Skylar Grey DCXCV :: The New York Times – DON’T LOOK DOWN Album Review by Jon Pareles, 9-JUL-2013 | Photo

First up in the list of critical reviews of Ms. Grey‘s now-released DON’T LOOK DOWN album is a piece by Jon Pareles, in the July 9 issue of The New York Times.

Click the scan below to view it full-size (852×1182), and read the complete album review article!

DON’T LOOK DOWN Album Review | The New York Times ::

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Skylar Grey DCXCIV :: ‘Tower (Don’t Look Down)’ – iTunes Single of the Week, 9-JUL-2013 | Free Download+Artwork

Along with the iTunes Edition of DON’T LOOK DOWN containing 2 exclusive bonus tracks, and being sold for only $6.99 (for one week only), iTunes has now also released the album song “Tower (Don’t Look Down)” (a lyric from which the DON’T LOOK DOWN album takes its title) as their latest free Single of the Week download!

The song will be a free download for one week only – be sure to take advantage of this special release, and share the official link to the free download around everywhere that you can to promote DON’T LOOK DOWN and give people a chance to sample a cut off of the full-length record!

“Tower (Don’t Look Down)” – Single of the Week | iTunes (Free) ::
“….there’s little doubt that Skylar Grey knows how to craft a pop hook – she released a debut album, toured with a number of notable singer/songwriters, and co-wrote the Eminem/Rihanna hit “Love the Way You Lie” while she was still in her early 20s. Although the pensive single “Tower (Don’t Look Down)” has the disarming sincerity and fresh perspective of an emerging young artist, its meticulous construction has the sophisticated touch of a veteran pop songwriter. The song comes from Don’t Look Down, an album which enlists Eminem as an executive producer….”

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Skylar Grey DCXCIII :: DON’T LOOK DOWN Now Available – iTunes+CD+Deluxe Editions | Buy

The long-awaited release of Ms. Grey’s album DON’T LOOK DOWN is finally here! If you’ve yet to get your copy, the album is now available on iTunes in the U.S. – you can check out the 4 different editions of the album (with exclusive bonus tracks) by clicking their respective links below!

The album is Executive Produced by Alex Da Kid & Eminem.

Production by Skylar Grey, Alex Da Kid, J.R. Rotem, Ill Factor, Ross Golan, and Jason DeZuzio.

Featuring Guests Angel Haze, Eminem, Travis Barker, and Big Sean.

S K Y L A R  G R E Y  |  D O N ‘ T  L O O K  D O W N
01| BACK FROM THE DEAD (feat. Big Sean & Travis Barker)




05| C’MON LET ME RIDE (feat. Eminem)




09| S***, MAN! (feat. Angel Haze)




Deluxe Edition | iTunes


Deluxe Edition | Target (CD)


Deluxe Edition | Spotify

ONLY THING I HEAR (feat. Travis Barker)

Standard Edition | Amazon (CD)

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Skylar Grey DCXCII :: The Wall Street Journal – ‘Sunshine’ Premiere, 8-JUL-2013 | Online Edition+Stream

The online edition of The Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy magazine for July 8 features a piece by Eric R. Danton on the Skylar Grey track “Sunshine” – while not as of yet an album single, the song is featured on Ms. Grey’s DON’T LOOK DOWN album, which is set to drop tomorrow/Tuesday (July 9)!

Read an excerpt from the song review below, and click the WSJ‘s logo beneath to check out the full article, as well as an exclusive premiere stream of the track! Also be sure to leave your thoughts on the song and album in the comments section of the article on WSJ.

Listen to ‘Sunshine’ – Song Premiere | The Wall Street Journal ::
“….she takes a different tack on “Sunshine, a more somber tune that premieres today on Speakeasy. Grey (born Holly Brook Hafermann) sings in wistful tones about making the best of not much, observing, “We ain’t got money but we got sunshine.”

It’s one of the many moods on “Don’t Look Down, which ranges from pugnacious to melancholy on songs with shiny pop hooks and touches of hip-hop in the beats.

Grey is the co-writer of such songs as “Love the Way You Lie, a major hit for Eminem and Rihanna.

“Don’t Look Down” is due July 9 on KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records. What do you think of “Sunshine? Leave your thoughts in the comments….”

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Skylar Grey DCXCI :: DON’T LOOK DOWN Interview Feature by Allison Stewart – 5-JUL-2013 | The Washington Post

Writing for The Washington Post, Allison Stewart phoned Ms. Grey for an interview while Ms. Grey was in Half Moon Bay, California, attending the Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit this past June. The conversation evolved into a 2-page feature which is now available via the official Washington Post website.

Read the opening statements from the feature below, and click the publication’s logo to read the entire 2-page article!

Skylar Grey Feature by Allison Stewart | The Washington Post ::
“….if she does nothing else, let Nicole Scherzinger serve as a cautionary tale. The former Pussycat Doll famously spent more than half a decade working on a solo debut, which, after many pushed-back release dates and failed singles, has still never been released in the United States. She isn’t the only one: Even a superstar like Faith Hill isn’t immune to Delayed Album Syndrome. Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, whose own solo album gestated for more years than she would care to remember, thought she might meet the same fate. “I was a little bit worried, honestly,” she says. Her official debut, “Don’t Look Down, endured years of tweaking, title changes and underperforming singles before it finally gets a proper release on Tuesday.

It’s not that Grey thinks “Don’t Look Down” will make her famous — “I don’t have high expectations for its sales or anything” — it’s just that releasing an album unlocks all the other things she wants to do. Touring, making videos, connecting with fans. “For the past couple years, I feel like I haven’t been allowed to be an artist on all the levels I’ve wanted to,” says Grey, on the phone from northern California’s Half Moon Bay. “Everyone’s been so precious about ‘the right moment.’”

