Skylar Grey MCXXXIV :: ‘Right Now’ by Nick Jonas x Robin Schulz – Co-Written by Skylar Grey, Releasing Soon

In a brand new (August 9) interview w/ Teen Vogue‘s Faith Cummings, Nick Jonas has again made mention of material that he’s been working on with Ms. Grey! Expect a new Skylar Grey co-write called “Right Now”, by Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz, to drop soon!

Read the excerpt from the interview below, and click the Teen Vogue logo to read the entire piece.

Nick Jonas Talks “Right Now” w/ Skylar Grey | Teen Vogue ::
“….Teen Vogue: ….Are you working on music as well?

Nick Jonas: I’ve been working on a lot of new music. And I have some new music coming out in about two weeks. It’s a song with Robin Schulz which I’m really excited about called “Right Now” that I wrote with Skylar Grey. It’s a song that I’ve been sitting on for awhile, but I was looking for the right time to put it out and the right person to collaborate with. I’ve also been in the studio with Timbaland and TMS which is a great production group out of the UK. Some new and inspiring influences that represent the next statement I want to make as an artist….”

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Skylar Grey MCXXXIII :: ‘Skylar Grey is a Genre-Defying Songstress’ Interview w/ Kasey Caminiti – DuJour Magazine, AUG-2018 | Photos

“….I’m so grateful for my right hand girl, Vanessa. She always makes sure I have everything I need to put on a good show….”
– Skylar Grey, Dujour

Kasey Caminiti has published a brand new interview piece with Ms. Grey for DuJour Magazine, entitled Skylar Grey is a Genre-Defying Songstress – wherein they chat about a new perspective on songwriting, touring the world with Eminem, giving fans a taste of her new album with upcoming singles, and love.

Read a couple of excerpts below, and click any of the photos to view the full interview piece!

This DuJour piece also contains a 16-photo Tour Diary, so be sure to click View the Gallery photo/link at the beginning of the article on their website when you’re ready to have a peek at that!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | DuJour ::
“….as I sit across from Grey earlier this summer, just moments before she’s set to perform on stage next to rap phenom Eminem, she’s wearing jeans and a black tank top with her tapestry of tattoos peaking through. Her boyfriend Elliott Taylor sits beside us and offers a few quiet giggles throughout our chat. Grey is delicate and relaxed as she sips her tea and I feel a mess of butterflies in my stomach as I hear the audience erupt when Eminem walks on stage….

After working heavily in hip-hop and with rappers in particular, Grey says she’s ready to change directions, but with a new perspective on songwriting. As a younger songwriter, Grey focused more on the sound of a song, harping on the melody and the music. “When I started working with rappers, it became all about wordplay and storytelling. I got inspired to take that idea of creating really good, clever lyrics back into folk music,” she explains….

Departing from what she’s done in the past musically, Grey is prepared to give the world a new taste of Skylar Grey, in love and happy. Although she admits she loves a body of work, she wants people to have time to digest her rediscovered musical roots. So, listeners can expect singles in the near future and a full-length album further down the road….”

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Skylar Grey MCXXXII :: ‘The Daily Show’ w/ Trevor Noah – Season 23 x Episode 143, 31-JUL-2018 | Video


The official Daily Show YouTube published Ms. Grey’s 6-minute interview segment this past weekend (August 3), and it can be viewed below!

Skylar Grey Interview | The Daily Show ::

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The full Daily Show episode, featuring Ms. Grey’s pre-performance interview segment at the 13:58 mark, is now available for streaming via Comedy Central‘s official website! Host Trevor Noah and Ms. Grey discuss advice for artists in pursuing their craft, singing to animals in the woods, and Noah’s idea of a new musical approach for the next Skylar Grey album.

Click their logo below to access the episode!

Skylar Grey | The Daily Show ::

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has published Ms. Grey‘s full live medley performance from her appearance on the programme last night (July 31)!

Check out the video via YouTube below to see her go over her collaborations with Eminem x Rihanna, Puff Daddy, Zedd, and Macklemore!

Skylar Grey – Live Medley | The Daily Show ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXXI :: Upcoming Televised Appearance – ’The Daily Show’ w/ Trevor Noah, 31-JUL-2018

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has announced that Ms. Grey will make an appearance on the storied Comedy Central series this Tuesday (July 31)!

Check out the flyer below, and click the flyer to view the full Daily Show schedule – be sure to check your local listings so as to not miss it!

