Skylar Grey DCLII :: RiFF RAFF Interview w/ MTV Australia – Talking Skylar Grey & Skrillex

In a recent interview with MTV Australia that was published today (June 3), rapper RiFF RAFF made mention of his “Drunk Girl” collaboration with Ms. Grey and Skrillex. The track is currently set to be released on RiFF RAFF‘s upcoming NEON iCON album, which will be released this coming August!

Check out that section of the interview below, and click its title to access to full interview on MTV Australia.

RiFF RAFF Interview | MTV Australia ::
“….MTV: Who have you worked with on the new record ‘Neon Icon’?

RiFF RAFF: A$AP Rocky, Drake, Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Action Bronson. I don’t want to leave any names out but I don’t want to reveal everybody. Wiz Khalifa, Mike Posner, TrapZillas and DollaBillGates. I’ve said enough names but there’s more too. It’s really crazy how many people are actually featured on this album.

MTV: What about Skrillex?

RiFF RAFF: You want to talk about me and Skrillex and Skylar Grey’s new song?

MTV: Sure do. 

RiFF RAFF: Yeah? Me and Skrillex have an album coming out. I mean we have a song coming out. Oh sh*t. That’s what I do when I speak too soon. I can’t tell you more than that. MTV exclusive!….”

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Skylar Grey DCLI :: Win Skylar Grey’s Bike from the ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’ feat. Eminem Music Video | Contest

SuperGlued is running a special promotion with Ms. Grey to give one lucky winner the antler-bike that she used in her C’mon Let Me Ride music video with Eminem!

The promotion is being run through Facebook – click below to view SuperGlued‘s page for the contest and enter for your chance to win, and view the official music video beneath to see the bike in action!

Win Skylar Grey’s “C’mon Let Me Ride” Bike | SuperGlued ::

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Skylar Grey DCL :: Skylar Grey’s Hand-Written ‘Wear Me Out’ Lyrics – MetroLyrics Exclusive | Photos

MetroLyrics have exclusively posted Ms. Grey‘s hand-written lyrics for her new song “Wear Me Out”, which will be released this coming Tuesday (June 4).

Read their introduction to the special release below, as well as view one of their exclusive photos – click the photo below to view the full release page with the other accompanying photo, and leave a comment on their site revealing your favourite Skylar Grey lyrics, and what they mean to you!

Skylar Grey’s Hand-Written “Wear Me Out” Lyrics | MetroLyrics ::
“….we got to know singer/songwriter Skylar Grey when she was featured on Fort Minor’s hit song “Where’d You Go“, as well as Diddy’s “Coming Home” and Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor“. She’s not just a featured vocalist, though: she co-wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s smash hit “Love The Way You Lie” and, naturally, writes her own music as well. Her sophomore record Don’t Look Down is due out July 9th, and her latest single “Wear Me Out” will be released next week. And guess what? We are lucky to have the handwritten lyrics to Skylar’s new song! Check them out below….”

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Skylar Grey DCXLIX :: Global Grind’s ’27 Music Projects We Can’t Wait To Drop This Summer’

Global Grind has compiled a list of 27 music projects (albums, mixtapes, EP’s, etc.) that they’re anticipating the most this Summer of 2013 – Ms. Grey‘s DON’T LOOK DOWN album (releasing July 9) was included in their list!

Read their introduction to the list below, and click the article’s title to view the full list on the Global Grind website.

27 Music Projects We Can’t Wait To Drop This Summer | Global Grind ::
“….with Memorial Day Weekend over, summer is officially on the horizon, and what better way to kick off your summer than by listening to some really dope music?

After J. Cole announced he was releasing his new album, Born Sinner, on June 18 to compete with Kanye West’s Yeezus album, the level of competitiveness for summertime releases skyrocketed to a whole new level. 

Besides waiting on J. Cole and Kanye West’s highly anticipated albums, GlobalGrind is really excited about Mac Miller’s new album, Skylar Grey’s new album, Wale’s The Gifted, ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron, as well as Pusha T’s solo debut. 

GlobalGrind decided to round up 27 musical projects that we can’t wait to drop, and yes, that includes Beyonce’s forthcoming album, which currently has no release date. 

From summer to early fall releases, we didn’t forget any mixtapes, EPs, LPs, or albums. 

Check out the 27 projects we can’t wait to drop down under!….”

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Skylar Grey DCXLVIII :: Single ‘Wear Me Out’ Dropping June 4+Samsung Mobile US First Listen | Artwork+Stream

According to AmazonMP3‘s newly-published page for it, the next Skylar Grey single “Wear Me Out” (from her upcoming July 9 album DON’T LOOK DOWN) will be available on Tuesday, June 4!

