Skylar Grey DLXXX :: Guitar Center Sessions, DirecTV Special Airing 8-MAR-2013 | Flyers


Check out another version of the second promotional flyer, this time tailored for use as a Facebook Cover, in the list below.

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The March 8 premiere of Ms. Grey‘s Guitar Center Sessions special on the AUDIENCE Network (channel 239 on DirecTV) is now one week away – check out a second promotional flyer (as well as the original) for the special below, and click each of them to view them full-size!

The full-length special will air on Friday, March 8, at 9:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 PM Pacific, with host Nic Harcourt, on DirecTV channel 239, the AUDIENCE Network.

Skylar Grey – Guitar Center Sessions Special | Flyers ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXIX :: Open Main Stage at Rags 2 Riches Live | Contest+Banners

Gig contest website gigg is hosting a contest where those entering have a chance to win the opportunity to open the Rags 2 Riches Live event at the 2013 SXSW (South by Southwest) music festival in Austin, Texas on March 16. The entire event will be streamed live online, will be hosted by Diddy, and Ms. Grey will be performing a full live set herself at the event.

View the official set of rules below, and click any of the three banners to access the official website to enter the contest.

Open Main Stage at R2RLive | Contest+Banners ::

Upload Your Videos before March 8, 2013

Sean “Diddy” Combs is hosting what is said to be one of the hottest events at SXSW this year! There is an amazing line up of big name artists that are ready to take stage. Good news is…YOU could be one of those that will be taking stage! Yes, we are going to give the winner of theRags2Riches contest an opening slot on March 16, 2013 in Austin, Texas! 


Contest is open to US and Canada residents ONLY—Artist must provide their own transportation to show location.

Upload a video singing any song you’d like before the start of the tournament—check out the countdown clock to see how much time you have left.

NO slideshows or still shots over recorded tracks. 

Round winners are determined by a team of judges making up 1/3 of the vote:

·         1/3 Fans (this includes votes cast via Gigg AND Facebook/Twitter, add the three numbers you see to get the Total)

·         1/3 R2R 

·         1/3 Gigg

Contestants are REQUIRED to upload a new video every other round, so please make sure you check your email after each round to see if you’ve made it through.


The winner will perform an 8 minute set on March 16, 2013

VIP access to all the celebrities at the party

Bragging rights

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Skylar Grey DLXXVIII :: VIBE Magazine Piece, 27-FEB-2013 | Photo

VIBE Magazine‘s Music Editor John Kennedy has conducted a new  interview piece with Ms. Grey, included with a photo by Craig Salmon.

Ms. Grey has posted a scan of the article on both her Facebook and Twitter, and you may view it below – click it to access the full-size image and read the piece!

Skylar Grey | VIBE Magazine ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXVII :: “Only You” by Cee Lo Green feat. Lauriana Mae, Co-Written by Skylar Grey | Music Video

The official music video for Cee Lo Green’s new single Only You feat. Lauriana Mae (co-written by Ms. Grey, and set to be included on Green’s upcoming solo album Everybody’s Brother) has been released today, exclusively via the official Entertainment Weekly website.

The video features both Cee Lo Green and Lauriana Mae, and was directed by Ethan Lader – click below to access the video on the Entertainment Weekly article!

Cee Lo Green & Lauriana Mae – “Only You” Music Video | Entertainment Weekly ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXVI :: Interview w/ What’s Trending – New Album, 27th Birthday, and More | Video

What’s Trending has posted another one of the segments from Ms. Grey‘s live interview with hosts Ross Everett and Shira Lazar that was filmed yesterday (February 26) – in this segment they discuss  how Ms. Grey feels about turning 27 earlier this month, some of the gifts that she received for her birthday, as well as addressing a few fan questions regarding her songs “Final Warning” and “Can’t Haunt Me” feat. Marilyn Manson.

Skylar Grey Interview Segment | What’s Trending ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXV :: Interview w/ What’s Trending – Reddit’s Caption Contest | Video

What’s Trending has posted one of the segments from Ms. Grey‘s live interview with hosts Ross Everett and Shira Lazar earlier today (February 26) – they discuss some of the reasoning behind the artwork chosen for the Don’t Look Down album cover, add their own captions to several popular Reddit r/Pics photos, and discuss one of Ms. Grey’s past jobs in editing adult movies.

Skylar Grey Interview Segment | What’s Trending ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXIV :: Rap-Up TV Interview at Myspace’s ChapStick Sessions, 11-FEB-2013 | Video

Rap-Up TV has posted another exclusive interview of Ms. Grey, taken while she was at her February 11 live show for Myspace‘s ChapStick Sessions with Emeli Sande. She explains what Eminem executive-producing her upcoming Don’t Look Down album has entailed so far, why some of the darker lyrics from her song “Final Warning” make her laugh, as well as what the process was like writing Ceel Lo Green’s latest single Only You feat. Lauriana Mae in a single day.

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Rap-Up TV ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXIII :: Exclusive Interview w/ Cambio’s Paige Mueller | Video

Cambio has published a new interview video conducted by Paige Mueller and article by Vivian Tang – Ms. Grey talks about how her “….unexpected….” song C’mon Let Me Ride featuring Eminem came about, and about how both Eminem’s song “Stan” with Dido, and her first forays into working with hip-hop artists both affected her perception of how different genres of music can blend with hip-hop to create a powerful and moving sound.

Click the photo below to access the interview which is exclusively viewable at!

Skylar Grey Interview | Cambio ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXII :: 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party, 2013 Oscars | Photos

Last night (February 24) the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party for the 85th Academy Awards/2013 Oscars took place at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. Ms. Grey was in attendance at the party, and Elton John played the Kaskade and Skylar Grey collaboration Room for Happiness during one of the viewing breaks!

Several sites have published photo galleries of those in attendance – check out several photos of Ms. Grey (including several with actor/musician Wilmer Valderrama) below, and click them to access each site’s full gallery.

21st Annual EJAF Oscar Party | Zimbio+WireImage+Getty Images ::

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Skylar Grey DLXXI :: ‘Wear Me Out’ Live @ Guitar Center Sessions, DirecTV Special Airing 8-MAR-2013 | Video+Flyer

Guitar Center TV has posted an exclusive live video of Ms. Grey performing one of her new songs, “Wear Me Out”, off of her upcoming Don’t Look Down album (which drops this Spring). The performance is taken from her live Guitar Center Sessions acoustic set that will be broadcast on DirecTV‘s Audience Network, channel 239.

The full-length special will air on Friday, March 8, at 9:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 PM Pacific, with host Nic Harcourt.

Check out the live performance of “Wear Me Out”, as well as the promo flyer for the special below!

Skylar Grey – “Wear Me Out” Live Acoustic | Guitar Center Sessions ::

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