Skylar Grey MCXLVII :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – Personally Chosen by ‘Doctor Who’ S11 Showrunner, Yahoo! Movies UK

As previously teased with trailers featuring Ms. Grey‘s Glorious collaboration w/ Macklemore, the 11th season of Doctor Who (f/ Jodie Whittaker‘s Thirteenth Doctor) debuted last night (October 7) on BBC America.

Amongst all of the (overwhelmingly positive) reviews from fans and critics is the season debut review by Yahoo! Movies UK‘s Paul Kirkley, in which Kirkley mentions that the series’ new showrunner Chris Chibnall personally chose the Skylar Grey x Macklemore track for the trailers debuting his new Doctor!

Check out the excerpt featuring the mention below, and click the Yahoo! Movies UK logo underneath to read the full episode review.

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” Chosen by S11 Showrunner | Yahoo! Movies UK ::
“….not that Jodie Whittaker – exploding across the screen like a rainbow-coloured charm bomb – was ever in danger of being eclipsed by anyone. “I feel glorious, glorious,” sings Skylar Grey on the trailer song Chibnall personally chose to announce his new Doctor. “Got a chance to start again. I was born for this. It’s who I am.”

Of that, there can surely be no doubt….”

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Skylar Grey MCXLVI :: ‘Right Now’ by Nick Jonas x Robin Schulz – Co-Written by Skylar Grey, Official Visual |Video

If you need a new music video to get you in the mood for the weekend, then check out Nick Jonas x Robin Schulz‘s new official visual for Right Now (co-written by Skylar Grey) via YouTube below!

Nick Jonas x Robin Schulz – “Right Now” | Co-Writ. w/ Skylar Grey ::

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Skylar Grey MCXLV :: Personal Fashion Benefitting Charity – Buy Personal Skylar Grey Items via PoshMark | Photos

Ever seen something that Ms. Grey has worn and wanted to own it for yourself? She is currently selling a collection of her personal items accumulated over the years via PoshMark!

A portion of proceeds will go to charity.

Obviously these items mostly have only one of each available, and are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click any photo below to view what’s still available and get it while you can!

Skylar Grey – Personal Fashion | Buy via PoshMark ::

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Skylar Grey MCXLIV :: ‘Staying Inspired’ Interview w/ Claire Valentine – PAPER Magazine, 28-SEP-2018 | Photo

“….just as long as it’s good quality and creative, I admired it and wanted to understand it better. I just nerd out and that’s why I think I’ve worked in so many genres….”
– Skylar Grey, PAPER

PAPER‘s Claire Valentine sat down and chatted with Ms. Grey and beau/songwriting partner Elliot Taylor at a recent Skylar Grey show – topics covered include genre-morphing, staying inspired creatively, working as a female songwriter in the industry, and upcoming music!

Check out a few excerpts below, and click the lovely photo underneath to access the full interview piece!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | PAPER ::
“….Grey is a singer whose voice is as recognizable as it is ubiquitous, having lent hooks to some of the biggest songs over the past 10 years…. But Grey is doubly talented as a highly sought after songwriter….

Though she’s perhaps best known for her work with rappers and at one point had a recording contract with Linkin Park’s label imprint, Grey got her start in folk, performing professionally in a music duo with her mother called Generations as a child. Now Grey is committed to returning to her roots, delving back into the folk music she grew up in and rejecting the stress and claustrophobic repetition of life in LA as an industry songwriter for the freedom and serenity of life on a sprawling ranch in Napa….

I heard you were planning to put out a new album soon.

Things are changing in this industry—do you put out an album or just put out songs? We’re just trying to figure all that out right now. With the new music, I’m going back to my roots which are a lot of acoustic and folk-inspired music from my childhood. I grew up listening to Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac and stuff like that. I miss that era in music, and then also I’m just really a fan of strong lyrics and storytelling and singing about true things. So, there’s a lot of story-telling in my songs, straight from my diary. This is the love of my life, Elliott, and I write pretty much everything about him these days, so it’s a lot of love songs.

So, lyrically it’s very personal?

Very, very personal.

