES, the second Skylar Grey album, is finally here!

You can grab the full album via iTunes by clicking its artwork below, and/or stop by your local record shop to grab a physical CD for your collection.

Also be sure to show your support by sharing the iTunes album link on your social media to let your online social circle that they can finally grab @SkylarGrey‘s #NATURALCAUSES album in its entirety, and leave both a Review and Rating on the album’s iTunes page to let everyone know what you think of the new record!

Skylar Grey – NATURAL CAUSES | Buy ::
0/ Intro – Wilderness
1/ Jump
2/ Straight Shooter
3/ Kill For You (f/ Eminem)
4/ Come Up For Air
5/ Off Road
6/ In My Garden
7/ Real World
8/ Lemonade
9/ Moving Mountains
10/ Picture Perfect
11/ We Used to Be Bad
12/ Closer

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Skylar Grey CMXCIX :: ‘Kill For You’ w/ Eminem – Rolling Stone Magazine Exclusive | Stream

The new Skylar Grey album NATURAL CAUSES drops tomorrow (September 23), and Rolling Stone magazine has an exclusive stream of the previously unheard album cut “Kill For You” (f/ Eminem)!

Click Rolling Stone‘s logo below to access their exclusive full song stream, and be sure to share the link on your social media to let your friends and followers know about @SkylarGrey‘s new song #KillForYou featuring @Eminem now being available!

Click the NATURAL CAUSES artwork beneath to pre-order the album on iTunes and get “Kill For You” (f/ Eminem), along with the rest of the album, the moment that it drops tomorrow (September 23)!

Skylar Grey x Eminem – “Kill For You” | Stream ::

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