Skylar Grey MLX :: Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Music Judge for Class of 2018

The nominations are open for Forbes30 Under 30 Class of 2018.

Ms. Grey was previously hand-chosen to be included in Forbes30 Under 30 in 2012, and this year will serve as one of the judges to hand-pick what artists will be included in 2018’s music category!

Click the 30 Under 30 cover from last year (2017) below to read the article by Forbes senior editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg.

Skylar Grey – Music Judge | Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 ::

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Skylar Grey MLIX :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – GEMINI Album Pre-Order x Elders React Episode | Pre-Order+Video

Macklemore is set to release his new album GEMINI on September 22, with his Skylar Grey collaboration “Glorious” appearing as track #2 of the 16-track standard release. Click the album art below to get your album pre-order (+an instant download of “Glorious”)!

Fine Brothers Entertainment also released an episode of their Elders React series this past month (July 20) featuring their guest elder reactors reacting to the official “Glorious” music video – check it out via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey x Mackleore | Gemini x Elders React ::

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Skylar Grey MLVIII :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Interviews x Live Performance on Good Morning America | Video

Ms. Grey and Macklemore performed their hit collaboration Glorious earlier today (August 10) in Times Square in New York City for Good Morning America!

First check out a pre-performance backstage Facebook interview by Good Morning America‘s Rob Marciano (which includes Ms. Grey and Macklemore sharing how easy it was for them to come up with “Glorious”) below (running from the 4:00 mark until the end of the video), secondly view the on-air interview with Macklemore talking about “Glorious” and its accompanying music video featuring his Grandmother Helen Schott via YouTube, and then finally click the logo located underneath to watch their full live performance via GMA‘s official website!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Good Morning America ::

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Skylar Grey MLVII :: “Glorious” w/ Macklemore – Live on Good Morning America, Airing 10-AUG-2017 | Photo

Ms. Grey will be appearing alongside Macklemore tomorrow (August 10) on Good Morning America to perform Glorious live!

This performance comes after the pair’s rising hit has broken into (and is currently climbing) the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and has additionally just been certified Gold by the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) for moving 35,000 copies in Australia.

Check out the GMA live performance on ABC tomorrow (August 10) morning – check your local listings!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Good Morning America ::

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Skylar Grey MLVI :: JBL Fest 2017 Platinum Party Hosted by Quincy Jones – Live Performance, 27-JUL-2017 | Photos

Ms. Grey was in attendance at the 3-day JBL Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week (July 27), performing at the JBL Platinum Party!

The event took place at the Hyde Bellagio and was hosted by legendary musician/producer Quincy Jones, The Recording Academy, and The GRAMMYs. Check out a few shots snapped by Gabe Ginsberg below, and click any of them to view the full gallery!

Skylar Grey | JBL Platinum Party ::
WEARING :: Milly
STYLIST :: Monty Jackson

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Skylar Grey MLV :: ‘Gangsta’ (Kehlani) x ‘Good Life’ (Kehlani x G-Eazy) – Co-Written by Skylar Grey, 2017 RIAA Certifications

As revealed by Ms. Grey herself via her Instagram Story this past evening (July 27), both of her recent co-writing credits for Kehlani, “Gangsta” (from the Suicide Squad film soundtrack) and “Good Life” (w/ G-Eazy, from the Fate of the Furious film soundtrack) have earned RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certifications!

Check out the certifications for each track below, and click their artwork to grab yourself a copy of the songs if they’re missing from your library.

Kehlani – “Gangsta” | RIAA Platinum ::
Platinum Certificate :: denoting 1,000,000 units sold. Co-written by Skylar Grey.

Kehlai x G-Eazy – “Good Life” | RIAA Gold ::
Gold Certificate :: denoting 500,000 units sold. Co-written by Skylar Grey.

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Skylar Grey MLIV :: ‘Inside Skylar Grey’s Liquor Cabinet’ – The Daily Beast | Photo

“….I actually named one of my dogs after that bottle of wine. Her name is Margaux….”
– Skylar Grey, The Daily Beast

Ms. Grey has done an interview with Noah Rothbaum for The Daily Beast regarding what kinds of beverages she enjoys these days.

Read a few excerpts below, and click the photo to access the full Daily Beast interview (which includes another photo)!

Photos by Elliott Taylor.

Inside Musician Skylar Grey’s Liquor Cabinet | The Daily Beast ::
“….Are there certain types of red wine you like in particular?
“I really enjoy Napa cabs. And I’m really into older wines. Wines that have age on them. I like a full-bodied red from anywhere. The oldest wine I’ve ever had is a 1919 Château Margaux.”

Wow! What was the occasion?
“It was just a night out.”

Sounds like a pretty good night out.
“I actually named one of my dogs after that bottle of wine. Her name is Margaux.”….

You’ve worked with such incredible musicians. Are any of them good drinking buddies?
“Macklemore doesn’t drink. Marshall [Mathers, aka Eminem] doesn’t drink, either. I’m trying to think who I’ve had a beer with. I’ve had a drink with Nick Jonas in the studio. He likes red wine as well, so we bonded over that.”….

Is there any musician dead or alive that you would like to share a bottle of wine with?
“Thom Yorke just because I’m a huge fan and I’ve never met him, and it would be really fun to have a bottle of wine and pick his brain.”….

Do you collect glassware as well?
“The glass is super important with wine. Drinking wine out of a good wine glass makes the whole experience so much better.”….”

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Skylar Grey MLIII :: Remembering Chester Bennington – 21-JUL-2017

Following the very unfortunate passing of Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park/Dead By Sunrise/Grey Daze/Stone Temple Pilots) this past Thursday (July 20), Ms. Grey, who knew Bennington, shared a post remembering how he had impacted and influenced her.

Read her tribute below.

Skylar Grey Remembers Chester Bennington ::

The news of Chester Bennington’s death is a hard pill to swallow. His unique and powerful voice changed music and has made him a legend in this industry. I got to watch from the side of the stage many times as he performed for die hard fans and it was clear how deeply he affected their lives. I’ve never seen such dedicated fans. It’s been years since we were in contact, but he made a huge impact on my life being the lead singer of the band who signed me to my first record deal and publishing deal. My fellow Pisces was also the one who influenced me getting my first tattoo, a Pisces symbol, which happened back stage at a Linkin Park concert. Though he was an intimidating talent, he was a kind, gentle soul people couldn’t help but love. My thoughts are with his family and his band mates in this difficult time. RIP Chester, and thank you for everything. You are sorely missed.

A post shared by Skylar Grey (@skylargrey) on

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Skylar Grey MLII :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Billboard Hot 100 Chart Debut at #89, 18-JUL-2017

The uplifting Skylar Grey x Macklemore collaboration Glorious (produced by Budo x Tyler Dopps) has broken into the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #89!

Check out part of the song’s debut entry article by Billboard‘s Gary Trust below, and click the Billboard logo to read the full article on recent chart entries.

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Billboard Hot 100 at #89 ::
“….Macklemore makes his first Hot 100 visit without Ryan Lewis….

“Glorious” starts at No. 89, fueled most heavily by 5.6 million U.S. streams.

Grey makes her sixth Hot 100 visit….”
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Skylar Grey MLI :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – 2017 ESPY Awards, Promo | Video

The 2017 ESPY Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) were broadcast on ABC last night (July 12).

Ms. Grey‘s Glorious collaboration with Macklemore was used to promote the event, and you can check out a video posted via the official ESPN Music Twitter below!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | 2017 ESPY Awards ::

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