These days, do you work with a writing partner?

I’ve been working with Universal for ten years or something like that, and they are constantly sending me sessions where I’m going in with a producer or an artist or going in with a writer, it’s always random stuff. I love to be home in Napa and have a studio there, and in the past I loved working in my own studio and locking myself up in the room. But more recently, I’ve been writing with Elliot a lot and he became my songwriting partner, that happened naturally. We wanted to be around each other non-stop, and I didn’t want to lock myself in the studio and not see him for a few hours. I want him to be involved.

Do you find that you’ve made friends with other women in the industry or found a supportive community among females songwriters?

It’s definitely a male-dominated industry, but there’s been a lot of amazing women that I connect with. It’s very supportive. You think going in that it’s going to be really competitive, but songwriters tend to be good to each other—one of the qualities that you have to have as a songwriter is that you have to be fun to work with and if you’re going to be negative and competitive no one will want to work with you. People are very supportive in this industry. It’s like a little family in a way….”

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Skylar Grey MCXLIII :: Collaborations w/ Eminem – Eminem Scores 20th Billboard Hot 100 Top 10, Billboard, 25-SEP-2018

With his latest track Killshot entering the Billboard Hot 100 at #3, Eminem has now scored 20 songs in the chart’s Top 10.

Billboard‘s Gary Trust has published a feature on the history of Eminem Top 10 songs, two of which featured major contributions from Ms. Grey! The aforementioned two being Love the Way You Lie (co-written by Skylar Grey), and I Need a Doctor (co-written by and featuring Skylar Grey).

Check out the list of Top 10s below, and click the Billboard logo to read the full write-up.

Eminem – 20 Top 10s | Billboard Hot 100 ::
JUNE 24, 2000 – “The Real Slim Shady Peaking @ #4
JUNE 29, 2002 – “Without Me Peaking @ #2
SEPTEMBER 21, 2002 – “Cleanin’ Out My Closet Peaking @ #4
NOVEMBER 9, 2002 – “Lose Yourself Peaking @ #1 (for 12 weeks)
OCTOBER 30, 2004 – “Just Lose It Peaking @ #6
DECEMBER 17, 2005 – “When I’m Gone Peaking @ #8
FEBRUARY 25, 2006 – “Shake That (f/ Nate Dogg) Peaking @ #6
NOVEMBER 4, 2006 – “Smack That (Akon f/ Eminem) Peaking @ #2
FEBRUARY 21, 2009 – “Crack a Bottle (w/ Dr. Dre & 50 Cent) Peaking @ #1 (for 1 week)
MAY 22, 2009 – “We Made You” Peaking @ #9
OCTOBER 3, 2009 – “Forever (Drake f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem) Peaking @ #8
MAY 22, 2010 – “Not Afraid Peaking @ #1 (for 1 week)
JULY 21, 2010 – “Love the Way You Lie (f/ Rihanna) Peaking @ #1 (for 7 weeks)
MARCH 5, 2011 – “I Need a Doctor (Dr. Dre f/ Eminem & Skylar Grey) Peaking @ #4
SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 – “Berzerk Peaking @ #3
NOVEMBER 2, 2013 – “Rap God Peaking @ #7
DECEMBER 21, 2013 – “The Monster (f/ Rihanna) Peaking @ #1 (for 4 weeks)
SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 – “Lucky You Peaking @ #6
SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 – “The Ringer Peaking @ #8
SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 – “Killshot Peaking @ #3 (thus far)

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Skylar Grey MCXLII :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – ‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 Premiere | Trailer

As with the initial :20 teaser for the upcoming 11th season of Doctor Who, the full-length season trailer features Ms. Grey‘s Glorious collaboration w/ Macklemore, and has now been published to YouTube!

Check out the full :60 trailer below, and you can watch the October 7 premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America.

