Skylar Grey DCXXXV :: ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’ Live @ Guitar Center Sessions, Aired 8-MAR-2013 | Video

Guitar Center has just released another video from Ms. Grey‘s Guitar Center Sessions special, which originally aired on DirecTV on March 8, 2013 and can still be viewed via DirecTV‘s AUDIENCE Network (channel 239).

This 3-minute clip from the special is of the Skylar Grey feat. Eminem single C’mon Let Me Ride – watch it in full below!

“C’mon Let Me Ride” Live @ Guitar Center Sessions | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXXIV :: THE GREY AREA Powered by SocialToaster | Promo

For those wanting to be involved in helping promote Ms. Grey, as well as her upcoming (July 9) full-length album DON’T LOOK DOWN, you will now have a chance to be a part of a special promotion platform powered by Social Toaster – THE GREY AREA.

Those who sign-up for THE GREY AREA will earn points when they use it to help promote the various Skylar Grey releases and projects, and will be able to use those points to earn prizes!

THE GREY AREA has just launched via the official Skylar Grey Facebook page – click below to sign-up and view the current rules, promotions, and prizes.

Skylar Grey – THE GREY AREA | Facebook ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXXIII :: Beats By Dre – Beats TV Presents: Skylar Grey | Video

Andrew Woloz has interviewed Ms. Grey for Beats By Dre‘s Beats TV series, with the 3-minute segment now being released to YouTube. Ms. Grey discusses the superhero version of herself, meeting Dr. Dre, working with artists such as Kaskade, Diddy, and The Band Perry, and what she’s taken from those experiences, as well as gives viewers a special acapella performance of her new single FINAL WARNING!

Watch the segment in full below.

Beats TV Presents: Skylar Grey | Beats By Dre ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXXII :: Playlist – Different Shades of Skylar Grey Part 1: Final Warning | Spotify

Spotify‘s Top Picks in their April 23 newsletter included Ms. Grey‘s playlist The Different Shades of Skylar Grey Part 1: Final Warning. The 14-song playlist is the first in a 4-playlist series from Ms. Grey – one playlist to go with each of the four singles being released in the lead-up to the debut Skylar Grey album DON’T LOOK DOWN, which drops on July 9!

To view the playlist and open it in Spotify, click either photo below.

The Different Shades of Skylar Grey Part 1 | Spotify ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXXI :: ‘Love Bullets’ w/ Now Available Worldwide | iTunes

The Skylar Grey and collaboration “Love Bullets”, released on‘s just-released fourth studio album #willpower, is now available on iTunes!

You can download the new song on the U.S. iTunes by clicking the album’s Deluxe Edition front or back artwork below, or check your country’s own iTunes Store – as of April 23, the song will be available digitally worldwide.

Skylar Grey w/ – “Love Bullets” | iTunes ($1.29) ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXX :: FINAL WARNING Single – Reviews and Buzz

Having been released nearly one week ago (April 16) today, the feedback for the newest Skylar Grey single FINAL WARNING has been mostly positive, although the dark nature of the song has surprised some listeners and reviewers – check out some of the comments on the song below.

Be sure to check out the official lyric video on YouTube, and tweet @SkylarGrey your own thoughts on the song as well!

Skylar Grey’s “Final Warning” | Idolator ::
“….after the darkly playful irony of her lead single “C’mon Let Me Ride, Skylar Grey is going for the jugular with her newest effort “Final Warning, a skittering midtempo ballad that’s not playful or ironic — it’s just dark. Produced by her frequent collaborator Alex da Kid, the track evokes Grey’s biggest hit as a songwriter — Eminem and Rihanna‘s “Love the Way You Lie” — toying with themes of violence and vengeance. (“Someone’s gonna get hurt / And it’s not gonna be me,” she intones ominously on the chorus.) It’s effectively eerie and weird, but “Final Warning” is no radio hit, even as it features one of her catchier melodies to date.

In interviews, Grey has described “Final Warning” as her favorite song on her upcoming debut Don’t Look Down, and it’s not difficult to see why, since it’s a nice encapsulation of what she does as an artist: It’s melodramatic, a little bit menacing and impressively infectious, and there’s something thrilling about hearing her sing, “Good afternoon, dear / How does the rope feel around your neck?” with the sing-song detachment of a horror film villain.

Whether it’ll resonate with listeners is another matter entirely, but even if it doesn’t, Grey will be fine. She wrote one of the best-selling songs of 2010 — she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank either way….”

Grey’s “Final Warning” Takes A Dark Turn |’s Top 40 ::
“….pop songs don’t get much darker than the sentiments of Skylar Grey’s new single “Final Warning. The song has a catchy hook delivered in a sing song, emotionally flat voice by Skylar Grey. With words of revenge it plays out like the soundtrack to a creepy horror movie….”