The track runs at 3:28 in length, and members of Samsung Mobile US‘s Owner’s Hub can get an exclusive first listen of the song by clicking the single’s artwork below!

Skylar Grey – “Wear Me Out” First Listen | Samsung Mobile US ::

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Skylar Grey DCXLVII :: Interview w/’s Alexandra Lovin, 23-MAY-2013, who along with Rap Genius are sponsoring and hosting Ms. Grey‘s currently-running FINAL WARNING Rap Contest, have published an interview conducted by Alexandra Lovin with Ms. Grey. The interview details what the contest means to Ms. Grey, why she ended up choosing GIGG, and her advice to artists entering the competition.

Check out the intro and a few of the questions from the interview below, and click the article’s title to read the interview in full!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ GIGG’s Alexandra Lovin | ::
“….everyone appreciates what an excellent song writer can do. Skylar Grey’s “Love The Way You Lie” with Eminem and Rihanna debuted in August of 2010 and won several awards, received 5 Grammy nominations, and surprised everyone. It was Eminem’s best selling single, topping the charts at #1 on 26 weekly record charts, including Billboards Hot 100 for 7 weeks. It went on to sell 5 million copies in the US, and put songwriter Skylar Grey right smack dab in the middle of the map.

Gigg recently teamed up with Skylar and announced a contest that we’ve never done before—a rap competition for aspiring rappers all writing for Skylar’s hook. Gigg, Skylar, and fans would choose the winner, and the prize? A day in the studio with none other than Skylar Grey.

It is a tremendous honor to have someone like Skylar on board for a contest with us here at Gigg, because she represents everything we are trying to accomplish. We are searching for the most talented unknowns and giving them a chance. In this interview we learn about Skylar’s introduction to the music industry and how she wants the industry to be given back to the artist….

How did you learn about Gigg?

SG: Funny story.  I had this idea to do a rap contest long before I knew about Gigg. I wasn’t actually sure how I was going pull it off!  Having people submit videos requires a tech platform I didn’t have-but I really wanted to have a rap contest.  I was flying back from SXSW and Scott Warner was sitting in front of me.  He recognized me and told me about everything he was doing.  I instantly knew this would make my life so much easier.  So it was great.  It was just kind of serendipitous I guess!

You made your mark by someone giving you a chance—now you’re giving your fans the same opportunity. How important is it for you to give back to the artist?

SG: It’s really important because no one really knew who I was before Eminem discovered my hooks.  I was just so grateful to have such a well known rapper choosing someone totally unknown like me to do a hook.  Now I just feel like I have a opportunity to give someone a similar chance.  Instead of discovering somebody’s hook, I’m discovering somebody’s raps with my hooks. Its backwards but it’s a lot of fun!  There is so much talent out there that doesn’t get an opportunity to be heard and I’m so grateful that somebody gave me the chance. It means a lot to me to be the one to give somebody else a chance.

What advice do you give to people submitting their videos?

SG: The advice I give to any up and coming artist is to just really stay true to who you are. It’s easy to try and chase what you think people want to hear versus what really makes you feel good and I’ve done that-I’m guilty of it. I feel like that’s what has taken me so long.  I’ve been so unsure about myself before musically that I would chase all these different things and it never panned out.c I realized the whole time I should have been just making the music I wanted to make and not worrying about if other people got it or not.  I really feel like it’s only a matter of time before people do get it. And you can’t take every rejection personally because it just means that the person doesn’t understand it yet, and maybe one day they will!  Rejection can be a really hard thing, especially for a sensitive artist.  When someone doesn’t like something you do it’s like, “oh, I need to change”, but I think that’s the biggest mistake I ever made–changing for someone else’s opinion. So even if you don’t win the contest, it doesn’t mean stop. It means keep going and someday something great is going to happen….”

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Skylar Grey DCXLVI :: DON’T LOOK DOWN, Summer Music Preview: The Season’s Must-Hear Albums – Rolling Stone

The upcoming Skylar Grey debut album DON’T LOOK DOWN (which drops on July 9) has been selected by Rolling Stone magazine to be featured as one of The Season’s Must-Hear Albums in their newly-published Summer Music Preview feature!

Read their full comments on the upcoming record below, and click their logo to view the full list.