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Doctor Who Trailer ::

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Skylar Grey MCXLI :: Music Modernization Act (H.R. 5447) – Open Letter to SiriusXM + Response from SiriusXM

In response to SiriusXM‘s current opposition to certain portions of the Music Modernization Act (H.R. 5447), which passed the Senate unanimously as of Tuesday/September 18, songwriter Ross Golan has penned an open letter to SiriusXM‘s parent company Liberty Media threatening to boycott the service if they do not withdraw their opposition to the MMA. Attached to the open latter in show of their support for Golan‘s stand are Ms. Grey, as well as around 150 other music industry artists.

You may find a short overview of the MMA (via the RIAA) immediately below, followed by the complete letter+lengthy list of attached artists in full, then followed by SiriusXM‘s response to said letter.

NOTE :: Now that the MMA has passed the Senate, it will be returned to the House for final approval. After which the President will need to sign the bill in order for it to become law.

Music Modernization Act – Overview | RIAA ::
“….the Music Modernization Act updates copyright protections to include all creators and ensures that the music industry remains a viable option for the next generation. The Music Modernization Act would accomplish the following:

For Songwriters

  • Create a new and transparent collection entity to ensure that songwriters always get paid for mechanical licenses when digital services use their work.
  • Help ASCAP and BMI secure fairer rates for their songwriters.
  • Establish fair compensation for songwriters when the government sets rates.

For Artists

  • Close the “pre-1972 loophole” so that digital services will pay legacy artists the compensation they deserve.
  • Establish fair compensation for artists when the government sets rates.

For Studio Professionals

  • Give copyright protection to producers and engineers for the first time in history….”

SiriusXM v. MMA | Open Letter ::
“….Dear Greg Maffei, Scott Greenstein and Jim Meyer and Liberty Media Board of Directors Evan D. Malone, David E. Rapley, Larry E. Romrell, Brian M. Deevy, Andrea L. Wong, Robert R. Bennett, M. Ian G. Gilchrist and John C. Malone:

I’m writing you with grave concern about SiriusXM’s opposition to the Music Modernization Act (Classics Act included).

I’m CCing some of the greatest songwriters and artists in the history of the music business to show our solidarity in support of this legislation in its current form. We are all aware of your company’s objections and trepidation but let me say that this is an opportunity for SiriusXM to take a leadership position. As you are aware, 415 Representatives and 76 Senators have already cosponsored the MMA along with industry consensus. It’s SiriusXM vs all of us. We can either fight to the bitter end or celebrate this victory together. Rather than watch bad press and ill will pile up against SiriusXM, why not come out supporting the most consequential music legislation in 109 years? We do not want to fight and boycott your company but we will as we have other opponents. Stand with us! Be brave and take credit for being the heroes who helped the MMA become historic law! Momentum is building against SiriusXM and you still have an opportunity to come out on the right side of history. We look forward to your endorsement but the fire is burning and only you can put this out.

Sincerely yours,
Ross Golan and Legends CC-ed Here

Ali Tamposi
Allee Willis
Ammar Malik
Andre Lindal
Andreas Carlsson
Andrew Cedar
Anne Preven
Anthony Preston
Antonia Armato
Ashley Gorley
Benny Blanco
Bert Berns
Billy Mann
Billy Steinberg
Bonnie McKee
Bryan Michael-Cox
Burt Bacharach
Captain Cuts
Charlie Handsome
Claude Kelley
Claudia Brant
Cynthia Weil & Barry Man
Dallas Davidson
Damon Boot
Damon Bunetta
Damon Sharpe
Danielle Brisebois
Dave Bassett
David Hodges
David Simmons
Desmond Child
Diane Warren
Doc Pomus Estate
Emile Ghantous
Erica Discoll
Erika Ender
Ester Dean
Eve Nelson
Greg Kurstin
Greg Wells
Harvey Mason
Ian Kirkpatrick
J Kash
Jack Kugell
James Newton Howard
Jason Evigan
Jay Landers
Jayson Dezuzio
Jeff Trott
Jesse Shatkin
John Ryan
Jud Friedman
Julian Bunetta
Justin Tranter
Kara DioGuardi
Lauren Christy
Linda Perry
Lindy Robbins
Louis Bell
Louise Goffin
Luke Laird
Marc Shaiman
Max Martin
Michelle Lewis
Mike Stoller
Neil Ormandy
Nicolle Galyon
Nolan Lambroza
Oak Felder
Oliver Heldens
Richard Jay Alexander
Rick Nowels
Ricky Reed
Rock Mafia
Ross Copperman
Rudy Perez
Sam Hollander
Sarah Aarons
Sarah Hudson
Savan Kotecha
Shelly Peiken
Simon Wilcox
Skylar Grey
Stephen Bray
Steve Lashley
Steve Solomon
Steven Lashley
Stuart Crichton
The Heavyweights
The Stereotypes
Tim James
Toby Gad
Troy Verges
Wally Gagel
Walter Afanassief
Wayne Kirkpatrick
Xandy Berry
Zach Crowell