New Music | stupidDOPE ::
“….Grey has been on all of our minds since dropping her track with Eminem, and she returns today with a dope new track called “Final Warning”. The track is an interesting, dark, emotional number that finds Ms. Grey speaking from the heart about the sweet taste of revenge.

Her brutally truthful bars has a dark, humorous quality that will definitely make you want to get out and do something with yourself. If you’re sleeping on this young lady, its time to wake up, check out the track after the jump….”

“Final Warning” | ::
“….on the surface, Skylar Grey might seem like your ordinary alt-pop songstress. Upon closer inspection, however, she has a sharp edge, as evidenced by 2012’s Eminem-assisted C’mon Let Me Ride. Her latest effort, Final Warning, is a lot like her persona: while Skylar’s irresistibly raspy, yet soft vocals make for an intoxicating, catchy listen, the record’s ear-pleasing qualities belie its dark subject matter. Backed by a string-driven beat from Alex Da Kid, Grey takes up arms against a new ex, refusing to be heartbroken and vowing that she will come out on top at any cost….”

4 Out of 5 Stars | PopCrush ::
“….the track tells the tale of a relationship stuck in a maelstrom of dysfunction and a woman who can’t take it anymore. Instead of just gathering up her things, including her self respect, and walking out, the protagonist of the track plots to murder her philandering lover.

It’s a song reminiscent of Grey’s mentor Eminem‘s track ‘Kim, in which the Detroit rapper threatened to kill his ex-wife. But Grey’s colder, more calculated, than the heated, passionate Marshall Mathers was. Grey is a woman with a plan.

And if you listen long enough, the singer’s haunting, Lana Del Rey-like vocals croon over an argument and a gunshot. It’s creepy, yes — but hell if it’s not a compelling listen….”

New Music | Sway’s Universe ::
“….Grey means business in her latest single, Final Warning off her Don’t Look Down Interscope debut album, due July 9. In the passive-aggressive-spooky record, she warns her love interest to get his act together before“someone gets hurt.”

Fun fact: Skylar wrote this record almost three years ago….”

New Song: ‘Final Warning’ | DirectLyrics ::
“….watch out guys! Skylar Grey is in for the kill….

….the whole vibe of the song is really spooky, but Skylar sings the hook in a really naive-y way that makes a fun contrast…. It’s like she’s almost happy to be able to do ‘it’…. If ya like “Final Warning” buy it or request on radio!….”

‘Final Warning’ Single | Jon ALi’s Blog ::
“….“Final Warning” brings back why we fell in love with Skylar in the first place. The song is dark, melancholic, and even a bit twisted – I love it!….”

Listen to Skylar Grey | PureVolume ::
“….edgy popstar/songwriter Skylar Grey has an ominous new single for you to hear: “Final Warning.

Even if you haven’t heard of Grey, trust us—you’ve heard of Grey: She’s responsible for writing the hook to Eminem and Rihanna’s mega hit “Love the Way You Lie, along with Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor, Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” and way more.

The dark “Final Warning” comes off Grey’s highly anticipated debut album Don’t Look Down, which features Eminem as its executive producer. ….”

Hope She Was Worth It | Dropout UK ::
“….Grey has unveiled the spooky second single from her forthcoming debut album.

The singer displayed her more playful side in her Eminem assisted ‘C’Mon Let Me Ride’.  A contrast to the sound of her first single, ‘Final Warning’ is dark and emotional. Apparently Skylar wrote the track over three years ago, but wanted to keep it waiting in the wings until her album.

Hear Grey speak about the sweet taste of revenge in ‘Final Warning’….”

FINAL WARNING | The Chronic ::
“….she’s due to release her hotly anticipated debut album in July. Her latest single is ‘Final Warning‘ and is the kind of dreamy, dark pop that we’ve come to expect from Skylar Grey. It’s a lovely track with soothing vocals juxtaposing its dark lyrics. Definitely worth checking out and I look forward to hearing the album when it drops…..”

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Skylar Grey DCXXIX :: Skylar Grey & Skrillex Featured on ‘Drunk Girl’ Off of RiFF RAFF’s ‘Neon iCON’ Album | Photos

In response to a fan question via Twitter earlier today (April 21), RiFF RAFF again made mention of his Skylar Grey & Skrillex collaboration, which based off of past tweets is seemingly titled “Drunk Girl”, though the final released track may of course have its titled changed.

Ms. Grey has also posted a couple of pictures to Instagram in recent months of her and Skrillex working on music together – possibly on the “Drunk Girl” song, although what music they were working on specifically wasn’t confirmed at the time.

