Skylar Grey MC :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Live on FOX’s New Year’s Eve Special, Tonight on FOX, 31-DEC-2017 | Flyer

A special pre-taped Skylar Grey x Macklemore performance of Glorious will be part of FOX‘s New Year’s Eve Special tonight on FOX, live from Times Square in New York City!

Other musicians appearing on the special will include the Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Flo Rida, and Neil Diamond.

Check your local listings for airtime in your region!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore | Live on FOX‘s NYE Special ::

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Skylar Grey MXCIX :: 2 Minutes with Skylar Grey – NBC News’ BETTER | Video

Emily Slawek has published a new text+video interview feature on Ms. Grey, for NBC News‘ digital vertical BETTER, which provides life tips from successful individuals in various fields!

Click the pro-shot below to both view the 2 Minutes with Skylar Grey video interview as well as read the extended text interview exclusively via!

2 Minutes with Skylar Grey | NBC News‘ BETTER ::

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Skylar Grey MXCVIII :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – 2017’s Top Ten Music Videos by ARTISTdirect | Video

ARTISTdirect has chosen their Top Ten Music Videos of 2017, with Ms. Grey‘s Macklemore collaboration Glorious placing at #5!

Read the article introduction and their “Glorious” entry below, and click the ARTISTdirect logo to view the other nine entries!

2017’s Top Ten Music Videos | ARTISTdirect ::
“….when music videos first rose to prominence hand-in-hand with MTV, some fans complained that the charts had become more about the clip than the song. When YouTube (and Vevo) replaced MTV as the go-to source for music videos, some worried that budgets and creative standards would fall.

Astronomical viewing figures (and the royalties that go along with them) have since pushed that fear aside and forced their way into the actual equation for measuring overall musical sales in 2017. That, in turn has led to a renewed interest in the music video artform and the power of the video as not just a marketing tool, but as a revenue-generating product in its own right.

The past twelve months saw a rich crop of new clips, spread across both the musical world and the actual globe. Some fueled controversy, some stoked rivalries, some seized the zeitgeist and others became, for a moment, the apparent center of the music industry.

Welcome one, welcome all to a countdown of ARTISTdirect’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2017:….

5. Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey — “Glorious” (Total plays so far: 101M)

Seattle rapper Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore mounts a serious campaign for grandson of the year in this celebration of his Grandma Helen’s 100th birthday. After surprising Helen at her Modesto, CA home in a gold Cadillac El Dorado convertible, Ben tells his grandma that they can do anything she wants to. Anything includes egging a front door, singing some karaoke duets, scoring a pair of cool kicks (Kanye’s Boost 350’s), hiring a male stripper, hitting the tattoo parlor and, of course a little visit to a local thrift shop. Directed by long-time collaborator Jason Koenig, this is a 4-minute lovefest for a special lady and the town she lives in. And yes, that lady is in the video is Macklemore’s actual grandma, Helen Schott. Happy Birthday Grandma Helen!….”

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Skylar Grey MXCVII :: ‘Walk On Water’ by Eminem x Beyoncé, Co-Written/Co-Produced by Skylar Grey – Eminem Interview w/ Complex x Official Visual Premiere w/ AppleMusic | Video


After being a 24-hour AppleMusic exclusive, the official music video for “Walk On Water” has now been published to YouTube – view it below!

Eminem x Beyoncé – “Walk On Water” | Official Visual ::

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“….it’s a pretty bare track. It’s just piano, really, and Skylar [Grey] sent me that and I thought it was like… The chorus, as soon as I heard it, I felt like this is exactly what I’m feeling right now….”
– Eminem, Complex

Eminem talked about first hearing the version of his Revival album single Walk On Water that Ms. Grey initially sent him, as well as expounded upon some of the subject matter that he addressed in the song’s lyrics in a brand new (December 22) interview with Damien Scott for Complex magazine!

He has also premiered the official “Walk On Water” (feat. Beyoncé) music video via AppleMusic!

Read an excerpt on the single below, click the Complex issue cover to read the interview in its entirety, and if you have AppleMusic click their logo to watch the video premiere!