Skylar Grey | The Daily Show ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXX :: Interview w/ Global Grind – Global Grind Exclusive, 22-JUN-2018

“….I believe good songs are good songs. No matter how they are heard….”
– Skylar Grey, Global Grind

In a brand new, exclusive interview with Royce Dunmore for Global Grind, Ms. Grey talks her upcoming album, Kendrick Lamar and Céline Dion, and her favourite rap hook written by someone else.

Read a short excerpt below, and click the Global Grind logo to access the full interview!

Interview w/ Skylar Grey | Global Grind ::
“….The depth of her talent continues to grow….

….What’s it been like connecting to today’s generation using folk music? Do you think it’s different to how you connected to it growing up?
Yeah, well I grew up making folk music with my mom, and for the past 10 years I took quite a departure from that. So I felt it was time to take it back to my roots. The songs I am writing these days are reminiscent of the classic Laurel Canyon vibe of the 1970’s artists like Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, which I used to listen to on vinyl. But my songs will come out on things like iTunes and Spotify! Haha. I believe good songs are good songs. No matter how they are heard. What matters most is if the lyrics and melody are meaningful and moving….

You’ve also worked on blockbuster movie soundtracks. Any summer movies you’re excited for? Any one you’d like to create a song for?
I’m so out of the loop on whats coming out… other than the soundtracks I’m currently working on! But they’re top secret….”

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Skylar Grey MCXXIX :: ‘Fireside Chat’ w/ Elliott Taylor – Short Film, Official Score | Video

As part of an upcoming film project, Elliott Taylor has released a 3.5min scene from the film as a standalone short film.

The short, entitled Fireside Chat, stars Elliott Taylor and Nakieta Cailey Currie, was directed/produced by Joshua Currie as well as written by both Taylor and Currie, and features original film score by Ms. Grey herself!

Check it out via Vimeo below.

Skylar Grey x Elliott Taylor | Fireside Chat ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXVIII :: ‘Glorious (Solo Version)’ – Live at We Rise LA, 28-MAY-2018 | Flyer+Video

Yesterday (May 28/Memorial Day) at the final day of the We Rise LA festival (which focuses on promoting mental health for youth), Ms. Grey performed a live, solo version of Glorious (the studio version of which features rapper Macklemore on the verses with Ms. Grey on the hook and bridge)!

This version features new verses by Ms. Grey herself, and was captured by long-time fan @skylarsgrizzly1 – check out the 2.5min clip via their Twitter below, as well as the flyer for the event!

Skylar Grey – “Glorious (Solo Version)” | Live ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXVII :: Alex Da Kid Talks Mixing ‘I Need A Doctor’ x ‘Love The Way You Lie’ – Interview w/ Julie Adenuga for Beats 1 Radio, 23-MAY-2018 | Audio

During a recent (May 23) interview with Julie Adenuga for Beats 1 Radio, Alex Da Kid talked mixing I Need A Doctor and Love The Way You Lie, two of his biggest hits created with Skylar Grey thus far!

He discusses Ms. Grey initially being on the final mastered mix of “Love The Way You Lie”, the initial drum mix for “I Need A Doctor” being a disaster, and arguing with Eminem over who would mix “Love The Way You Lie”.

Check out both audio excerpts from the interview below!

Alex Da Kid Interview w/ Julie Adenuga | Beats 1 Radio ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXVI :: ‘Glorious’ w/ Macklemore – ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, Official Trailer | Video

The :30 teaser dropped this past week, but now the full official trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians has been released exclusively via the Ellen YouTube channel, again featuring the Skylar Grey x Macklemore collaboration Glorious!

The Jon M. Chu-directed film is an adaptation of the 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan, and stars Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Lisa Lu, Ken Jeong, and Michelle Yeoh. The film is set to be released by Warner Bros. on August 17, 2018.

You can watch the full-length 2.5min trailer below!

Skylar Grey x Macklemore – “Glorious” | Crazy Rich Asians ::

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Skylar Grey MCXXV :: ‘Say You Love Me’ w/ SEEB – ‘Nice To Meet You’ EP, Now Available | Buy

Your official anthem for Spring is here, courtesy of a fresh new Skylar Grey collaboration! This time Ms. Grey has recorded a brand new song with Norwegian deep house producer trio SEEB, entitled “Say You Love Me”! It serves as the opening track to SEEB‘s brand new, debut extended play Nice To Meet You.

Click the artwork below to grab the song, and make sure to tweet/Instagram/Facebook your favourite DJs and radio stations to let them know that you’d love for them to spin the track!

Skylar Grey x SEEB – “Say You Love Me” | Buy ::

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