Skylar Grey DXLVIII :: UGG Australia at the Village At The Lift, 19-JAN-2013 | Photos

Zimbio has posted another short photo set from Ms. Grey‘s attending Sundance 2013, this time sporting some new items from UGG Australia while at the Village At The Lift.

Check out the 4-photo set by Jason Kempin below!

Skylar Grey @ the Village At The Lift | Zimbio ::

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Skylar Grey DXLVII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Most Added Song to Top 40 Radio | Photo

As was posted by Ms. Grey herself, the Mediabase has reported “C’mon Let Me Ride” as the most added song to Top 40 radio of this past week, the third week of January 2013!

The new single featuring Eminem is also now available on the U.S. iTunes Store for the special price of $0.69 – click the screenshot of the Mediabase entry below to snag a copy of the song!

Most Added Song to Top 40 | Mediabase ::

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Skylar Grey DXLVI :: MSN Entertainment’s Ones To Watch in 2013 | Rate

MSN Entertainemnt‘s Michael Shilling has compiled a list of MSN Music‘s Ones To Watch, showcasing artists that they feel are “….poised for greatness….” in this new year of 2013.

You may read their comments on Ms. Grey below, and be sure to click the photo to view the post on MSN and rate her page in the article 5 stars!

Skylar Grey – Ones To Watch | MSN Entertainment ::
New music preview: Ones to watch

Who’s poised for greatness in 2013?

By Michael Shilling

Special to MSN Music

Every year, a select group of young entertainers capture the attention of the music-listening public. Some have a few records out and some are just buzzing hard in their hometown, but all of them stand a shot at ending the year in the headlines. Here’s our gallery of 2013’s heat-seekers….

Skylar Grey
….if the name doesn’t sound familiar, Skylar Grey used to be Holly Brook, the pop-rock singer who released “Like Blood Like Honey” in 2006 and sang guest spots for a wide range of artists, such as Brie Larson, Fort Minor and Duncan Sheik. In 2010, she changed her name to Skylar Grey and has been recording a second album, “Don’t Look Down, for the past few years. It’s due out this spring, and the first single is “C’mon Let’s Ride, a duet with Eminem….”

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Skylar Grey DXLV :: Oakley Learn To Ride w/ Danny Kass, 18-JAN-2013 | Photos

While in Park City, Utah for Sundance 2013 yesterday (January 18), Ms. Grey hit the Oakley Learn To Ride slopes! Wire Image currently has a 44-image collection of photos by Michael Stewart and Jason Merritt from the event – check out a few of the images if Ms. Grey snowboarding, including several with professional snowboarder Danny Kass, and click any of the images to view the full gallery on Wire Image!

Skylar Grey @ Oakley Learn To Ride | Wire Image ::

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Skylar Grey DXLIV :: PopCrush’s Artist To Watch In 2013

PopCrush has named Ms. Grey one of their Artists To Watch In 2013, with Scott Shetler writing a short sum-up of why she was chosen for their list.

Read his comments below, and click the article’s title to view the piece on PopCrush!

“….it’s odd that a three-time Grammy nominee could still be under the radar, but that’s the case for Skylar Grey, who will finally see the release of her long-delayed album in 2013 after years of songwriting and guest verse contributions for other artists.

Grey’s big break came when she penned the hook for ‘Love the Way You Lie, Eminem‘s duet withRihanna.

That was followed by appearance on the Diddy-Dirty Money track ‘Coming Home, Dr. Dre‘s ‘I Need a Doctor, Lupe Fiasco‘s ‘Words I Never Said’ and Kaskade‘s ‘Room for Happiness.

Grey’s solo music hasn’t lit up the charts, but her upcoming album ‘Don’t Look Down’ will provide an opportunity for a fresh start. The ridiculous (in a good way) first single, ‘C’Mon Let Me Ride, features Eminem singing the hook from Queen‘s ‘Bicycle Race.….”