Eminem – “Walk On Water” | Complex x AppleMusic ::
“….let’s talk about “Walk on Water. One of the things that stood out to me when I heard the song was the way your voice sounded when you recorded it. It sounded very intimate and very clear. Could you speak about how you recorded it?
Well, I think one of the things that makes the vocals come out so clear is it’s a pretty bare track. It’s just piano, really, and Skylar [Grey] sent me that and I thought it was like… The chorus, as soon as I heard it, I felt like this is exactly what I’m feeling right now, so that was one of the things about it that struck me. We had debated on should we put a beat in there? Should we put drums in there? After I recorded it, I played it for Rick [Rubin] and then we had discussed it. We were both like,
“Nah, we should just leave it like this so you can understand, hear everything and maybe hopefully get it the first time you hear it.”

Also on that record, you’re talking about grappling with the criticism that gets levied your way both from fans and peers. Where do you get most of the criticism? How do you receive it? On Twitter? On YouTube?
I see things. I don’t have time to sit on Twitter all day, or read everything, but I do see things and I see enough. I’m probably a lot more in tune than people actually might want to think I am, but I see enough. I don’t know, that song was more about just self-doubt, insecurities, that kind of shit. I’ve never really seen myself as, how can I say… The way I’ve seen some fans act towards me. Even to this day, I’ve been in this game a long time and it’s still weird to me, because I just rap and I certainly haven’t had a perfect career. I’ve put out some not-so-great albums and I realize that. Part of me feels like, I’ve felt this way since I did it, but part of me feels like I’m forever chasing
The Marshall Mathers LP, because I do feel like probably the majority of people who listen to my music probably feel like that’s my best album.

I recognize it and when I say my best album, I don’t know if I had even made my best songs yet, because “Lose Yourself” came later and some other things. As a body of work, I feel like [The Marshall Mathers LP] may be because of the time period and it captured a moment. Maybe it was like a snapshot of that time period, but I also had a lot of rage issues back then, but there’s a constant tug of war with me inside my head that [grapples with] how am I supposed to be?

When I hear people say they miss the old Eminem and then I do the old Eminem, people go, “Oh, man, he’s too old to do that. He needs to mature his content. He’s growing up as a man. He’s in his 40s and he’s supposed to be this way or that way.” You know what I’m saying? “He needs to mature.” Then when I do that, then people go back to, “I miss old Eminem.” I’m in this constant struggle, this constant tug of war in my head. There’s really no way to please everybody, there’s just not, so I just kind of go with my gut, I guess, and what I feel….”

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Skylar Grey MXCVI :: ‘Periscope’ w/ Papa Roach – Behind-the-Track | Video

Papa Roach have released a new behind-the-track video, this time focusing on their Periscope collaboration with Ms. Grey! The band talks about getting Ms. Grey on the track, the meaning behind the lyrics, and how working on the vocals for the track influenced their Crooked Teeth album as a whole.

Watch the 2-minute episode via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey x Papa Roach – “Periscope” | Behind-the-Track ::

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Skylar Grey MXCV :: ‘Walk On Water’ by Eminem x Beyoncé, Co-Written/Co-Produced by Skylar Grey – Official Lyric Video | Video

Released in conjunction with Eminem‘s Revival album this past Friday (December 15), the official lyric video for the Skylar Grey co-written/co-produced Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncé) has been published!

Watch it via YouTube below!

Eminem x Beyoncé – “Walk On Water” | Lyric Video ::

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Skylar Grey MXCIV :: ‘Revival’ Album by Eminem – Skylar Grey Feature x Production x Co-Writes, Now Available | Buy

It’s officially release day for Eminem‘s Revival album!

Ms. Grey co-wrote/co-produced “Walk On Water” (feat. Beyoncé), co-wrote “Like Home” (feat. Alicia Keys) and “Need Me” (feat. P!nk), as well as co-wrote/features on “Tragic Endings” (feat. Skylar Grey)!

Grab a physical copy at your favourite local record shop, and click the artwork below to grab a digital copy for instant listening!

Eminem – Revival | Buy ::

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Skylar Grey MXCIII :: ‘Pick Me Up’ by G-Eazy x Anna of the North – Co-Written by Skylar Grey, Now Available | Stream+Buy

G-Eazy‘s new album The Beautiful & Damned has dropped, with a Skylar Grey co-write featured on track #10“Pick Me Up” (feat. Anna of the North)!