Sir Paul McCartney
Don Henley
Stevie Nicks
Mick Fleetwood
Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Carole King
Carly Simon
Katy Perry
OneRepublic: Ryan Tedder
John Legend
Adam Dorn
Adam Gorgoni
Alessia Cara
Aloe Blacc
Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow band)
Bebe Rexha
Bird and The Bee: Inara George
Carly Simon
Carole King
Charlie Puth
Chris Isaak
Colbie Caillat
Eddie Money
Eurythmics: Dave Stewart
Garbage: Shirley Manson
Gloria & Emilio Estefan
Grace VanderWaal
Hootie & the Blowfish: Darius Rucker, Mark Bryan, Dean Felber and Jim Sonefeld
Jason Derulo
Jefferson Airplane: Grace Slick, Jorma Kaukonen, and Jack Casady
Kasim Sulton
KC and The Sunshine Band: Harry Casey
Kevin Cronin
Little Feet: Lowell George Estate
Lori McKenna
Melissa Manchester
Mindi Abair
Nelly Furtado
Rascal Flatts: Gary LeVox
Rusty Anderson
Sean Lennon
Semisonic: Dan Wilson
Sonic Youth: Kim Gordon
The Doors: John Densmore Robby Krieger
The Fray
The Mamas And The Papas: Michelle Phillips
The Pixies: Joey Santiago
The Pretenders: Chrissie Hynde
Thomas Rhett
Tom Higgenson: Plain White T’s
Tom Waits
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Karen O and Nick Zinner

Aaron Bay Schuck
Aaron Rosenberg
Adam Anders
Alastair Lloyd Webber
Amanda Berman
Amanda Berman
Andrew Gould
Andrew Luftman
Ben Mawson
Ben Singer
Brendan Okrent
Connie Lim
Dan Petel
David Gray
Dina LaPolt
Ed Howard
Ed Millet
Jeff Jampol
Jon Lind
Justin Frazier
Katie Vinten
Kenny Aronoff
Kristina Grossman
Larry Wade
Lou Taylor
Maria Egan
Rachel Kurstin
Sheryl Louis
Susan Genco

Modest Management
Big Deal Music
Milk And Honey
Mega House Music Mgmt.
Decible Entertainment….”

SiriusXM v. MMA | SiriusXM Reponse ::
“….Over the past several weeks, we have been the subject of some stinging attacks from the music community and artists regarding our views on the Music Modernization Act. Contrary to new reports and letters, this is really not about a SiriusXM victory, but implementing some simple, reasonable and straightforward amendments to MMA. There is nothing in our “asks” that gut the MMA or kills the Act. So let’s talk about the substance of the amendments we propose, because we truly do not understand the objections or why these concepts have incited such a holy war.

Contrary to the accusations, SiriusXM has proposed three simple amendments to the MMA.

First, SiriusXM has asked that the CLASSICS Act recognize that it has already licensed all of the pre-1972 works it uses. This amendment would ensure that artists – the people who are supposed to be at the heart of the MMA – receive 50% of the monies under those existing licenses. Is that unfair? Just today, Neil Diamond wrote in the LA Times that: “I receive a small amount of songwriting royalties, but no royalties as the recording artist.” How can that happen? To date, SiriusXM has paid nearly $250 million dollars in pre-‘72 royalties to the record labels. We want to make sure that a fair share of the monies we have paid, and will pay, under these licenses gets to performers. Without this provision, artists may never see any of the money SiriusXM paid, and will pay, for the use of pre-1972 works. Artists not getting paid hurts our business!

