Skylar Grey MXXXV :: ‘Clarity’ Named #1 in ’10 Best Dance Choruses of the 21st Century’ List – Billboard, 28-APR-2017

Billboard published their 10 Best Dance Choruses of the 21st Century list this past Friday (April 28), with Zedd x FoxesClarity coming in at #1!

The song was of course co-written by Ms. Grey, and was included in her recent series of special live performances released earlier this month.

Check out what Billboard‘s Kat Bein had to say about “Clarity” below, and click the image beneath to see what other 9 songs made the cut!

“Clarity”10 Best Dance Choruses of the 21st Century | Billboard ::
“….this chorus has it all; love, heartache, tragedy, ecstasy, shouting, the sound of a woman who could very well be on the verge of a breakdown. “Clarity” made Zedd a bonafide superstar. It was co-written by Zedd, Matthew Koma, Porter Robinson, and Skylar Grey, which is absolutely a dream team — and probably the four of them should get together again soon. The world needs more blindingly bright choruses like this one. This is a dance floor daydream in hi-def technicolor….”

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Skylar Grey MXXXIV :: ‘Gangsta’ x ‘Clarity’ x ‘Coming Home, Pt. II’ x ‘Love the Way You Lie, Pt. III’ – Live at The Peppermint Club, 2-MAR-2017 | Video

Ms. Grey‘s special 4-song acoustic set from the Honda Stage at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles this past month (March 2) has been made available via her official YouTube/VEVO!

Check out the setlist+links to buy the studio versions of the songs, as well as the pro-shot video footage of her performances below!

Skylar Grey | Live @ The Peppermint Club ::
*Gangsta (written by Ms. Grey, performed by Kehlani)
*Clarity (co-written by Ms. Grey, performed by Zedd x Foxes)
*Coming Home, Pt. II
*Love The Way You Lie, Pt. III

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Skylar Grey MXXXIII :: ‘Periscope’ w/ Papa Roach – Official Audio | Stream+Pre-Order

The official audio for Ms. Grey‘s “Periscope” collaboration with Papa Roach has been made available for streaming!

The song will appear on the rock band’s Crooked Teeth album, which is set for release this coming May 19 (2017) – you can find both the song stream and the album pre-order below!

Skylar Grey x Papa Roach – “Periscope” | Stream+Pre-Order ::

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Skylar Grey MXXXII :: ‘What’s On Skylar Grey’s Phone?’ – Marie Claire Magazine, 28-MAR-2017

 “….I don’t really get embarrassed by photos. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I’m comfortable with my body and believe in instilling confidence for other girls to feel the same….”
– Skylar Grey, Marie Claire

Mehera Bonner of magazine publication Marie Claire recently did a fun write-up with Ms. Grey detailing some of the things that she has on her phone. Among other things they talk oldest+newest photos, texts, notes, music, and recent purchases.

Read a few excerpts below, and click the photo underneath to read the full article!

What’s On Skylar Grey’s Phone? | Marie Claire ::Ever wondered what’s on your favorite celebrity’s phone (ya know, in a non-weird way)? teamed up with Skylar Grey to unlock some cellular secrets, and got details on the singer’s personal texts, most embarrassing photos, and even her weirdest phone habits. Let’s collectively swipe right, shall we?

What’s your phone’s lock screen photo?
“A photo of my dog Scout running through the mountains in Utah. But thanks for reminding me…I need to change it to include my new puppy as well!”

What was the last photo you liked on Instagram?
“A photo of another dear friend Oliver Trevena… he’s standing with a couple of kids who are holding signs for Operation Smile. He’s very socially conscious and philanthropic. I’m trying to do more of that too…which is why at the Grammys I partnered with Absolut Lime for their #RefreshTheTalk campaign that puts a spotlight on social issues on the red carpet.”

Look at your camera roll—what was the last random thing you screen-grabbed?
“A screen grab of a magazine putting me on the ‘best dressed’ list on the Grammys red carpet! For the campaign, I did my own version of the Women’s March on the carpet by holding a clutch with LED lights on it that flashed words like ‘equality’ and ’empowerment. I was stoked to see that people noticed my little march!”

What’s your most played song on Spotify?
“Currently ‘Daydreaming’ by Radiohead. It’s so beautiful and melancholy—it makes me cry.”

What’s the most embarrassing photo on your phone?
“I don’t really get embarrassed by photos. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I’m comfortable with my body and believe in instilling confidence for other girls to feel the same.”

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Skylar Grey MXXXI :: ‘Periscope’ w/ Papa Roach – Papa Roach’s ‘Crooked Teeth’ Album, Releasing 19-MAY-2017 | Artwork+Pre-Order

Ms. Grey‘s “Periscope” collaboration with Papa Roach is to appear on the rock band’s upcoming 9th studio album, which has had its official artwork and release date revealed.

