Skylar Grey DXIX :: Talking “C’mon Let Me Ride” w/ Skylar Grey | PopBytes

PopBytes‘ Alex Nagorski recently interviewed Ms. Grey about her new single with Eminem (C’mon Let Me Ride), and her Don’t Look Down album, which will drop in the Spring of 2013. They talk about the single, as well as how her Don’t Look Down album will sound  – containing hip-hop beats, the “….acoustic tranquility….” of her Buried Sessions EP, and the satirical “C’mon Let Me Ride” single.

Read an excerpt from the interview below, and click the title to access the full-length article!

Talking “C’mon Let Me Ride” with Skylar Grey | PopBytes ::
“….“Working with Marshall has taught me so many valuable things, Grey revealed to me during a recent interview. “But one piece of advice that really stuck with me was when one day he told me to ‘just be you. It’s something that seems so simple but I think about that almost all every day. As a musician, it’s so important to stay true to yourself.”

That idea of staying true to yourself is one that’s on full display in the “C’Mon Let Me Ride” video. Appropriately complimenting the song’s lighthearted lyrics, the video is campiness at its best: totally over the top while being entirely self-aware. In its thesis, the video pokes fun at the lengths people go to in order to beautify themselves – depicting things such as tanning and plastic surgery as darkly comical forms of self-mutilation. Thus, Grey uses her video to define “sexy” as embracing who you are, rather than conforming to a pre-conceived notion of what the word means.

It’s no surprise, then, that the singer/songwriter has enlisted the same self-empowering attitude about working on Don’t Look Down. “A lot of people know me as that girl on all those hip-hop songs, and while there are lots of hip-hop beats on the album, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a rapper, she said of the expectations about her upcoming album. She would then go on to describe the sounds of the record as spanning the whole spectrum from the acoustic tranquility of The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey (an EP the singer put out earlier this ear) to the bombastic and radio-friendly major pop sound of “C’mon Let Me Ride”….”

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Skylar Grey DXVIII :: “Coming Home, Pt. II” Live by The X-Factor USA’s Top 4 | Video

On tonight’s live episode of The X-Factor USA (December 13), the show opened with a group performance of the Top 4 contestants – Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Emblem Three, and Tate Stevens all performed Ms. Grey‘s Coming Home, Pt. II together, also adding in a Diddy verse from the Diddy-Dirty Money version of the track!

Check out a video of the live performance via YouTube below.

“Coming Home, Pt. II” by The X-Factor USA‘S Top 4 | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DXVII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Buzz, Pt. I | Photo

The brand new music video for Ms. Grey‘s C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem hit TV and the internet last Tuesday (December 11), and has so far been the #1 Top Trending video on YouTube, as well as amassing 2.2 million views so far!

Check out the following screenshot of the video’s earned #1 Top Trending spot in Music from last night, and then read some of what the internet is saying about video and song below!

Grey’s Crazy “C’mon Let Me Ride” Video | HitFix :: 
“….the song is catchy, Slim Shady is a nerd, it’s a satire on overtly sexualized pop music and Skylar Grey can play the part exceedingly well.

None of this would work if the song wasn’t spot-on: not only is it funny, but it’s melodically memorable. It’s produced like gangbusters, a so-bad-it’s-good re-introduction to the singer. And Skylar Grey looks mega-fine. “C’Mon Let Me Ride” a effective and frightening case of making cake and eating it too. Good thing Em knows his way around a trailer park. Rappers have been part of the sexpectations problem, which is why its sweet justice (and fun for him) to have Eminem deliver such a dumb verse and a man-childish “sample” of Queen’s “Bicycle Ride.

“Take a close look at the scene where I’m wearing a very girly sexy polka-dot outfit because it’s not likely to happen again, Grey said in a statement. Girls are such teases….”

Skylar Grey & Eminem | stupidDOPE ::
“….as the clip continues the hilarity and humor of Skylar Grey comes shining through, as does Eminem….this video clip is not to be missed….”

Many Bikes, One Three-Breasted Woman | Idolator ::
“….Grey and Eminem promised the video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” would find the pair goofing off, and this clip certainly delivers. Skylar takes a page from Em’s playbook, as the whole thing takes place in a wooded trailer park. Like a female Slim Shady, Grey sabotages several women who are tanning or looking to get some plastic surgery….”