Stream the audio below via YouTube, and click the album artwork to support and buy a copy of the track!

G-Eazy x Anna of the North – “Pick Me Up” | Skylar Grey Co-Write ::

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Skylar Grey MXCII :: Live at Maida Vale for BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac w/ Eminem – Now Available for UK Viewers | Flyer+Video


BBC Radio 1 has now also published the missing dual performance of “Walk On Water”/“Stan”!

Skylar Grey x Eminem | Live for BBC Radio 1 ::

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BBC Radio 1 has published both the “Won’t Back Down” and “Love the Way You Lie” live performances to YouTube – check them out below!

Skylar Grey x Eminem | Live for BBC Radio 1 ::

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Eminem‘s new album Revival officially drops tomorrow (December 15), and the rapper’s recently recorded live set containing new album material at Maida Vale in London for BBC Radio 1‘s Annie Mac has finally debuted!

Performances include “Walk On Water” (co-written/co-produced by Skylar Grey), “Love the Way You Lie” (co-written by Skylar Grey), “Won’t Back Down”, and “Stan”.

The 5-song/20-minute live set featuring Ms. Grey is now available for viewing for those in the UK – check it out via the BBC iPlayer by clicking the promo flyer below!

Skylar Grey x Eminem | Live for BBC Radio 1 ::

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Skylar Grey MXCI :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – XXL’s 50 of the Best Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017, 13-DEC-2017

With 2017 soon coming to a close, Kairi Coe and Adrian Borromeo have published XXL‘s list of the 50 of the Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2017, covering all of the songs released from January 1, 2017-December 13, 2017.

The list presets all of the songs in no particular order, with Ms. Grey‘s Macklemore collaboration Glorious making the list! Other artists in the list include Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and JAY Z, among many others.

Read the article’s introduction below, and click the article graphic to see the full 50-track list!

50 of the Best Hip-Hop Songs Of 2017 | XXL ::
“….what a year 2017 has been. The Lil’s have taken over with a vengeance, and their music has taken them to new heights. Meanwhile, seasoned rap artists have provided classics to bump well into the New Year.

Over the last 12 months, hip-hop has witnessed how the genre has transformed from what it once was five years ago. In 2012, 16-year-old Chief Keef broke onto the scene with an erratic flow and fearful presence on “Don’t Like, undoubtedly rattling the industry and inspiring other young rappers to step up to the mic. In 2017, we have Tay-K, a now-incarcerated 17-year-old who’s amassed over 93 million YouTube views with his real-life getaway video for “The Race. 

2017 also introduced us to Lil Pump, who recently broke the record for shortest song on the Billboard Top 10 with his single “Gucci Gang. The song went on to peak at No. 3, which is fairly impressive considering its short duration. Shortly before Pump came Ski Mask The Slump God, 2017 XXL Freshman XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd, all of who have become viral hip-hop sensations over the past year for their crafty, unhinged lyrics and visually appealing, somewhat eerie videos. Millions drew to them, and still do; others are not as impressed.

For those not riding the new wave, rap front runners JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar came through in the clutch with their deliveries of 4:44 and DAMN., respectively. The albums provided lyrical heat and production hip-hop fans, old and new, can appreciate for decades on end. Their new albums were given over a handful of nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards, with JAY-Z’s project up for Album of the Year.

Then, of course, 2017 is the year Cardi B rose from Love & Hip Hop fame to No. 1 on the Billboard charts for her catchy summer banger “Bodak Yellow. Everyone from Janet Jackson to middle school teachers have pledged their allegiance to Bardi Gang, proving the Bronx rapper is a force to be reckoned with.

Hip-hop has been vastly acknowledged this year from all corners of the entertainment industry. Between that and the number of hits released from acts like Migos, DJ Khaled and A$AP Ferg, rap has become the most consumed genre in the U.S.

We’ve Milly Rocked in New York with Playboi Carti, created our own renditions of Future’s “Mask Off” instrumental and counted millions with 21 Savage all year long. Now, the XXL staff—who sifted through rap songs that took off this year and were released up until today, Dec. 13—presents to you 50 of the best hip-hop tracks of the year, in no particular order. See which of your favorite rappers made the cut below….”

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