DON’T LOOK DOWN – Must-Hear Album | Rolling Stone ::
“….Skylar Grey’s second album Don’t Look Down, out July 9th via KidinaKorner and Interscope, has been a long time coming. In the years since her 2006 debut Like Blood Like Honey, Grey has honed her own material while also co-penning a handful of hit tunes for other artists, like Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie. So impressed with Grey, Em took the singer under his belt, acting as executive producer on Don’t Look Down and spitting on album cut “C’mon Let Me Ride, a bumping, grin-inducing pop number that that cops Queen’s “Bicycle Race. But it’s not all bubblegum fun for Grey: She showcases her continued knack for constructing gorgeous but grave tunes on her latest single “Final Warning.….”

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Skylar Grey DCXLV :: FINAL WARNING Music Video Buzz+Video Available on iTunes | Buy

The music video for the brand new Skylar Grey single FINAL WARNING (directed by BREWER, and starring Ms. Grey, Noah Segan, Alona Tal, and Lennie Loftin) was released one week ago on May 13 – the video has since been reviewed by numerous blogs, and has also been made available for purchase on iTunes!

Check out several of the reviews below, and click the photo to view, purchase, and leave a review of the video on iTunes!

New Video: Skylar Grey | VIBE ::
“….love and family don’t always mix. When relationships become inappropriate and lines get crossed, there’s no telling what the outcome may be. In Skylar Grey’s “Final Warning” video, she comes clean only to be put through a near life ending ordeal. Watch closely….”

VIDEO | Dropout UK ::
“….Grey is back with her brand new song ‘Final Warning’ and it’s amazing… but hey it’s Skylar, what did you expect?! The writer of ‘Love The Way You Lie’ has only gone and written another emotive and thrilling balled ‘Final Warning’….and it’s shocking to say the least.

With Eminem as executive producer of her new album, ‘Don’t Look Down’, I think it’s safe to say we all need a copy of that when it drops on July 9th….”

PROS: Story, Dark, Great Song – 9 out of 10 | NX LVL Music ::
“….Grey released her newest single from her upcoming album, Don’t Look Down. This is an artist that I think will be around for along time just because she is very talented, in my eyes at least….”

[New Video] | Stuff Fly People Like ::
“….Grey delivers a profound visual….”

New Video | ::
“….sooner or later someone gets hurt when involved in an affair. Skylar Grey comes back from near death in “Final Warning, the dark cinmeatic visual in support of her upcoming debut album Don’t Look Down….”

SKYLAR GREY | DirectLyrics ::
“….Grey is one tough girl in the dark, and creepy music video….the video is amazing. It translates the message of the song really well. I feel too from watching this that Skylar could be a really good actress….”

“….Grey debuts the dark and cryptic video for “Final Warning.

The complex storyline shows a battered and bruised Skylar returning from near death. It appears as though she was having an affair with her sister’s boyfriend, but when she decided to come clean, he tried to kill her. But it’s Skylar who will have the last laugh….”

Skylar Grey – “Final Warning” | Under the Gun Review ::
“….do not ever mess with Skylar Grey.

Get ready for the tables to turn in this crazy music video.

Check out the catchy song and interesting visuals for the single….”

Final Warning | Singer’s Room Magazine ::
“….the video definitely works great with the record as the Wisconsin native goes back to her dark sound….”

FINAL WARNING Music Video | iTunes ($1.99) ::

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Skylar Grey DCXLIV :: The Daily Beast’s Best Music Videos of the Week, 19-MAY-2013

The Daily Beast has published a list of their top 8 music videos of this week of May 19. Ms. Grey‘s newest visual for FINAL WARNING was picked to be included in the list, along with videos by Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, and Future Unlimited, among others!

Read their comments on the new Skylar Grey video below, and click the publication’s logo to view the full list of videos.

Music Videos of the Week, 19-MAY-2013 | The Daily Beast ::
“….“This is your final warning / There’s a dark cloud overhead” are the lyrics for the hook of Skylar Grey’s gloomy and ominous offering, “Final Warning. A woman, looking like she’s caked fresh with mud from a spa treatment, walks into a family’s birthday gathering, coughs up mud, and murderous mysteries unfold. Grey has been most recognized for providing the choruses for tracks like Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor.….”

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Skylar Grey DCXLIII :: Interview w/ Ben Lyons for Yahoo! On The Road, 12-MAY-2013 | Video

Yahoo! On The Road have published their interview from last sunday (May 12) with Ms. Grey, before her performance at Turner Hall with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Interviewer Ben Lyons talk with Ms. Grey about what it’s like performing in her home state of Wisconsin, if she has any before show rituals, and Carmelo Anthony using her version of Coming Home with Diddy-Dirty Money.

You can watch the full 5-minute interview via Yahoo! below!

Skylar Grey Interview w/ Ben Lyons | Yahoo! On The Road ::

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