Skylar Grey DXXXIV :: Exclusive ‘Don’t Look Down’ Interview w/ HipHopDX

HipHopDX has published a brand new interview with Ms. Grey today (December 25), conducted by Jonathan Tobias. This interview covers more of Ms. Grey’s Don’t Look Down album as a whole, and gives some information regarding the album’s overall sound, Eminem’s involvement on tracks other than C’mon Let Me Ride, and who will produce the album along with Alex Da Kid.

Read some excerpts below, and click the article’s title to view the full-length version on HipHopDX.

Grey Explains Mood of Debut Album | HipHopDX ::
“….Skylar had this to say about what listeners can expect from her new album: “There are a lot of different things on the album. ‘C’mon Let me Ride’ definitely does not represent the rest of the album. You will hear things that are more expected, more melancholy, more melodic.  Then there is stuff that is more fun. That is because when I started making this album, the oldest song was two years old and was right around the time I wrote ‘Love The Way You Lie. After that song, I felt a lot of love while working with great people and having money again. I had a couple of really happy years and started writing some happier songs too. ‘C’mon Let me Ride’ is reflective of these good times”….

As previously mentioned, Eminem has given Skylar Grey a lot of advice. Out of all the sessions that Skylar Grey has had with Eminem, she speaks on the best advice that he gave her: “Well I have a lot of identity crises. I love so many different kinds of music and fashion. I am all over the map.  Sometimes I go too far in one direction and I say ‘Oh no, that’s not me. Eminem told me, ‘Just be you. That is so simple yet so true. I should not try and be anything, I should just be me. It should be as easy as breathing to put out this album and make these songs.”….

Don’t Look Down is scheduled to be released in early 2013 with more appearances from Eminem along with a feature from Marilyn Manson. As far as producers go, Skylar is going to be working with Alex Da Kid and J.R Rotem, among others….”

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Skylar Grey DXXXIII :: The Wall Street Journal, 11-DEC-2012 | Online Edition

After their December 9 and 10 articles leading up to Ms. Grey‘s C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem music video and single release, The Wall Street Journal published a third article by Senior Editorial Director Christopher John Farley – you may read the article in part below, and click its title to access the full-length version!

Grey Switches Gears with Eminem | The Wall Street Journal ::
“….some pop songs have way about being way dirtier than they may seem on the surface. For example, I’m beginning to suspect that Madonna’s “Borderline” isn’t about Doctors Without Borders. And Skylar Grey’s just-released single and video “C’mon Let Me Ride, is probably not about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal….

In the past her some of her videos have been introspective, moody, black-and-white affairs. “C’mon Let Me Ride” is a sexy, satirical romp, with bikinis and visual gags. Yes, her Eminem connection is rubbing off. Is it for the better? Watch the video. What do you think?….”

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Skylar Grey DXXXII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Buzz, Pt. IV

With the single and music video for Ms. Grey‘s C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem now having been out for 12 days (since December 11), more music blogs and critics are sharing their thoughts on the satiric song and visual.

Read a few more of the newer posts and articles regarding it below!

“….join Skylar Grey on a ride through the neck of the woods you’re definitely not familiar with. It gets weird but fear not, Eminem brings assurance that we’ll make out alive. Helmets not included….”

First Track From Solo Album | Young Hollywood ::
“….Skylar’s second studio album (her first under her current stage name), Don’t Look Down, is set to drop in the Spring, and it has critics and listeners alike buzzing, anxious to see this artist, who heretofore has been best known for supporting OTHER artists – get her shot in the spotlight. Produced by Eminem (and also Alex da Kid), the first single off the album, “C’mon Let Me Ride”, has just been released, and it’s certainly a long way from “Love The Way You Lie” and “I Need a Doctor”.

In the music video, Skylar takes her tongue-and-cheekness to the deep south, where she attempts to prove that her rough-and-tumble style is way more appealing than the overly made-up and plastic surguried beauty queens (are there many of those in the middle of the Ozarks?). Eminem is along for the ride, spitting his clever rhymes and busting out his Pee-wee Herman voice. Oh, Slim, how we’ve missed you….”

Editor’s Video Pick | SheKnows ::
“….Grey grabs our attention with her quirky jab at our hypersexual culture.

Ms. Grey has a valid point, and she makes an amusing music video that makes light of an otherwise depressing situation.

Music is expression and everyone is entitled to making it the way they want — but it’s always entertaining to watch an artist make fun of what we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Why shouldn’t she?

Could there be a moral of the story underneath all this sarcasm?

Grey wears booty shorts and has a bod that would make a grown man cry, yet she still had to compete with other beautiful women. Lesson, maybe? Or even the fact that they live in a trailer park, yet somehow make a way to afford surgery (Priorities, anyone?).

With the funky spirit of a No Doubt song, the addictive chorus also features the beloved Eminem. Who better to make jabs at an irritating norm than Slim Shady? The video goes as far to remind me, if only briefly, of Mr. Shady’s earlier days, and Rolling Stone apparently agreed, saying the track “reconnects with his goofier side.