“C’mon Let Me Ride” (NEW VIDEO) | GlobalGrind ::
“….Grey and Eminem turn up the jokes for their new trailer park-inspired video “C’Mon Let Me Ride”….

Skylar makes it a priority to poke fun at America’s overly sexualized society.

She even features a Terry Richardson look-alike, who’s caught photographing three young bikini-clad girls in compromising positions.

Overall, the video is entertaining to watch….”

“C’mon Let Me Ride” Ft. Eminem | MedleyMag ::
“….Grey is the kind of girl you want to kick it with. She rides bikes, plays with axes, and wears the kind of clothes only cool kids can get away with. If all that’s not enough, she’s also got Eminem featured in her new video….the music video looks like it was a blast to shoot.

Well done Grey. Well done….”

Grey Doles Out Chainsaw Plastic Surgery | Zimbio ::
“….it’d be hard to take it too seriously based on the lyrical content alone, which riffs on one of the most overused double entendres in existence and features an Em guest verse in which he mentions condoms, Mick Jagger, and naturally, his own penis. But the video is doubly cartoonish, with its depictions of chainsaw plastic surgery. It’s weirdly comforting to see Eminem, who’s been awfully serious these past couple of years, introducing his sick childishness to a new generation of fans with Ms. Grey….”

(New Video) | Get Your Buzz Up ::
“….Grey throws on a lumberjack flannel and heads to the trailer park to get her “white trash” on in her newest video for “Let Me Ride”. The video not only is a pseudonym for the obvious but is a parody on female stereotypes, a grain that Grey obviously goes against. We even get a verse and appearance from Mr. Trailer Park himself, Eminem, with a clever verse and autotuned Pee Wee adlibs….”

So Sassy!!! | PerezHilton ::
“….Grey is DEFINITELY showing us her fun side in her new C’mon Let Me Ride music video featuring Eminem.

The rapper and Skylar have been teaming up for a while now, but we’ve never gotten anything from them like this before.

We’re used to seeing a much darker Eminem, so it’s nice to see that he can still have a little laugh at himself!!….”

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Skylar Grey DXVI :: Twitter Interview w/ Playboy, 12-DEC-2012‘s Lindsay Groves and Jacklyn Sara conducted a special Twitter interview with Ms. Grey yesterday (December 12), which included some fan-questions also submitted via Twitter.

Check out the full interview on Twitter by clicking below!

Interview w/ Playboy | Twitter ::

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Skylar Grey DXV :: Behind-the-Scenes of “C’Mon Let Me Ride” w/ FUSE | Video

While Ms. Grey was filing her just-released music video for “C’mon Let Me Ride”FUSE filmed some behind-the-scenes footage of the Isaac Rentz-directed visual, which they have now posted on their YouTube!

Watch the video below, and snatch a copy of the single on iTunes!

Skylar Grey & Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” BTS | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DXIV :: MTV Buzzworthy Review+Interview w/ MTV News | Video

With the Skylar Grey feat. Eminem “C’mon Let Me Ride” single and music dropping yesterday (December 11), MTV has published two new articles – one being a review by Jenna Hally Rubenstein of the new music video for MTV Buzzworthy, and the other being an interview with Ms. Grey by Nadeska Alexis for MTV News.

Read excerpts from both articles below, watch the interview video segment from MTV News, and click the title of each article to read them in full.

And if you haven’t already, grab a copy of the single on iTunes!

Grey is Queen of the Trailer Park | MTV Buzzworthy ::
“….in the kitschy clip, Skylar is the queen bee of the trailer park. Not only does she spend her days looking hot in a flannel shirt (no easy feat), she tools around said trailer park riding a bike with handles that are actually antlers. Zero exaggeration whatsoever. When that’s done, Skylar goes all Christina Aguilera “Your Body murderess” on us as she tries to sabotage a group of cliquey trailer park blondes by locking them in a tanning machine. Skylar’s good pal Eminem comes ’round to hang shortly thereafter, and not only does he playfully sing the song’s hefty sample of Queen’s 1978 hit “Bicycle Race, but he spits his own verse while, you guessed it, riding a bike. It’s a totally bizarre world of bikes, bikinis, and trailer park fun we never knew existed, and we never would have expected to learn of it from Skylar Grey. But she definitely pulls it of, and we would maybe even consider going to her trailer park for a weekend getaway if we had our own mobile home. With a lock on the door….”