Second, Sirius XM thinks that the fair standard to use in rate setting proceedings is the standard that Congress chose in 1995 and confirmed again in 1998 – which is called the 801(b) standard. However, we are willing to move the “willing buyer/willing seller” standard contained in the MMA. In exchange, we have asked for the same concession that the MMA grants to other digital music services, but we were left out of — simply that the rates that were set last year for five years now apply for ten years. We thought this was a fair compromise when we read the “new” MMA that was released this weekend by the Senate, and are willing to live by that compromise.

Third, SiriusXM is asking the simple question: “Why are we changing the rate court evidence standard for musical compositions in this legislation so that it gives another advantage to broadcasters over satellite radio and streaming services?” There is no policy rationale for this change to tilt the playing field further in their favor, and frankly no one has been able to explain it to us. It is only fair that we debate why the change to Section 114(i) is in the MMA.

So that is the sum total of our changes. There is nothing hidden or underhanded in our views. We have offered these simple amendments on a one-pager. We are prepared to work with the NMPA and RIAA to adopt these amendments, pass the MMA, and move the music industry forward….”

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Skylar Grey MCXL :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – ‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 Premiere | Teaser

The 11th season of the BBC‘s Doctor Who will premiere, with Jodie Whittaker debuting her first season as the 13th Doctor, on October 7. To announce the premiere, BBC America produced a teaser trailer set to Ms. Grey‘s Glorious collaboration with Macklemore!

Check out the :20 teaser via YouTube below.

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Doctor Who Teaser ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXXIX :: ‘Harry Potter at 20’ – Skylar Grey Talks Harry Potter w/ Rolling Stone, 1-SEP-2018 | Photo

With the U.S. publication of the literary classic Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone having happened 20 years ago (September 1, 1998), Rolling Stone‘s news editor Sarah Grant spoke with multiple artists on their love for Potter. Along with Ms. Grey herself, Grant talked with Lily Allen, Scott Ian (of Anthrax), Sofia Reyez, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Adam Lazzara (of Taking Back Sunday), Vic Mensa, and many others.

Read the excerpts featuring Ms. Grey below, and click the photo showcasing Ms. Grey and Vanessa Ostovich‘s Deathly Hallows matching tattoos below to read the entire feature!

NOTE :: The article features several major spoilers for the Potter book series.

Skylar Grey Talks Harry Potter | Rolling Stone ::
“….What is your impression of J.K. Rowling?
Skylar Grey: J.K. Rowling is a creative storytelling genius, right up there alongside Eminem.

What role has Harry Potter played in your life, career and/or music?
Skylar Grey: 
On tour, I would disappear into my bunk with my book after every show instead of partying. I was actually pretty depressed at the time, and escaping into the world of
Harry Potter took my mind off everything. Those magical metaphors taught me some really powerful life lessons — things I needed to learn at that time in my life. 

How far have you taken your Harry Potter fandom?
Skylar Grey: My assistant and best friend Vanessa and I got matching
Deathly Hallows tattoos. They look horrible! But we were in Vegas for a gig, decided to get drunk on margaritas. What do you expect?!….”

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Skylar Grey MCXXXVIII :: Eminem Talks Skylar Grey – ‘Influence of Hip-Hop’ Interview w/ LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip, 1-SEP-2018 | Audio

“….you know, it’s not a secret, I have a very close relationship with Skylar Grey….”
– Eminem, Influence of Hip-Hop

During his 90min appearance on fellow hip-hop legends LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip‘s new Rock The Bells Radio show for his Influence of Hip-Hop interview, Eminem talked about his personal and professional relationship with Ms. Grey, and some of the recent work that they’ve done together.

The entire 90min interview can be streamed via YouTube below – LL talks about Em shouting him out on Walk On Water at 59:48, and you find the Eminem x Skylar Grey segment starting at 1:13:32!

Eminem Talks Skylar Grey | Influence of Hip-Hop ::

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