Skylar and Eminem have an unusual chemistry, and she ends up being the perfect “ying” to his “yang,” which makes me wonder why they don’t ride off into the musical sunset and continue on as a duo.

Need I say more?….”

Song Review | Inquirer Entertainment ::
“….in her lead single “C’mon Let Me Ride, her resemblance was more of a white trash figure, pardon the term. But listen to the lyrics, watch the music video, and you will see that she has chosen this direction freely and willingly, or that she was trying to portray that image to a “T”! Either way, she does well. But despite her outward appearance, it doesn’t take away anything when it comes to her capabilities as a singer and songwriter. Her most recent transformation may make her look cheap and trashy, but her talent is still there. What talent exactly? Her lyrical skills and how well she puts together her lines….

….Grey even has Eminem providing the verse and helping out in the chorus for her lead single “C’mon Let Me Ride”. This single was originally planned to incorporate vocals from the late Freddie Mercury from Queen, but the way Eminem provided the chorus was funnier and fit in more with the song. Eminem is more ‘Slim Shady’ here, than he has been for the last few years. He has likewise gone back to becoming a “character”. His style here is reminiscent of his older studio releases like “The Eminem Show”….

Skylar Grey ft. Eminem | XXL Magazine ::
“….Grey, who’s earned notable hook slots as writer/singer on some of hip-hop’s biggest hits in the past three years, looks to release her own solo effort Don’t Look Down. The first single—a jaunty lovemaking metaphor—is pretty straight forward on she wants to do. With support from Eminem, and a comical video, Grey looks to stand on her own two….”

Skylar Grey Feat. Eminem | Cranium Fitteds ::
“….this poppy cut is loosely based round an old Queen favorite and blatant innuendo, made more interesting by the fact that the multifaceted Wisconsin singer/songwriter appears in a more light-hearted perspective when compared to some of her previous works with Em.

However, on the other side of the coin, lies a legit radio record with a verse from one of the biggest names to ever grace this industry. Many may not actually understand the road travelled by Skyler Grey or who she really is and will just be content to jam to whatever bubblegum pieces the FM brings forth….”

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Skylar Grey DXXXI :: Grey’s Favourite Album of 2012, Idolator

With the current year of 2012 soon coming to an end, Idolator asked Ms. Grey about which album she would pick as her favourite of this past year.

Read Ms. Grey’s comments below, and click the photo to view Idolator‘s full article!

Grey’s Favourite Album of 2012 | Idolator ::
“….“My 2012 album of the year is Night Visions by Imagine Dragons. So first of all, I know [frontman] Dan [Reynolds], I know Imagine Dragons from being label mates with them and from [producer] Alex Da Kid, all that stuff, Grey explained to us. “But I’m not just being biased. I think their album is really awesome. The songwriting is great. It sounds great. Dan’s voice is crazy good, and they’re really amazing people. I’m very proud of them”….”

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Skylar Grey DXXX :: MLive Detroit’s Interview w/ “C’mon Let Me Ride” Director Isaac Rentz, 19-DEC-2012

The music video for C’mon Let Me Ride was just made available (December 18) to purchase on iTunes, and MLive Detroit‘s Eric Lacy interviewed the video’s director Isaac Rentz about filming the video in Detroit, what the process working with Ms. Grey and Eminem was like for him, and how they picked the location for the video shoot.

Read the interview in part below, and click the article title to access the full-length version!

Interview w/ Isaac Rentz | MLive Detroit ::
“….What’s it like shooting a video in Michigan?

I had a great time in Michigan. It’s a beautiful state and we were there right in time for the Tigers playoff run. My crew caught me up on Detroit baseball in between takes.

How did you know that trailer spot was the spot? 

I picked it after seeing a few spots around Detroit. I instantly fell in love with it. If my wife would let me, I’d totally buy a summer trailer there.

Did Eminem share any childhood memories of living in trailer parks?

He definitely cracked some trailer park jokes. He kept things really light and fun on set. He was making jokes with the crew and goofing off for the behind the scenes camera.

What do think Eminem could do to help Skylar Grey’s career?

I think Eminem and Skylar feed off of each others’ energy and creativity really well. They’ve had a lot of success working together the past few years, so it’ll be exciting to see what they do with her new album….”

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Skylar Grey DXXIX :: Beats By Dre’s #BEATSSPOTTED CHALLENGE | Prizes+Banner

Beats By Dre has opened a contest based around their new :30 All Eyes On Us commercial, which features 21 different artists (including Ms. Grey) with their Beats headphones – the goal of the contest is to win Beats Solo HD headphones, an HP laptop, an HTC One X smartphone, “….and more….”, by trying to name as many artists from the commercial as you can.

To enter the contest, simply click the banner featuring Ms. Grey below to access the official contest page containing the commercial, as well as the contest entry form.

Skylar Grey – #BEATSSPOTTED CHALLENGE | Beats By Dre ::

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Skylar Grey DXXVIII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” w/ Eminem Music Video on iTunes | Buy

The Isaac Rentz-directed music video for the brand new Skylar Grey feat. Eminem single C’mon Let Me Ride has now been made available to purchase on the U.S. iTunes!

