Skylar Grey DCXXII :: Rap Genius Debuts Exclusive :90 FINAL WARNING Snippet | Audio

The artist+fan-edited rap lyric wiki Rap Genius has exclusively debuted a :90 snippet of Ms. Grey‘s upcoming Don’t Look Down single FINAL WARNING!

The full song will be officially released tomorrow (April 16), but be sure to check out the exclusive snippet via Rap Genius by clicking below!

Skylar Grey – FINAL WARNING (Snippet) | Rap Genius ::

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Skylar Grey DCXXI :: FUSE’s ‘50 Girls Who Run The World’ – Online Clips | Video

FUSE‘s 5-episode special 50 Girls Who Run The World (hosted by Ms. Grey and Tegan & Sara) made its television debut last night (April 12) – FUSE TV has posted a few clips from the special online, including Ms. Grey picking several of her own favourite music videos, as well as divulging which pop group from the 1990’s is her guilty pleasure.

Check out all four of the clips below via FUSE TV!

Skylar Grey for 50 Girls Who Run The World | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DCXX :: FUSE’s ‘50 Girls Who Run The World’ – Promo & BTS Clips+Banner, Special Airing 12-APR-2013 | Video+Banner

FUSE‘s official website has opened a section for their 5-episode Skylar Grey and Tegan & Sara hosted special 50 Girls Who Run The World – along with the Shirley Manson clip from the special, the website now also contains an on-set behind-the-scenes clip featuring bloopers and candid backstage footage, as well as a short promotional video for the complete 5-episode special which airs tonight at 9:00PM Eastern on FUSE.

Watch both videos below, and click the banner to access the special website!

Skylar Grey for 50 Girls Who Run The World | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DCXIX :: FUSE’s ‘50 Girls Who Run The World’ – Shirley Manson Clip, Special Airing 12-APR-2013 | Video

FUSE‘s Skylar Grey and Tegan & Sara hosted special 50 Girls Who Run The World debuts in full tonight (April 12), and FUSE TV has released a :20 clip from the show.

The :20 shows Ms. Grey talking about Shirley Manson (of the influential rock band Garbage) – both artists have stated their appreciation of each other’s artistry, and in this clip Ms. Grey explains part of why she is a fan.

Watch the clip below, and be sure to tune in to FUSE tonight (April 12) at 9:00PM Eastern to watch the complete 5-episode special in full!

Skylar Grey Talks Shirley Manson | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DCXVIII :: ‘Final Warning’ – Rolling Stone Article w/ ‘Don’t Look Down’ Album Release Date | Photos

The official announcement for Ms. Grey‘s upcoming Don’t Look Down single “Final Warning” (which drops April 16) has now been issued via Rolling Stone magazine (written by Steve Baltin) – read it in full below, and check out both a brand new pro-shot by David Roemer, as well as a high-quality copy of the official single artwork!

The article details her 4-single+4-music video plan leading up to Don’t Look Down, reveals that her collaboration off of his #willpower album (which will be released April 19) is titled “Love Bullets”, as well as revealing the much-awaited official release date for the album – July 9, 2013!

You may click all of the photos to open the full-size/high-quality versions!

Skylar Grey – “Final Warning”, April 16 | Rolling Stone ::
More than two years after Skylar Grey turned heads with her Grammy performance alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre on “I Need a Doctor, the singer will finally release her debut album, Dont Look Down, on July 9th.

Grey has been anxious to share the album, executive produced by Eminem, since she unveiled the lead single, “C’mon, Let Me Ride, earlier this year. “I just wanted to get music out so that I could start playing shows and promoting the album, Grey tells Rolling Stone.

Though the album won’t be out for a few months, she will get to share more music leading up to the release. “I believe in hearing more than one song, because there are so many different sides to the album,” she says. “So we came up with a plan, which is putting the album out July 9th, but before that putting out four singles where I do a little video for each one, just to get a lot of music out there.”

The first track, “Final Warning, will be available April 16th. It’s her favorite song on the album.

“This is the first time in my entire life of making music, when I made this song, where I feel like I finally figured out the way that I wanted to sound and the combination of things,” she says. “I wrote the song three years ago, and it’s still my favorite. I’ve written so many songs since then, yet I always go back to this one. It got me going on the whole Skylar Grey project.”

Among the other upcoming tracks is “White Suburban, a piano and vocal track. While that might surprise some who only know her work in the hip-hop world, Grey has eclectic roots. She says her first concert was Alison Krauss and cites Bon Iver as the most recent show that blew her away.