The track is set to be released on RiFF RAFF‘s Neon iCON album, which is currently slated to drop in the third-quarter of 2013 – check out the tweet below, as well as the Skylar Grey Instagram photos from February of this year!

RiFF RAFF feat. Skylar Grey & Skrillex – “Drunk Girl” | Twitter+Instagram ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXVIII :: Official FINAL WARNING Lyric Video | Video

The official lyric video for FINAL WARNING has just been released to the official Skylar Grey VEVO channel on YouTube – check out the video (for the explicit/album version of the track) in HD below!

Skylar Grey – FINAL WARNING | Lyric Video ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXVII :: Pop Associated Game w/ Idolator’s Sam Lansky | Video

Another video from Ms. Grey‘s recent New York sit-down with Sam Lansky for Idolator has been released – this video features Ms. Grey’s playing Idolator‘s Pop Association game, where she reveals some of what she most associates with collaborators Diddy, Dr. Dre, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, Rihanna, Alex Da Kid,, and Christina Aguilera!

Watch the 2-minute video in full below.

Skylar Grey – Pop Associated | Idolator ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXVI :: FINAL WARNING Single – Fellow Artist and Celebrity Support

Released just last Tuesday (April 16), the brand new Skylar Grey single FINAL WARNING was welcomed with a volley of support from fellow artists, as well as reviews from blogs and critics stating what they liked and disliked about the uniqueness of the “….intense….” new song.

Check out just a few of the tweets from Ms. Grey’s fellow artists and celebrity friends below, with more tweets and RT’s (Russell Crowe, Noah Segan, etc.) still showing up!

Carson Daly ::
“….Final Warning – Single by my lady friend Skylar Grey – check that shit out!….”

Wilmer Valderrama ::
“….Everyone your #FinalWarning is officially out.. Download my friend @SkylarGrey’s new single!….”

Jeremy Piven ::
“….“@SkylarGrey: Hey @jeremypiven I wrote a song about you HAHA”…. Great work as usual my friend!….”

Chloë Grace Moretz ::
“….Hey guys! Check out @SkylarGrey’s new song #FinalWarning sooo dark but the beats so sick!! Love it….”

Imagine Dragons ::
“….Our fellow label mate @SkylarGrey just released her single “final warning” check it out…”

Jay Sean ::
“….My homegirl @SkylarGrey aka Sky Greezy as I call her has a new song “final warning”. I love it. So will u. Check it! ….”


Labrinth ::
“….And if I have any US fans on here @skylargrey has put out a new single #FinalWarning go get it….”

Danny Kass ::
“….If you have $0.69 I would go get @skylargrey new song #darkobsessions….”

Adam Lambert ::
“….This new @skylargrey track is a great slow burn….”

DJ Vice ::
“….Everyone please check out the super talented @SkylarGrey new track “Final Warning”….”

Kimberly Cole ::
“….The new @skylargrey song is so dark I love it!….”

Beau Brooks ::
“….Just heard @SkylarGrey new song “final warning” – lovin it! Sick one Skylar!….”

Dennis Haskins (1 of 2) ::
“….I’ve got a present for all of you from @SkylarGrey !!! A new song from her!!! Spread the word!!! #TeamBelding….”

Dennis Haskins (2 of 2) ::
“….To my @WWE followers @SkylarGrey sang at WM29 w/ #PDiddy . Here’s a present from her to all of you! Spread the word! ….”

Jamie Iovine / DJ EYE ::
“….yo everyone get my awesomely talented friend @SkylarGrey new single “Final Warning” its awwwweeeesome….”

Skylar Astin ::
“….My fellow Skylar! @SkylarGrey ‘s new single is out today.. #FinalWarning Buy it now….”

JoJo Wright ::
“….EPIC new track from my girl @SkylarGrey out today!!! #FinalWarning #FinalWarning….”

On Air with Ryan Seacrest ::
“….@SkylarGrey debuts dark new song #FinalWarning. Do you think she went overboard or is it perfect?….”

DJ Carnage ::
“….GOOO peep out my sister @SkylarGrey new song… So good!!….” ::
“….Why should you listen to @SkylarGrey’s latest release? “It’s dark and fucked up”. We’re convinced….”

Beats By Dre ::
“….S/O to #BeatsArmy member @SkylarGrey! Her new song #FinalWarning is out now!….”

WWE ::
“….Two-Time @WrestleMania Performer @SkylarGrey has released her new single #FinalWarning on @iTunesMusic! Check it out!….”

G-Star RAW ::
“….Check out G-Star friend @SkylarGrey: New song #FinalWarning out now!…”

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