Be sure to rate, review, and buy the video – click below to view it in the U.S. iTunes store.

“C’mon Let Me Ride” Music Video | iTunes ::

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Skylar Grey DXXVII :: Exclusive Interview w/ The

Ms. Grey recently participated in an interview with‘s Nadine Graham – they discussed how Eminem’s musical sensibilities apply to his executive producing her upcoming album Don’t Look Down, writing C’mon Let Me Ride with Alex Da Kid and Mike Del Rio, and how the varying styles and sounds on her Don’t Look Down album will take listeners “….on a journey….”.

Read an excerpt from the interview below, and click the photo of Ms. Grey to access the full article!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | ::
“….Grey says that although most fans may harp on the musical differences between herself and Eminem, the value of what they’ve created is indisputable. “Music is music, she states. “Whether it’s rap or rock music, as long as it’s quality music I think that it can be respected and appreciated by people from other genres. That’s one of the cool things we had from the start was combining an alternative-sounding hook on a rap song like we did on ‘Love the Way you Lie.

‘Don’t Look Down’ is bound to encourage a variety of emotions as Grey admits to not having one particular vibe in mind during its production. “I don’t ever plan what type of song I want to make; I just follow intuition”….

With her sophomore opus coming to fruition, she’s prepared to take listeners for a ride. “I think when people listen to the album, they’ll be taken on a journey, Grey admits. “By listening to it, they’ll get a pretty good understanding of who I am.….”

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Skylar Grey DXXVI :: Forbes Music Special Report – 30 Under 30, 17-DEC-2012 | Online Edition

Forbes has published their special report of music’s 30 Under 30, laying out the world business magazine’s list of their most promising artists for the coming year of 2013, with Ms. Grey having earned placement as one of their “….rising stars….” of the list!

Read their comments below, and click the Forbes logo to access the full list and gallery.

Special Report – 30 Under 30 | Forbes ::
“….the singer-songwriter wrote the hook to Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie, which earned five Grammy nominations; she’s set for her major label solo debut in 2013….”

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Skylar Grey DXXV :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Buzz, Pt. III

The music video for C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem has now reached 5 million views, since its release on December 11, and has still been spreading around the blogs and music sites.

Read more about what’s being said about the brand new single below!

Grey Releases “C’mon Let Me Ride” | Ryan Seacrest ::
“….the debut single features a powerful collaboration between Grey and the upcoming album’s executive producer, Eminem. It’s time to party with Skylar, Eminem and some guy named ‘Billy Bob’….”

SKYLAR GREY FT. EMINEM | Beatz Magazine ::
“….the song and its accompanying video are upbeat and ridiculously tongue-in-cheek with the latter involving an androgynous Grey messing with the plastic bimbos who her love interest seems so enamored with. According to Grey, the video is a dig at the ‘overtly sexualized aspect of everything in this world today’.

Eminem’s contribution is light-hearted and reminiscent of My Band and A** Like That. And it looks like the pair had a laugh making the video, filmed in a trailer park Eminem’s home city Detroit….”

Grey’s “C’mon Let Me Ride” | Detroit Free Press ::
Eminem brings high-wattage star power to the just-released single by alt-pop singer-songwriter Skylar Grey….the colorful and quirky lead single from Grey’s upcoming album “Don’t Look Down, features Em dropping a guest rap and the auto-tuned refrain from Queen’s 1978 song “Bicycle Race.

The clip — which parodies the sex-steeped imagery of contemporary pop divas — finds Eminem reprising the barbed pop-culture humor of his early work….”

Skylar Grey | Jason The Gleek ::
“….Grey, the once brooding piano chanteuse, dabbles in sexually suggestive pop music with her new single “C’mon Let Me Ride. Featuring Eminem, the official music video, which dropped yesterday, December 11, features trailer-park hotties vying to woo a trio of down-home bumpkins.

Sky even stars as a pinup girl in a red and white polk dot outfit.


Closing Time | Sports News On Tap ::
“….one of the artists I have had my eye on for the last couple of years has been Skylar Grey. She has shown up on some infectious hooks….Grey brings Em on her single, and she takes the Detroit rapper’s route by using a satirical song as her single….this song will be a pretty big hit by mid-January.  There is no question about it. Everything sets up for it….”

Watch: Skylar Grey | 24×7 Bulletin ::
“….the voice that made you Invisible is back with her latest flick. Skylar Grey is collaborated with Eminem this time to give her one of the best song till date. Today, on 12th December 2012, Skylar Grey officially launched the music video of C’mon Let Me Ride ft. Eminem….the music of the video is good one that will keep you on the track and the voice of Skylar Grey is still unbeatable….”

“….Grey is the queen of the trailer park in her new Eminem-assisted video ‘C’mon Let Me Ride, which features the singer-songwriter portraying a flannel-wearing hellraiser, an evil plastic surgeon, and a polka-dot-loving girl….Slim Shady delivers a typically campy comedic performance that ends with the rapper towing a kiddie pool full of ladies from the trailer park….”

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