The Crooked Teeth album is set for a May 19 release this year (2017) – click its artwork below to check out the band’s pre-order options!

Skylar Grey x Papa Roach – “Periscope” | Crooked Teeth ::

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Skylar Grey MXXX :: ‘Good Life’ Co-Written by Skylar Grey, Performed by Kehlani x G-Eazy – ‘The Fate of the Furious: The Album’ Soundtrack, Now Available | Buy+Video

The soundtrack for The Fate of the Furious is set to be released on April 14, with Kehlani and G-Eazy now dropping their single off of the album called “Good Life”.

This cut was co-written by Ms. Grey, her second soundtrack collaboration with Kehlani following their smash hit Gangsta off of the Suicide Squad film soundtrack this past year (2016)!

Click the single artwork below to cop your copy via iTunes, and also check out the official music video via YouTube!

Skylar Grey x Kehlani x G-Eazy – “Good Life” | iTunes x YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey MXXIX :: ‘Periscope’ w/ Papa Roach – Papa Roach’s Untitled 9th Studio Album, Releasing MAY-2017 | Audio

Rock band Papa Roach are set to release their as-of-yet-untitled 9th studio album in May of this year (2017), and in a recent interview with Candace Curby of Q 103 in Albany, New York, lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix revealed that not only has he been a fan of Ms. Grey for several years, but she is also set to appear on an album cut titled “Periscope”!

Listen to the official audio for the interview via YouTube below (starting at the 4:40 mark), and stay tuned for more information regarding this collaboration as May draws nearer!

Jacoby Shaddix Interview w/ Candace Curby | Q 103 ::

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Skylar Grey MXXVIII :: ‘Love the Way You Lie’ x ‘Clarity’ x ‘Coming Home’ x ‘Gangsta (w/ Jason Evigan)’ – ‘I Wrote That Shit’ Live Performances, 6-JAN-2017 | Video

At a special gathering dubbed I Wrote That Shit, put together by APG (Artist Publishing Group) this past January (2017) to celebrate songwriters’ contributions to music, Ms. Grey performed a few selections of the many hit songs that she’s written for and with other artists!

Jason Evigan, who has been co-writing several songs with Ms. Grey recently (past works: Wreak Havoc and “Gangsta”),  also performed live.

APG has publishing a 4-minute selection of both artists performing – check out the setlist for Ms. Grey’s performances and the video itself below!

Skylar Grey x Jason Evigan | I Write That Shit ::
I/ “Love the Way You Lie”
(Eminem x Rihanna)

II/ “Clarity”
(Zedd x Foxes; co-written w/ Porter Robinson x Matthew Koma)

III/ “Coming Home”
(Diddy-Dirty Money)

IV/ “Gangsta” (w/ Jason Evigan)
(Kehlani; co-written w/ Jason Evigan x Kehlani Parrish x Jacob Luttrell x Andrew Swanson x Jeremy Parrish)

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Skylar Grey MXXVII :: 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards – SICKY’s Exclusive ‘Get GRAMMY Ready’ Behind-the-Scenes | Photos

Ms. Grey was in attendance at the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards this past Sunday (February 12), and those that followed SICKY’S WORLD‘s Instagram Stories that day know that her process preparing for the GRAMMYs was documented throughout the day by Ms. Grey, photographer 2wenty (who took all of his photos on film), and John Hildebrand (aka Mr. SICKY).

The feature has been published on the SICKY blog – check out a few of shots (with special appearances by Scout and manager Vanessa Ostovich) from the feature below, and click any of them to access the full feature including the rest of the photos all set to timeline written by Ms. Grey herself!

Skylar Grey x SICKY | Get GRAMMY Ready ::

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Skylar Grey MXXVI :: 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Republic Records Afterparty, 12-FEB-2017 | Photos

After the official 59th Annual GRAMMY ceremonies had come to a close this past Sunday evening (February 12), Ms. Grey stepped out to attend Republic RecordsA Celebration of Music GRAMMYs afterparty at Catch LA in West Hollywood, California, in support of ABSOLUT. Lime‘s #RefreshTheTalk campaign to empower women!

This afterparty was presented in partnership with ABSOLUT., FIJI Water, and Pryma. Check out a few shots by Araya Diaz, Jemal Countess, and Joe Scarnici. , including a shot taken with actor/television host Oliver Trevena!

Skylar Grey | 59th Annual GRAMMYs Afterparty ::
WEARING :: Genny
JEWELRY :: John Hardy
CLUTCH :: CuteCircuit
FOOTWEAR :: Stuart Weitzman
HAIR :: Bobby Eliot
Jenna Kristina
STYLIST :: Monty Jackson

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