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Skylar Grey DXLIII :: NOH8 4-Year Anniversary Party ReCap, 12-DEC-2012 | Video

Prop8 Films just released a short video recapping the December 12, 2012 4-year anniversary of the NOH8 Campaign at the Avalon in Hollywood – the event featured a live performance by Ms. Grey with Thavius Beck, along with performances by LeAnn Rimes, Kerli, Jamar Rogers, and DJ tyDi.

The video features some footage of Ms. Grey performing on-stage with Thavius Beck, and you may watch it via YouTube below!

4-Year Anniversary Party | NOH8 ::

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Skylar Grey DXLII :: Filming Scenes for ’10 Things I Hate About Life’ | Photos

Zimbio has just released several photos of Ms. Grey filming scenes for the upcoming Gil Junger-directed movie 10 Things I Hate About Life! The film is currently set for a 2014 release, and stars Evan Rachel Wood, Billy Campbell, Janet Montgomery, and Thomas McDonnell.

Check out the full gallery on Zimbio by clicking any of the photos below!

Skylar Grey – 10 Things I Hate About Life | Zimbio ::

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Skylar Grey DXLI :: Interview Feature w/ Music Choice Now | Video

Music Choice On-Demand, who have previously featured Ms. Grey performing several songs in their Live Undefined program, have released another MC Now video, spotlighting artists to look out for in 2013. This video focuses on Ms. Grey and Kendrick Lamar, with Ms. Grey’s interview starting at 2:10.

Watch the full Rosie Noesi hosted feature via Music Choice On-Demand below!

Skylar Grey Interview | Music Choice ::

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Skylar Grey DXL :: ‘Don’t Look Down’ Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes by AOL Music | Video

AOL Music has released a brand new, exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Ms. Grey‘s recent photoshoot for her Don’t Look Down album! The shoot was conducted with photographer David Roemer and fashion stylist Julie Ragolia, and showcases the environment created for the upcoming album’s visuals, along with Ms. Grey explaining how they connect to the sound and lyrics of her music.

Read AOL Music‘s comment regarding the video, and watch the exclusive video via their blog by clicking below!

Album Photoshoot | AOL Music ::
“….in the video, the chanteuse sports a woodsy, rugged look while still maintaning a polished, elegant look. “I’m kind of going for axe murder chic, she jokes. From posing on an abandoned couch in a floor length cocktail dress while sipping a beer to shots of the singer with a dangerous looking hatchet in a laundry room — the shoot is certainly unique. Don’t Look Down is executive produced by Eminem and set to drop sometime in 2013 through KIDinaKORNER Records and Interscope Records. For now, check out the exclusive video below….”

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Skylar Grey DXXXIX :: Celebrities Without Makeup by PopCrush | Photo

PopCrush‘s Cristin Maher has compiled a list of multiple celebrities captured in pictures not wearing any makeup – Ms. Grey was included in the list, and you may read the intro to the gallery of celebrities sans cosmetics, as well as their comments on Ms. Grey herself below!

You may also click the photo to view the original post on PopCrush.

Skylar Grey – Celebrities Without Makeup | PopCrush ::
“….don’t even try to deny it — seeing pictures of celebrities without makeup is a huge source of entertainment for all of us pop culture fanatics.

Many of us hold celebrities in such high regard, expecting them to look freakishly beautiful at all times, that seeing them without tons of professional cosmetics painted onto their seemingly perfect faces almost makes them more human in a way — not like some foreign super race of people that us average folks could never compare to.

Check out these pictures of Miley Cyrus, Adele, Rihanna plus many other female celebrities without makeup and get a reality check as to what these gals really look like….

….Grey‘s head looks like a baked potato! But don’t let her foil ‘do distract you — the ‘C’Mon Let Me Ride’ still clearly looks great without the assistance of cosmetics.

Even though it seems as if Ms. Grey is attempting some sort of Rasta from the future look, she’s just undergoing some heavy duty hair dying. The ‘I Need a Doctor’ collaborator ditched her normal makeup routine for the salon, and looks very pretty sans foundation, lipstick, and her signature smokey eyes.

As for her hair? Well, we’re sure it looked fantastic once she got rid of that aluminum wig!….

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