“Don’t Look Down” is a solid offering — a beat-driven pop album with a flair for the dramatic. While early 2000s Dido and Paramore are clear reference points, it also draws upon, but does not overemphasize, Grey’s reputation as a gangsta moll who has served as the angelic-voiced foil to rappers like Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco. Eminem, Grey’s mentor, serves as one of the album’s producers….”

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Skylar Grey DCXC :: ‘Can’t Haunt Me’ feat. Marilyn Manson (Studio Version) – Pop Freak | Stream

A stream of the long-buried studio version of the Skylar Grey feat. Marilyn Manson collaboration “Can’t Haunt Me” has surfaced on

To listen to the stream of the full, 4:00 studio version of the track exclusively on PopFreak, click their logo below!

Skylar Grey – “Can’t Haunt Me” feat. Marilyn Manson | Stream ::

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Skylar Grey DCLXXXIX :: DON’T LOOK DOWN Exclusive Track ‘Only Thing I Hear’ feat. Travis Barker+Official Lyric Sheet – Spotify’s The Drop | Stream+Photo

In keeping with their theme of releasing exclusive Skylar Grey content every few days (up until the July 9 release of the DON’T LOOK DOWN album), Spotify‘s new app The Drop has just released a never-before-heard Skylar Grey song featuring Travis Barker“Only Thing I Hear”!

The track comes in at 3:22 in length, and you may stream it exclusively through The Drop by clicking their (also exclusive) lyric sheet for the song below!

Skylar Grey – “Only Thing I Hear” feat. Travis Barker | The Drop ::

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Skylar Grey DCLXXXVIII :: Playboy’s Femme On Fire: Women To Watch For, 3-JUL-2013

Playboy has featured Ms. Grey in the July 3 special of their Femme On Fire: Women To Watch For series! The special features a lengthy interview with Ms. Grey by Vanessa Butler, including their talking about women in the music industry, albums as a whole vs. single songs, working with Travis Barker, one of her most embarrassing moments, and her first memory of Playboy magazine.

Read a few excerpts from the interview below, and click the banner beneath to read it in full on! Also be sure to take a moment to rate the article 5 Playboy Rabbit’s.

Femme On Fire: Women To Watch For – Skylar Grey | Playboy ::
“… You’ve done a lot for someone who’s only now releasing a major label debut! It must’ve been great to focus your energy onto your own full-length studio album.

Grey: Yeah, it’s been a long time coming. [laughs] Basically the process of the album started when I wrote “Love the Way You Lie. The oldest song on the album, “Final Warning, was written the same week I wrote “Love the Way You Lie” and then since then I’ve written quite a few songs, not a crazy amount, but enough to experiment while I was trying to figure out what exactly I wanted the rest of the album to sound like. It took me a few years to figure it out! Is there one specific song on your new album you can’t wait to share?

Grey: I really believe in albums still, call me old-school but I’m really excited for people to hear the whole thing because as you’ve probably heard just from listening to it, it’s pretty diverse and there’s a lot of dimensions to who I am as an artist, so one song will not really show that. So I’m mostly excited to have a body of work out there that people can get into. And I’m sure the first time they’ll listen to it they’ll have like one or two favorites and then the hundredth time they listen to it there will be a song that maybe they didn’t like at first but that’ll soon be their favorite. I wanted there to be different levels of catchiness and different kinds of songs on the album so people can spend some time with it. Some of the songs are more growers and some of the songs are more instant. I’m excited, actually, to see which songs are favorites. You’ve worked with a lot of iconic musicians. What has been the best advice you’ve been given along the way?

Grey: This wasn’t directed at me, but I really loved this: I was at an award show once and David Foster was doing a speech and at one point he said, “Make every decision like you’ve got a hundred million dollars in the bank.” And that may not make sense to some people, but to me it meant that you shouldn’t make decisions based on trying to make money; you should make decisions based on your creative instinct. And that’s something I see Eminem do every day. I really admire that. His ability to make decisions not based on what he thinks other people want to hear or anything, it’s really purely about the art. I feel that a lot of times in Hollywood these days that people are driven by the wrong things: they’re driven by money and fame. It can compromise the art. And so David’s quote really has some weight. Be true to your creative instinct and don’t go after the wrong goals…..”

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Skylar Grey DCLXXXVII :: ‘White Suburban’ – Song & Visual Now Available | Video+iTunes

The latest Skylar Grey song “White Suburban” debuted yesterday (July 2) through Spotify‘s new app The Drop, and is now available to purchase on iTunes! You can currently grab the song for just $0.69 by clicking its artwork below.

Album co-executive producer Alex Da Kid has mentioned this as being one of his favourite songs off of the DON’T LOOK DOWN album (which drops this coming Tuesday/July 9).

The brand new visual for “White Suburban” has also been released – watch it via VEVO and YouTube below!

Skylar Grey – “White Suburban” | iTunes ($0.69) ::

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Skylar Grey DCLXXXVI :: DON’T LOOK DOWN VIP Listening Party @ The Sayers Club – Los Angeles, 2-JUL-2013 | Photos

The VIP listening party for DON’T LOOK DOWN took place last night (July 2) at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles – along with Ms. Grey herself, those in attendance included Travis Barker, Scoop DeVille, Noah Segan, Karli Henriquez, professional snowboarder The Dingo, and Randy Philips (the president of AEG Live), among others! Access Hollywood and Hollywood Reporter covered the event. Thavius Beck and Devin Webster also performed with Ms. Grey during her live set.

Check out the Sayers event poster below, as well as photos from Karli HenriquezZimbio (by Jason Kempin) and Scoop DeVille – click each photo to view their original source.

Skylar Grey @ DON’T LOOK DOWN VIP Listening Party | Sayers ::

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