“I come from a singer-songwriter world,” she says. “I grew up making folk music, then slowly worked into pop, and then I’ve done the hip-hop stuff. So now what I’m doing is a combination of all that,” she says. “It’s singer-songwriter mixed with the hip-hop influences.”

Though she expects additional features besides Eminem, who appears on “C’mon, Let Me Ride, the album won’t be a star-studded collection. “I don’t like to clutter my solo album with other people,” she says. “I collaborate a lot outside of my album.”

For instance, she appears on the song “Love Bullets” on the forthcoming solo set, #willpower. While the two first met at a Grammy party celebrating Jimmy Iovine in February of last year, Grey only recently found out the song made the final cut.

“I went to the studio, and he just put up a track and I wrote something to it. It was the day that Whitney Houston died, and we got the news while we were in the studio together. So that was weird, and then basically I never heard anything after that about our song,” she says. “A year later someone at the international department of Universal was like, ‘Oh, I heard the song you did with Will for his album – it’s awesome.’ I didn’t even hear it until two weeks ago when they sent it to me. Basically he took the vocal I did that day and he made a whole different track around it. It’s really cool – it’s more mid-tempo, not what I was expecting.”

Grey will be hitting a record store on April 23rd to buy #willpower as part of a long-standing tradition she has to buy any albums featuring her work the day the record is released. And while she definitely plans to buy Dont Look Down July 9th, she has other plans in mind as well.

“It’s my best friend’s birthday, so ideally I’d be with her, and we’d be getting wasted and maybe we’d be setting off fireworks on the beach in Hawaii,” she says. “I don’t even want to be playing the music. I just want to be celebrating the fact that I pushed this baby out. “

Skylar Grey & – “Love Bullets” | #willpower Album Artwork ::

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Skylar Grey DCXVII :: New Single ‘Final Warning’ Artwork+Track Length, Dropping April 16 | Artwork

Now that it’s been revealed by Ms. Grey via the last of her “Final Warning” promotional videos, AmazonMP3 has posted the artwork for the upcoming single, as well as the track’s length.

The new song will be released next Tuesday (April 16) and clocks in at a length of 3:41 – you may view the artwork (both with and without the Parental Advisory sticker) below!

Skylar Grey – “Final Warning” | Artwork ::

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Skylar Grey DCXVI :: New Single ‘Final Warning’ Dropping April 16

After a special series of mysterious promotional videos released via her YouTube, Ms. Grey has finally revealed that the studio/album version of her fan-favourite song “Final Warning” will be released as her next official Don’t Look Down single on April 16!

Click below to view the newest video which has also revealed the new piece of artwork for the upcoming single!

Skylar Grey – “Final Warning” Artwork Reveal | ::

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Skylar Grey DCXV :: Intimate Interview Segment w/ FUSE | Video

FUSE has released another in their line of Skylar Grey interview segments – labeled as a more intimate segment, this interview focuses on subjects such as her first car, favourite teacher, the meanest thing tweeted at her, and what year of her life she would like to relive.

Watch the new interview segment in full below!

Intimate Interview w/ Skylar Grey | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DCXIV :: ‘Coming Home’ Live w/ Diddy at WrestleMania XXIX, 7-APR-2013 | Video

This past Sunday night (April 7), Ms. Grey performed live at the MetLife Stadium in New York for her second consecutive WrestleMania main-stage performance, this year with Diddy at WrestleMania XXIX for a stadium crowd of 85,000 wrestling fans.

Diddy opened the set with a medley of some of his past solo and featured hits (“Victory”/“Mo Money Mo Problems” (by The Notorious B.I.G.)/“It’s All About The Benjamins”),  with Ms. Grey then appearing on-stage for them to both perform “Coming Home”, which was the official theme song for the night!

A video of the performance has surfaced – view it below!

Skylar Grey & Diddy – “Coming Home (Live at WrestleMania XXIX)” | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DCXIII :: ‘Coming Home’ Live w/ Diddy at WrestleMania XXIX at 7:00PM EST on Pay-Per-View, 7-APR-2013

Tonight (April 7) WrestleMania XXIX will premiere live on pay-per-view, with Ms. Grey and Diddy performing Coming Home on-stage in front of an estimated 70,000 strong live crowd, as one of the official themes for this year’s event!

Click below for official pay-per-view options on how to watch the event on TV, online, or on a gaming console, and be sure to tune in at 7:00PM Eastern to watch the live performances!

Skylar Grey & Diddy Live @ WrestleMania XXIX | Pay-Per-View ::

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