Interview w/ MTV | MTV News ::
“….if it weren’t obvious from the lyrics that she’s mocking our highly sexualized culture (“If you got a sweet tooth, you can taste my watermelons”), that’s made clear in her new video, which also features Eminem.

“I’m poking fun at the overtly sexualized aspect of everything in this world today, Grey told MTV News. “The video is a combined effort between director Isaac Rentz, me and Eminem, and we just wanted to make sure it was very clear that it’s a sarcastic song.”


“Eminem stands on my side when it comes to that stuff, she said of her decision to parody contemporary culture. “He used to be really silly back in the day with his Slim Shady stuff, so he’s definitely got a good sense of humor, and it’s fun to see him on set and in front of the camera”….”

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Skylar Grey DXIII :: Exclusive Interview w/ BroBible

As they promised, BroBible have just published their exclusive interview with Ms. Grey – they talk her new C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem single, her upcoming Don’t Look Down album (coming Spring 2013), how she’s grown as an artist over the last several years, and what’s like working in the studio with artists such as Kaskade and Eminem.

Check out two of the questions below, and click the title to read the full-length interview (and don’t forget to rate the interview as Bro, above the video)!

Skylar Grey – Exclusive Interview | BroBible ::
“….BroBible: You have a new album coming out. What can we expect from the album and how does it differ from your previously released works?

Skylar Grey: I’m really excited about this album because it mixes a lot of different things that I love, genres I guess, that I love into one album. It’s laced with hip hop beats and piano, ‘cuz I play a lot of piano, and then stuff from the single, “C’mon Let Me Ride”, which is on the goofier side of me, all the way to stuff that you would expect more, which is melancholy, melodic stuff. So I’m really excited about that….

Speaking to some of the different artists you’ve been working with on this album and since some of your earlier releases… What is it like in studio with someone like Eminem versus being in the studio with someone like Kaskade?

Well, they’re both really great people, I mean working with Eminem’s a lot of fun. He’s really smart and makes really really good suggestions, has really good ears, and makes fun of me. And then Kaskade is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I love working with him, we’re kind of just buddies, you know? It’s hard to work with somebody you don’t like, honestly. You have to like the person….”

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Skylar Grey DXII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Music Video w/ Eminem Available on VEVO | Video

After being teased with several behind-the-scenes videos and photos, as well as a rather illustrative lyric video, the official full-length music video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” has finally been released!

It made its premier earlier today (December 11) on MTV, and is now available online exclusively via VEVO – stream the brand new video, featuring both Ms. Grey and Eminem, below!

Also be sure to grab the brand new single on iTunes, and get your friends to buy a copy as well!

Skylar Grey & Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” Music Video | VEVO ::

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Skylar Grey DXI :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Single w/ Eminem Available on iTunes | Buy

The Skylar Grey feat. Eminem “C’mon Let Me Ride” single is now officially available to buy on iTunes!

You may view the song in iTunes by clicking the artwork below – you can show your support by buying a copy, leaving a review, rating it 5-stars, and telling all of your friends both in person and by sharing the link on your social networks!

Also be sure to check out the official music video premiering soon on MTV and VEVO!

Skylar Grey feat. Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” | iTunes ($1.29) ::

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Skylar Grey DX :: USA Today Playlist – “Skylar Grey, Plus 10 More”

USA Today‘s Brian Mansfield and Elysa Gardner have compiled an 11-song playlist – it’s led by Ms. Grey‘s Eminem-assisted “C’mon Let Me Ride” single, with the rest of the slots being filled with holiday-friendly tracks.

Read the notes on “C’mon Let Me Ride” below, and click the logo to view the rest of the songs in USA Today‘s playlist.

Skylar Grey, Plus 10 More | USA Today ::
“….if the sexual metaphors of Queen’s Bicycle Race have escaped you all these years, Skylar Grey’s C’mon Let Me Ride will be happy to make them plain. Her raunchy single, available Tuesday on iTunes, may have a sing-song melody, but Grey’s attraction to things with two wheels is hardly childlike. And you can be sure the bikes that’ll hold her interest are properly inflated and have banana seats.

Beyond the racy top pick, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the playlist….”

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